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A set of my favorite mjc8/Dash8-Q400 colors...

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(Folks, I'm done, now, with my livery-hunting for mjc8), so, here is a collection of lovely repaints for this wonderful add-on...(selected - with a bias that's mine alone, and it was hard to pick, please see below...)

My Original (Pilot Edition) came with 20 liveries, and, you may say, I (surely) went overboard, here, because the very last [fltsim.X] on my Aircraft.cfg, as, I notice, now, has X=99...🙂...so full 100 liveries, at my finger-tip, now, to roam the world, (btw, it didn't take that long, really, as it might appear...)...(And, our hard-working repainters are to blame (eh...I mean, to salute and praise, actually...!!)...

BTW, the Dash8-Q400, with its full turbo-prop power, has a service ceiling of 27000 feet, and in my case, it, climbed, effortlessly and impressively, to (I believe it was 25000 feet) over the Andes....and, still, then, I had to hold back the throttles, a bit, if I recall correctly, to not get into over-speed...! So, as long as, we respect (the not-to-be-messed-with) Mount Everest, staying well clear of a head-on course with it, we're good to go, anywhere on the planet...!

Now, back to these images: Please excuse, below, the static props in the screenshots....I'm actually, now, able to complete the engine-start in just a few minutes (thanks to the Tutorial Flight's (initial) state, that I'd referred to in my earlier Post, which, comes up with all the Glass Displays, already, bright and normal)....so, there is, really, not too much left, to do, to get going (in the SIM, I mean....), nonetheless, I wished, here, to show you these liveries, without the engines been started, just for a change,...

Hope you enjoy!

(All pictures at KSEA.)





















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Posted (edited)

The Dash looks amazing even though there wasn't PBR/HDR when Majestic published the aircraft.  Majestic is back at work, so the future is bright indeed for the Dash!

Myself and another primary beta tester recently went back to the Dash for a wonderful low level VFR Shared Cockpit flight on VATSIM between Portland OR and Seattle WA.  It was awesome to follow the river, see all the AI Shipping Traffic that far inland (using the freeware our friend Hendrick's Global AI Shipping available here on AVSIM), then punching out to the Pacific for a northly flight up the coast, then into the Seattle bay area, past the incredible downtown and maritime areas of the DD Seattle City scenery and a south bound approach into KSEA.

The Dash was a PERFECT choice for this amazing flight.


Thanks for the post, and best wishes.


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Where did you get all those lovely Liveries as my current MJC does not have all those?

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Rick Almeida

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Posted (edited)

Hi Dave:

Appreciated, your, popping in, here, for these comments...!! Your, described, VFR experience with this mjc8, sounds like, it was a whole lot of fun...!

[And, yes, you've made a respectable reference to Henrik's Global AI Ship Traffic. I'm familiar with it...a fantastic supplement to liven up the (seven) seas in our SIM...with its smartly placed (ship) traffic...(I'd actually posted, here, about a couple of Henrik's Pilotable Ships, a little while ago)....]

And, I didn't know about:, ".... Majestic is back at work, so the future is bright indeed for the Dash!"...PBR/HDR effects on the repaints of this fantastic SIM, sounds wonderful, it deserves it...!! That will take this SIM, a notch higher, in appeal, to the (virtual) flyers...!

Thanks and all the best to you too!!


Hi Rick:

I happened to be in a bit of luck, here, because, this aircraft has now "grown on me", since my last posted flight, and, I'm now paying more attention to it, as it rightly deserves....(e.g. having flown just a couple of times in a year is just not good enough...!)

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I'd saved the zip repaint files of nearly 50 (additional) liveries, from the last time around, that I'd taken it out of my (virtual) hangar....but, I'd not yet installed the repaints...so it took me a minute or less, each, to add those liveries into my Aircraft.cfg. Then I did find some more (late-adder) repaints too....

So, e.g. just search for, "majestic software q400", right here, in the Avsim Library, and you'll get "155!" hits...(Flightsim.com has also numerous hits, although, many may be duplicates)...Plus, MJC Support Forum...may also, possibly,  have additional repaints (or/and leads)...please look around there...

And, if you don't find a livery (or liveries) of interest to you, from what I've shown here, I could probably ship those files to you, feel free to let me know,  but, as Dave has pointed out, you folks (in P3D) may have to, anyway, replace some of these (non-PBR) repaints, soon, as MJC8 SIM, becomes PBR-capable...🙂...

Anyway, have fun with this SIM, because, on some days, a prop like this may do better, for you and your mood, than your B747-8i...🙂...!

Thanks for your interest...!!

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Posted (edited)

Great mix of colors and angles too!


Edited by John F
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