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  1. Holger, I believe I'll try the pitch adjustment change also, as I do struggle with pitch stability at times with this aircraft... Wish I could read German, as you're article on flying the ANZ into Queenstown looks great....I flew that route in March for real with my wife (she is half Kiwi) and we flew the exact approach with the 737 into Queenstown you did in the article. It was quite amazing given the topography from my window seat. I then proceeded, much to the chagrin of my family, to spend two hours in The Flight Experience simulator in Queenstown, which is a pretty full mock-up of a 73NG - and uses FS9 as a scenery generator, under the tutelage of an ANZ pilot. It was a blast, and I simulated the same approach into Queenstown several times until he told me I flew it well. Anyway, love the Mouse...chris
  2. Chris, I've had this problem and it usually involves noise from your yoke/joystick controller as the autopilot won't engage if it sees the parameters for elevators/ailerons looking like they are deflected. I have an AFCS fairly high end yoke and the way I corrected the problem was to build in a wider null zone using FSUIPC. Once I did that, both paddles engage properly and CWS and other functions work fine. Before, the "noise" was convincing the autopilot that I was trying to disengage it by moving the control surfaces.regards,
  3. Thanks a bunch John. I installed the new version and the HSI and it works like a champ! Also am using the ADEU and the fs9toCiva executable, which so far works great with FSBuild flight plans, and makes programming the INS easier for lazy pilots like me.Now off to the RFP-742!chris
  4. Nope it's just an unmaintained coral runway (the island is shaped like an aircraft carrier), now overgrown and not level anymore, which would no doubt damage anything that tried to set down there.
  5. I am retaining the 1.40 version on my system until the Tinmouse mod is completed because I don't want to lose the ability to use the outstanding CIVA unit on my favorite freeware aircraft.That said, some of the new features of the updated version (1.50), including the ability to insert FS9 plans into the unit and avoid some of the tedious pre-flight and other features make it attractive. Has any one found a way to install the new CIVA version to another folder or something and reference the newer panels that will work with it to that, while retaining the 1.40 version for our favorite legacy aircraft, until stuff that gets updated eventually gets updated? Bob...? You're a genius at this type of stuff...regardschris
  6. You have some pretty good intel there Reggie on Pacific airfields. I oversee Coast Guard operations in the Central and Western Pacific and there has certainly been a degradation in available divert fields, mostly military airfields that have been in place since WWII, which make the Aleutian route more attractive if you can handle the notorious weather up there. Midway is now operated by US Fish and Wildlife Service and general aviation flights require PPR's and are discouraged. The threat of bird strikes during albatross season is enough to instill fear in our Herc pilots about being marooned there waiting for parts. There have been near shutdowns of the airfield during the last few years but big Boeing needs it as an ETOPS divert to certify its trans-Pacific twins and Congress or FAA always seems to step in at the last minute to keep it open. There is limited jet fuel available there.French Frigate shoals has been closed since we shut down the Loran C (remember that?) station in the 1980's and if you land there it will be a one time deal. Same with Kure Island.Johnston Island is actually still under DOD control pending transfer to Dept of Interior, the chem/bio weps were disposed of and it is pretty much abandoned. The runway has no emergency services or fuel, tower, etc. We don't even like to do medevacs there.Wake Island was severely damaged by Supertyhpoon Ioke last fall (this storm remained a CAT 5 longer than any other storm in recorded history, for almost 5 days and also struck JI), and I am not sure what DOD's plans are for it.Oh and Palmyra Atoll (900 nm south of the HI chain) is now owned by the Nature Conservancy, has a coral runway with no taxiway and large palm trees on both sides, and the Coast Guard standard for landing there is "life and death search and rescue" only. So that's not really a great spot if you take the equatorial route. Anyway, your intel is excellent and advice to use the northern route makes sense to me! We do still have a Loran Station on Attu on the western end of the Aleutian Chain - there is no published approach and no room for error with the mountains, terrain, and williwaws! But the airport is open...regards,
  7. Yep you raise a good point. I've had every version of FS since 1994 and this is the first time where a new version didn't quickly replace the old one on my hard drive. FS-X just doesn't cut it for me, at this point - as the improvements to me are marginal compared to the performance loss. The fun (and challenge, and sometimes cost) of starting over and the transition of all my add-ons to a new sim just didn't happen with FS-X like it did with previous versions.I am not at the point where I will buy any aircraft or scenery that is "FS-X only", and that is again, a first for me. Maybe if the patch and an eventual hardware upgrade make the difference, I would. Many FS9 users have adapted a similar approach, in the past we'd probably be labelled "dinasours." I hope the developers are paying attention...
  8. Same here, unable to get registered either at home or work. Worst yet, the registration codes never came, so I can't install the product, or even watch the video. I can almost take the major oversights, like Boeing call outs, a clock that doesn't work, fuel tank logic incorrect,etc..but what a ham-fisted mess of a release this has been. It's not the first time with a high priced airliner add-on, you'd think the developers would learn from others' mistakes. Anyway, I'm a happy owner of the Feel There 737 and the ERJ, so I'm keeping the faith that this will get straightened out, after sending an email to feel there support. But boy this is all so unnecessary, and would have been prevented by a little due diligence and better beta testing. From an owner of way too many FS commercial add-ons and beta tester for several of them....
  9. Jerry, You need to set the desired altitude in the ALT window in the lower right portion of the main panel, press the button to arm this altitude, and then use the pitch control function on the autopilot to pitch the airplane up or down to maintain desired vertical speed. The ALT function on the autopilot will just capture the selected altitude. You'll get standard aural altitude warnings from the autopilot and the airplane will capture and hold the desired altitude.Semper Paratus,Chris
  10. I'll have to try the Reality XP GPS as I have fumbled with the Trimble for a while and can't get it to do what it is supposed to...so a lot of VOR hopping...chris
  11. Mike, I did, Class of 1979 (showing my age). A great education and institution - though as I cadet I wasn't particularly enamored with the place, or New London, for that matter! regards,
  12. Agree Mike. This is an incredible airplane from the systems modelling to the FDE, nice sound set, just a real joy to fly either short GA hops or will get up to FL290 and take you 1000nm.I'm still struggling with the Trimble GPS though but might experiment with a retrofit on that.But this is in a class with the Aeroworx B200, IMHO.Thanks for bringing it to light. I'd highly recommend this airplane, has become one of my all time favorites for FS9.Chris
  13. Caught me again Bob...somehow I had missed 1.21...and of course now spoilers and flaps work correctly and I have the benefit of the LH TCAS built into the panel.Now I'm chasing down a problemm with the cabin stairs extending at unusual times (like on final approach)...as I stumble along.But getting there...Mahalo!Chris
  14. Thanks again Bob. Finally got it working right, via the pfc.dll, as you indicated. I still get the "wings folded/wings extended" messages when I raise and lower the spoilers, respectively, which is a bit odd and I figure a limitation of the FS code. Also, the spoilers work fine in 2D panel mode, but not in spot (exterior) mode. Which is hard to explain, but not really a problem.Roger on all the info on the flight model and the fact that the flight spoilers are not tremendously effective on the 732.Chris
  15. Thanks much Bob. And thanks for not scolding me for not reading the documentation for the spoilers/flaps that came with the version updates...even though I deserved it.I was able to get the flaps logic to work perfectly via the offset sets in FSUIPC (previously un-charted territory for me...). Still working the spoiler issue. I used the mapping for prop pitch as indicated, my PFC spoiler lever will arm and raise the spoiler handle on the throttle pedestal perfectly, but the spoilers don't move appropriately on the external view. This obviously relates to the hydraulic/power issues you mentioned in the spoiler thread, as it would be appropriate that the handle would move without the control surfaces moving in the real bird if there was a hydraulic or electrical problem. I've probably got a conflict somewhere in the FSUIPC axis calibration and I'm still hunting for it.I can use the keyboard / command to raise the spoilers, and to arm the ground spoilers for landing, but I still notice that when the spoilers are raised in flight, I don't get the effect on the flight path that I would expect (rapid reduction in airspeed or increase in descent when I'm trying to meet a crossing restriction or similar). Is that a function of the model/air file?Thanks again for all of the support you provide on this great bird at such a reasonable price. :-) Just another reason that FS-X will remain on my hard drive but not get used much.... Chris
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