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CS767 announced

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Notified FSelite about what was going on, If they decide to pick it up great for them, Just wanted to make sure they knew in the case they'd like to get it out, After all, this is pretty big for a developer of their size

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LOL....forum is back up....the Poll WAS cleaned out....however they musta ticked off a guy who knows how to spoof their "Ip logged" ban checker....well, because...just look....I am literally rolling on the floor laughing my a55 off!!!

Hehe...CaptainSimFanBoy70.......LoserIHaveAVPN...classic user names.  This is absolutely EPIC! 🤣




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Steve Dra

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i really want to see something come of this. Im somewhat hoping LM will pick up on what is happening and remove CS from the Default game, I wish they would have something happen aside from an article published and no more. After all, Id love to hear why i was banned, Do they have an Avsim account? Also, Im not saying but im saying, If anyone asks why i was banned ask at your own risk, do not endanger your account over Captainsim being petty like this, I have yet to check if i can still download my products



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3 hours ago, PBCool1 said:

You have any pics?

Didn't see where this included the actual freighter variant. I think I read a while back that AS will be doing one eventually.

If so...It may go into our feeder fleet.

Not an actual freighter no.  Steve covered the windows and drew the cargo door. I painted it.  Check my signature for my livery list.

Brian Thibodeaux | B747-400/8, C-130 Flight Engineer, CFI, Type Rated: BE190, DC-9 (MD-80), B747-400


My Liveries

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OK, I think everyone has had more than enough opportunity to get their points across, and it's just a lot of piling on now.

Time to move on.


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