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P3D V4 settings for improving performance.

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Hello simmers,

I often fly PMDG aircrafts on P3D V4 and I'm struggling with low performance, especially when using AS weather and payware sceneries. My settings are probably too high for my rig and I wanted to ask for some suggestions. 



Intel i5 6600K @3.5 GHz
PNY GTX1050 Ti 4GB
12GB of RAM (2400Mhz)







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I have moved your topic into the P3D general forum.  You were neither posting a tip or trick, but asking for help!

Charlie Aron

Awaiting the new Microsoft Flight Sim and the purchase of a new system.  Running a Chromebook for now! :cool:



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Can you be more specific about what FPS you get with PMDG airplanes and which add-on sceneries you use?

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Posted (edited)
  • Move your Cloud Coverage Density slider to Medium. (Maximum setting will put a lot of stress on your GPU when cloudy).
  • Tessellation Factor slider to High or Medium.
  • Uncheck the Simulation Objects shadows option.
  • In ActiveSky options, Cloud Options, Maximum Cloud Layers, move your slider from default value 5 to 4 or even 3 layers.
    Also, move the Maximum Cloud Draw Distance slider and Minimum Cloud Draw Distance slider both to 60.
    (You will get an error message from ActiveSky telling you that cloud coverage density in P3D settings should be set to maximum, you can ignore this message).
  • If your monitor can handle it, limit your FPS externally.
    Either use Nvidia Control Panel and set 'Max Frame Rate' to 30 FPS or use RivaTuner Statistics Server to limit to 30 FPS.
    There are other threads on this forum that describe how to do this.

    These changes should bring some improvement to your performance.

    P.S. I don't know how much AI traffic you are using as you haven't shown that settings page. Limit the amount of AI aircraft to 50 aircraft (there are apps that can do that, e.g. the paid version of FSUIPC or the AI_Companion app available from the Alpha India Group forums), and in P3D put the boats, ships and road traffic sliders to zero.
Edited by F737NG

Ryzen 3700X 4.4GHz(PBO); ASUS GTX 1070 O8G; Gigabyte AB350 Gaming-3; 32GB Corsair 3200 MHz; ASUS VG35VQ 35" (3440x1440)
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PMDG 737 777; QW 787; AS A320 A330; MJC Dash 8; A2A C172 PA-28; Carenado A42 A72 XL560; FT E-Jets v3; QW 757; JF C152

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I noticed that you have the 6600K running at stock? Might be worth a an overclock. Not extreme but try for a higher clock. Also, why is bathymetry enabled? Try turning off bloom. That might help a bit as well.

I have a far less capable machine as you can see in my sig but I have no real issues with frames or smoothness. I guess it's also about what you are expecting. At heavy payware scenery with the FSLabs I get between 12-16fps in the cockpit. Outside views see the frames jump into the mid to high 20s. That is a worst case scenario. However, frames are just part of the story. If the smoothness is good then, for me, frames don't really matter too much.

P8Z77-V PRO | i5 3570K @4.2GHz | 8GB DDR3 | EVGA GTX670 2GB | 500GB Samsung 850 EVO | 250GB Samsung 850 EVO |2TB Seagate | Thrustmaster T16000M HOTAS | CH Yoke | Win 10 1909 build | P3D v.4.5

Tony K.

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I would also consider turning down the Dynamic Reflections and unchecking Dynamic Lighting given you have a GTX 1050Ti. I can imagine that may be a challenge for that type of graphics card. At least you can experiment and see what effect that has on FPS and smoothness.

Also, it would be interesting to know what your performance is like with a default P3D aircraft and placed at a default P3D airport that has no add on scenery. You probably should be in the range of 50-70 FPS before making any setting changes.


Mark Aldridge
P3D v5.1 HF1 and sometimes FSX!

MFG Crosswind | ACE B747 yoke |Honeycomb Bravo throttle|  i7-8700K @4.5Ghz | MSI Z370 HD3 Tomahawk | MSI GTX 1070Ti Armor 8Gb |16Gb Corsair 3000Mhz DDR4 DRAM| Samsung EVO 850 500Gb |WD Blue 1Tb SSD SATA disk | Adata XPG SX8200 Pro 2Tb NMVe SSD disk | Acer Predator 34p 3440x1440p  | beQuiet Silent Base 800 tower  

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Try this as a starter set:

within P3Dv4

FXAA off   
texture filtering: anisotropic  8X
texture resolution: high 2048x2048
Vsync  off
Target framerate: unlimited
Wideview aspect: off
mipmap VC panels off
Screen resolution:  1920X1080

LOD radius:  high
Tesselation factor: high
mesh resolution:  5m
texture resolution:  1m
high resolution terrain: on

Scenery complexity: extremely dense
autogen draw distance:  medium
autogen vegetation density: normal
autogen building density: dense or normal
Dynamic vegetation: unticked

water detail:  medium
Reflections: user vehicle only
Special effects: medium/medium

shadow quality:  high
draw distance: low
casting and receiving: Internal vehicle only

Dynamic lighting: off

HDR on:
Brightness 0.85
Bloom 0.05
Saturation 0.97

Dynamic reflections: off


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