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  1. mackintosh

    Wilco E170/190 Very Low FPS

    That's pretty unusual. I'm getting similiar frames to other payware add-ons. Do you have the weather radar beam rotating enabled? How about gauge refresh rates? Maybe you should try lowering these? These are the only two things that come to my mind right now. Scoob of Feelthere support frequents this forum, hopefully he'll be able to chip in with additional suggestions.
  2. Are you using Activesky's weather radar gauge? It's probably not related, but two of my fairly recent long-haul flights have ended in CTDs when the gauge was active. I've flown a couple of more flights since on similar routes sans the gauge and they all went fine. Admittedly, I've been getting the occasional CTD without the gauge running either and it was only FS9 kicking the bucket, AS was still running, hence my assumption that it may not be related.
  3. mackintosh


    >Hey Graham, does this mean that you have found the CDU issue>and will be giving the pre-orders ample time to re-download if>necessary? Just curious...>Thanks again for all the hard work?>-PaulI will be one very unhappy puppy if they don't...
  4. mackintosh

    Looking to get, FPS comparison question!

    As long as I don't go anywhere near the VC (this includes side-views), my frames are between 18 and 24 (that is on par with all my other add-ons, including LevelD, PMDG 737/747 and previous PSS birds, going all the way back to the Airbus - keeping in mind though, that I run on what most would probably consider extreme resolution of 1600x1200). Activating the VC (or side-views) results in an immediate drop to between 4 and 8 FPS, with occasional peaks of 12 or so.
  5. mackintosh

    Frame rates with the 757

    Norman,Don't have the dll, as above, lowering refresh didn't help things much. Activating any side view results in a permanent drop in observed FPS, in my case, down from 20 to between 4 and 8, occasionally up to 12, which causes considerable stutters, heavily imparing manual approaches. Hope you guys are able to narrow it down to a bug somewhere.
  6. mackintosh

    GMT Time for 757 Release

    Not to sound bitter or anything...but I'd rather PSS fixed the early issues reported and held off the general release so those who have pre-ordered it can have another shot at getting the product first. Otherwise I can't help but have the sour taste in my mouth of paying for the priviledge of being a beta-tester...
  7. I guess that's the problem with not enough information and judging the book by its covers ;) I respectfully take it back though and shall pass judgement when I'll "see" it :)
  8. Thanks for the shots :) They look impressive :) Looks like the model is the see-through windows design, pity, that's the only thing I dislike about it.
  9. mackintosh

    Next aircraft

    Your next project is going to be a flying ironing board? Awesome!
  10. mackintosh

    Is Captian Sim Ever......

    >>Many are happy with the block system, it does serve those>interested in lower levels of depth, but to buy less in the>hope of more from a ?????? developer is just plain ill-advised>imho.>>regards,>MarkCaveat emptor, of course, but nevertheless, the CS 757 was (and still is?) marketed in a way that implied block F would be completed by a certain date, surely there was an expectation one could complete a full package by buying it in "blocks" and some people may have acted on that expectation. If block F is not released at all, that would constitute deceptive marketing at the very least (from a moral standpoint anyway). Of course this whole argument will be moot if and when CS do release block F.
  11. mackintosh

    Is Captian Sim Ever......

    True, but a lot of people may have bought the model on the premise that within a reasonable timeframe, they will be able to buy the remaining blocks, which will enable them to complete a top of the line simulation package. They may have not otherwise purchased the preceeding blocks but for the promise of the elusive block F.
  12. mackintosh

    A Shocking CTD !!!

    This probably won't be of any help to you, but I've had a flightplanning CTD last week. Happened when I opened up a saved flightplan to import it. FS9 CTDed when I selected it and double clicked. Hasn't happened since, and I import plans quite often (since I build them via FSBuild). Nevertheless, this was the first such ocurrence I've ever experienced in FS9...come to think of it, I've never had it happen in FS2002 either.The only thing that we seem to have in common here is a GeForce 7800 card with updated drivers. Who knows, maybe that's where the problem lies, though I'd imagine there's a boatload of 7800 series owners here without such problems, and a single ocurrence (in my case) does not constitute a problem yet, but rather an anomaly.
  13. mackintosh

    PSS Boeing 757 can be pre-ordered.

    Actually, it's been available for pre-order for a while now, two weeks I think. I've taken the plunge and pre-ordered it. I've been a PSS customer for years, but I have to agree, after the 777 debacle (and the widebody Airbus) it's taken quite a leap of faith for me to do so and it is the last time I'll be making this leap of faith if things go awry.
  14. mackintosh

    Temporary Interim Update released.

    Thanks guys :) Your support puts others to shame.
  15. mackintosh

    GOOD MORNING PMDG Crews: The 737-800/900 is HERE!

    Ahhh! Just completed the first test flight, everything went smoothly, no problems whatsoever, this bird is just simply amazing. Gah! *joygasm* *bangs head on keyboard* :DThanks guys, you're the best.