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RXP GNS for PD3V4 working with Realair Duke piston?

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1 hour ago, manico52 said:


do you know if RXP GNS for PD3V4 are working with Realair Duke piston?

Thank you!

Reading this separate topic should get you where you want to go.  Realair provided a means to install the separate F1 GTN 750 into  the B60 Duke panel.  You do not need to own that separate F1 GTN to configure it into the panel.  Then you must edit the panel.cfg file to replace the instance of the F1 gauge with the Reality XP gauge.  That is what is explained in the linked topic.


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Finally It's for Turbine Duke; no problem with Turbine Duke and GTN750, but I'm searching for Duke piston, because I don't want defaut GPS500.

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