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Software to Map Installed Airports?

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Does anyone know of a utility or program that can inventory the payware and freeware airports installed in my Community or other folders, so that I can plan flights? I use Simbrief for flight planning, but looking for a program that lets me know I have flown KBOI to KPDX, but not KSEA to KSAN. So a program that can suggest flights based on installed airports and perhaps maintain a record of what I have flown.

Thanks for any info.

Scott Robinson

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I believe MSFS addons linker can do it.  Excellent freeware.


There is also MFS AddOn Collector, but I have never tried that.


Edit: Sorry - I missed the bit about record keeping on first read.  Not sure about that bit.


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Little nav map shows add on scenery but can’t read encrypted addons from marketplace.

For tracker purposes you could use Volanta - it tracks all your flights after simbrief import.

Thomas Derbyshire

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WOW!  This is an instant winner!  Addons Linker folders and all!  Even identifies permanently closed addon airports and depicts them in red (ex. Meigs Field, and KSKY Sandusky).  Will be a real plus for planning cross country and Caribbean excursions.  Did not zoom out far enough here to show my Alaskan and Hawaiian addon airports. 

Certainly shows the influence of my Caribbean Trek early this year...  I believe I have the Bermuda Islands fully covered!

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Frank Patton
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