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  1. Has anyone experience running the current PMDG Jetstream 41 under P3D? It is for FSX, but I would like to know whether it runs under P3D (until PMDG issues their P3D version...). Regards, Domingos
  2. I have downloaded BIKF yesterday from SimMarket. It took very long (nowadays the Internet speed tends to be very low...). The problem was that, when unzipping the file, my Antivirus (McAfee) detected a virus in the file Installer_SODE_v1.6.6.msc. I tried to download the file again from a different server but the result was exactly the same. Has anyone had this experience? Is the file safe? I have posted the problem in the MKStudios site but did not get an answer yet. Regards, Domingos
  3. dnunes

    777 Cabin

    Hello Mike, Thank you for your reply. I realise that the cabin interior details aren't of any importance: what we want is a realistic flight model. However, as on switching views and also when I select the aircraft in P3D I have a brief view of the cabin, I was just curious to know whether it could be accessed. Regards, Domingos Nunes
  4. dnunes

    777 Cabin

    Sometimes, when starting the PMDG 777 (P3Dv3), i can see the aircraft inside (although with no passengers...). Is there a way to visit the inside? As it has been modelled it seems there should be a way to make an inside visit! Regards, Domingos
  5. dnunes

    Landing Data

    Thanks Kyle for your reply. l would expect that, as it happens with the Airbus, Vref would depend on the weight of the aircraft at landing, as well on with weather conditions: wind speed and direction, temperature... Isn't this always the case with any aircraft? Regards, Domingos Nunes
  6. dnunes

    Landing Data

    Thanks Nick for your reply. My previous reply to Kyle is in line with your information. It is a long time since I stopped flying the iFly737 but I think it also required weather input for then landing. Regards, Domingos
  7. dnunes

    Landing Data

    Thanks Kyle for your reply. TOPER provides data for takeoff, not landing. For the Airbus I have a similar tool to calculate the takeoff data, For the landing I introduce in the FMC the weather data (QNH, wind, temp) to calculate Vref. Maybe that for the bigger 777 weather data is not relevant. Regards, Domingos
  8. dnunes

    Landing Data

    I have now progressed in flying the 777. I think I am missing something: with the TOPER Calculator I am able to introduce weather data to calculate the take off conditions. But what about the landing? I do not see how to introduce weather data to calculate the landing approach speed (VREF). What am I missing? Regards, Domingos
  9. Thanks Marc and Chris! That was it. Now I have a Cold & Dark start as I like to see. Regards, Domingos
  10. I have posted not many minutes ago a question regarding the same subject, but a different point of view. Of course I am able to make the aircraft enter a Cold & Dark state and then start the operations from that point. But what I am looking for is to load the aircraft to the simulator in that state. I get that situation with other aircraft, such as the Aerosoft Airbus or the Wilco Embraer 170/190. Regards, Domingos Nunes
  11. I like to start a session with the aircraft always in the Cold & Dark state. Through the CDU I am able to define the situation. If I close the session and then start a new one the Cold & Dark state is not kept, as the aircraft starts with even engines on. What have I to do in order to start my session in a C&D situation? Regards, Domingos Nunes
  12. I have now my 777 installed and the tutorial flight performed. I have now two questions: a) The tutorial #1 makes reference to a Tutorial #2: where can I find it? b) Is there any application to calculate the fuel to be loaded, or should we only rely on the rough estimate of about 8000Kg per flight hour? Regards, Domingos
  13. Hello! I have been looking for a Helsinki Vantaa scenery for P3Dv3. It seems your are using it without any problems, although Aerosoft does not consider it compatible with P3Dv3. It seems that this scenery is in a situation similar with that of Lisbon: it can be installed but no runway or taxiways lights are available. Helsinki is the only major Scandinavian airport I miss and would not mind to buy it if I can be sure that it works. I hope you can help! Regards and Wishes of a Happy New Year! Domingos
  14. Thanks a lot! So we will have to live with it. Regards, Domingos
  15. I was running FS9 under Win7 until a couple of days ago, when I updated to Win10. It seems to be running properly, and I have already made a test flight, with the Wilco bus, from EBBR to LPPT. There is however a "glitch": when starting FS9, I have the opening screen, but the rotating Cessna is not there, only a black screen! I can choose the aircraft I want to fly, but I never see it in the window, the black screen remains there. Has anyone experienced this problem? Any suggestion to correct it? Regards, Domingos
  16. > Agora mudaram por região os hubs do país.A que país se refere?
  17. Thanks Bill for your comprehensive reply. Both functions are of interest, but were they available in the original R4D? If not, I do not care if they are not available in the sim. When I fly the Level-D Boeing 767-300/ER for British Airways Virtual, I fully use the capabilities of the FMC. But when flying the DC-3 for DC-3 Airways, I like the challenge of using only what I have available on-board. This means I NEVER use the MAP or GPS buttons.I only wanted to make sure that the two switch positions were not functional.Best Regards,
  18. Thanks Mark for your reply. So you confirm what I have thought. What is strange is that, besides moving, the lights associated with RNAV an APPR are operational!Regards,Domingos
  19. This is a question I wanted to have put since long ago. Today, during another flight, I used a post-it in order not to forget about it.The question has to see with the switch on the left of the main panel, where are located the DME indicators. What is the use of this switch? It is by default in the VOR DME position. The two other positions, which have associated lamps, are RNAV and APPR. I do not understand what RNAV in this aircraft may mean. As for APPR, it seems to have no effect in following the ILS. Is there any use for this switch?I hope someone will clarify this.Regards,Domingos
  20. Thanks a lot! I looked at the thread you suggested and the solution is there! As the program is not used that frequently, it is an acceptable workaround.Cheers!Domingos
  21. Thanks for your information. It is a pity if I have to remove Flightsim Manager, as it seemed to work well.Regards,Domingos
  22. I have been using Flightsim Manager for a while, without problems. Last week, when I tried to open it once more, I got an error message saying that the version I have is too old, to check on www.ranainside.com for a more recent version.My problem is that I cannot access this site (page not found...). The latest version I can find in AVSIM is the same I have (2.8.5). I tried to contact the author, as there is an email address in his package, but this email was not deliverable.Is someone able to help?Regards,Domingos
  23. To update the scenery of the Barcelona El Prat airport (LEBL) I have installed an AFCAD file, dowloaded from Avsim. Everything seems to be OK except that there is a VOR in the middle of the new South runway.I checked with AFCAD2 and there were duplicated navaids showing up: the PRA and BCN VORs. With AFCAD2 I deleted the new ones and moved the old ones to their correct positions. I saved the file and restarted FS9. The VOR could still be seen in the middle of the runway. However in the FS9 Map view, FSNavigator and, of course AFCAD2, the VOR is in the correct position.What have I missed? The unpleasant point is that the runway cannot be used, as it results in a building crash.I hope someone can help.Regards,
  24. Thanks Bill for the information. Now that I have a target date, I will reduce my number of visits to MAAM-SIM...Regards,
  25. Since its announcement (almost one year before now) I have looking for the availability of this bird, which I hope will be at the same high standard as the R4D and the B-25. Are there any news about a possble date for its availability?Regards,
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