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Paul Sabucchi

X-plane removes AMD graphics driver? Also shuts down Aida64!

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Hi, my return to flight simulation after over 20 years has been rather bumpy.

I initially opted for Flight Simulator 2020 but am still thwarted by the throttle not functioning on propeller engines (my inputs with the Logitech throttles, the keyboard or the mouse directly on the throttle lever are working - the lever can in all instances be seen to move and the "subtitles" vary accordingly between 0 and 100 but the engine just died) while it seems to work ok on jets - that are way beyond my rusty skills.

So decided to try X-plane again, also enticed by the superior flight physics and the fact that my quite slow internet connection will probably make FS photogrammetry and other online wizardry a bit of a mute point.

I downloaded yesterday the demo version of X-plane and all seemed to be working ok with the exception of my Aida64 sensor panel that I have running on a separate 10" screen (so I can watch as the GPU hotspot temp go thermonuclear while FS is running). As soon as I run X-plane the sensor panel shuts down. I thought I would find a way to get it back or at the worst that I could live without it - ignorance is bliss. 

So this morning I upgraded to the full version, downloaded it (with just the Europe and North America scenery) for the aforementioned slow internet. I was taken aback when I opened the full version of X-plane and all I got was a warning that was required Open GL 2.0 as a minimum requirement - considering I had recently updated the AMD 6900 xt to the latest driver, Adrenalin 21.4.1

When I went to open the AMD software it had disappeared. So I thought it might have been some quirk of the X-plane install process, so downloaded Adrenalin again and did a couple of take offs with the Cessna 172, then on my second try with the tail dragger I left it idling on the runway for a minute or so, the program crashed, the pc rebooted and the AMD software had once more disappeared!!!

Anyone encountered any of these unusual (as far as a cursory search can show) issues? Any suggestions to get at least one of the two Sims to run reasonably or I will never hear the end of my better half's grumbling for having spent about a grand on programs, yoke, throttle and rudder pedals with nothing to show for it.

Ciao from Italy

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Xplane cannit remove graphics drivers. You have other issues. Check the log in the xplane folder

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Yeah, I think there's not a chance that X-Plane is doing something to AMD drivers.

X-Plane installation just creates its own folders and files. It doesn't touch at all anything else, including the Windows registry.

So I think you must have a problem elsewhere in your PC.


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