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Boeing C-32A (757-200) ...

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Today, while looking back (again) a bit at the recent posts here, I came across the (excellent) repaint/picture (by Steve D) of the Boeing C-40 (which is a military version of the Boeing 737 NG, combining the fuselage of the 737-700 with the strengthened wings and landing gears of the larger and heavier 737-800). This reminded me of another "C-" designation (Boeing) plane, the C-32, which is also a military version, that of the Boeing 757-200. Two variants of C-32 (A/B) exist, filling different parts of the military and official transport roles. Specifically, the C-32A variant (subject a/c of this post) is the military designation for the Boeing 757-2G4 (with call sign "Air Force Two", when dignitaries aboard). The first C-32A, 98-0001, was originally constructed as a C-32B, prior to the B variant been available, however, the 98-0001 was then refitted and delivered to the USAF as the first C-32A, in 1998 (the exact same Reg. C-32A is flown in this post, note, though, that the actual number shown on the tail is "80001" not "98-0001").

The C-32As are painted in the blue and white livery, with vertical stabilizer flag, and the prominent "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" cheatline (see screenshots, below).

I've happened to recall, here, that the C-32A variant was included in the QW757 Package, however, I do not recall flying it...so, in this post, please find below, a set of pictures of the very first C-32A, flying, here, on a test-flight visiting two of my favorite airports (NZAA/Auckland and NZCH/Christchurch). This is a complete flight, starting with a cold & dark engine start-up (see couple of [VC/EICAS] screenshots, at the beginning). I've lifted off Rwy 23 (NZAA), banking left, then tracking south from NZ-NI to NZ-SI, across the Cook Strait, following a FlightPlan pre-uploaded into the FMS (see Route MAP shot). Interestingly, this route took me precisely over Mt. Taranaki, the 8,261 ft dormant stratovolcano, and the second highest point in NZ-NI. You can spot this (snow-capped and white) peak in one of my cockpit views, seen directly ahead of the plane. The peak is located at the southwestern tip of NZ-NI, and on my route, the a/c passed directly overhead of it, just before the Cook Strait passage began.

Hope you enjoy this collection of pictures of this (unique) B757-200. The flight is flown under automation with LNAV/VNAV guidance. For a bit of variation, I've also tested the (VNAV) descent profile accuracy, here, with a fictitious (user-defined) Waypoint (WP1) at BOD Altitude Constraint of 4,000 ft (see cockpit [ND/EHSI] shots), and the a/c seemed to meet this constraint admirably. The landing is into ILS 20 Rwy at NZCH/Christchurch.

Thanks for viewing...! Good flying...!





















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Another fine set, as always - another missing plane for MSFS !

cheers 😉

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Nice shots of Kamilla's ride .........😉

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johnb, John F, Alaska, pmplayer:

Thank you...!!

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