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    CARENADO XL560 Citation FSX/P3D Released


    CARENADO has released their XL560 CITATION for FSX/P3D.

    Features Include:

    Full FSX, FSX-STEAM, P3D v4.4 (and up) compatible.
    Flight1 GTN 750 and Reality XP GTN 750* integration
    Carenado Primus 1000 avionics systems.
    Updatable database – AIRAC cycle 1601 (January 2016) included.**
    VR ready.
    Real start up procedures.
    Real XL560 engine sounds, aural warnings and sound systems.
    Real flight dynamics.
    Cold and Dark start option.
    Takeoff run and landing real rolling movement effect.
    Custom brakes sounds on taxi and landing run.
    Real behavior compared to the real airplane. Real weight and balance.
    Tested by real pilots.

    *Flight1 GTN 750 and Reality XP GTN 750 are sold separately

    **You don´t need to have a subscription with Navigraph because this package installs a January 2016 Navigraph database which has all the information you need to perform a flight. But if you want to keep your database up to date you will need a subscription with Navigraph.

    Visit the CarenadoHomepage   for further information.

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    No I don't believe it does. It seems to operate independently of the FMS mode of the autopilot and flight director.

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    Couldn't tell where the GTN 750 fits into the panel from the Carenado pictures...

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    It takes the place of the radio panel in the middle of the main panel.

    And yes, as always, it will slave to the NAV autopilot by clicking on GPS on the 750.

    Their 'custom' FMS is nothing more than a basic GPS.

    Snd don't forget, their XPlane versions no longer have "Thranhancements"... once they port it over that is...

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    The FMS that comes with is missing much ... it's a Collins 3000.  For example PILOT/REF WPT ... to set this you're supposed to click SET POS which has the actual aircraft position lat/long coordinates and they will be placed in input area and then click PILOT/REF WPT which will take those coordinates ... neither button is functional in Carenado's FMS.  The FMS is light, very light, BUT (and this is important to me) it does support Navigraph cycle updates which the GTN 750 does not ... I'm trying to hold out from switching to the GTN 750.

    Cheers, Rob.


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