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  1. Indeed very nice topic!My list: (thankgod i had a log book when i was a kid!)A300B4A300B6A319A320A321A330-200A330-300A340A310737-300737-400737-700737-800737-900747-100 (NWA N601US now in museum :()747-200747-300 (qantas Nalanji Dreaming)747-300SUD747-400747-400COMBI747SP (AIR CHINA)757-200767-200767-300777-200777-200ER777-200LR777-300777-300ERDC-10MD11DC-9L-1011 (cathay pacific (kaitak))DHC-7Donier-228Piloted my self:C-172Piper ArrowPiper ArcherBE-58Simulator73NG744cheers!Nick
  2. Nickdj

    FS09 can i install FSX also?

    OK thanks guys ill go ahead and install it!Lots of fun since we will be flying with 6 people and would be practising our RT! (we also have communications lessons and within 2 months exames so its a nice practice!)cheersNick
  3. Hey guys,Quick question.I Have FS09 installed on my PC. Is it possible to also install FSX and keep my FS09 the way it is with out messing everything up? I want to install FSX because it has a very nice multiplayer function and since im studying at a Flight Academy now its a nice way to practise my RT with my class mates!Let me know.cheersNick
  4. Is there any way to fix the NEXT button on the INIT page??cheers
  5. Does anyone also have the problem that the NEXT button on the INIT page in de MFCDU isnt working???cheers
  6. Nickdj

    A320 manuals? Tutorials?

    Yeah i know this site, but what i mean is if there is a tutorial for a flight. Preparing the plane the flightplan etc.Nick
  7. Hey guys,ive decided to go with the A320 Airbus Series of Wilco.However, is there a good tutorial for this aircraft? I saw one video for a PSS A320 but i could only find the first video (author said there were going to be 3).So if anyone has a good Tutorial for the A320 please let me know!ThanksNick
  8. Nickdj

    Best A330 panel for FS2004?

    ok thanks.ill probably stick to the A320 first...learn it a bit. Then atleast ill know something when im going to the real sim (a332)cheersNick
  9. Nickdj

    Best A330 panel for FS2004?

    THanks for the info!smartcockpit, what a great site :DThat feelthere, its a Wilco product right? Cant really find a release date or info on the A330. Any one have a link?I did see the Wilco A320 product is done...the A320 and A330 cockpit are the same right?cheersNick
  10. Nickdj

    Best A330 panel for FS2004?

    Does Ken's panel use the FMC etc? VNAV LNAV that sort of stuff? And is there a manual around to learn more about the use of the cockpit?cheersNick
  11. Hey guys,I have been looking for a while, and i have seen some nice products, but what do you think is the best A330 panel (payware/freeware) as im thinking of getting one. Also because ill be going to a real A330Fligthsim so would be nice to know little bit more about the plane (as i fly levelD 767 most of the time now).Let me know!cheersNick
  12. Nickdj

    Textures loading slow..solution?

    Thanks for the feedback..I have a friend who has a little computer shop and im going to trade my 9800 GT and im getting a: 7950GX2 Dual GPU PCIe now that would be good :) I can get it rather cheap since im trading it for my 9800GT.Indeed this blurry thing does happen most at the SwissPro. In us its much better.One more question. What is better? Flying the sim in window form or in full screen?cheers! Thanks again guysNick
  13. Nickdj

    Textures loading slow..solution?

    I have no idea why..but its still like the first screen shot i posted...I really really am sad now that it cant be fixed....and im not gonna re-install FS cause i already have so many addons/downloads etc.btw, its the Switzerland Pro in the screen shot..maybe the textures are too big or something?? Is there anything i can change?? :(It certainly isn't my system as that is fine...let me know pleaseNick
  14. Nickdj

    Textures loading slow..solution?

    Its already at 300!Sys spec:AMD 4000+2GIG RAMGeForce 7800GT