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  1. Chris18

    Farewell to Tom Allensworth

    Rest in Peace, horrid news to end the day with.
  2. Celebrating my 10th Anniversary this Winter as well and it has been the most enjoyable FS time. Met great friends, great community, offers wide variety of airlines and routings, and I wouldn't wanna have missed it.
  3. Great pictures ;) Wingviews only :-kewl Love the departure shot, you can even see the new McDonald's A321 lined up in front of the OS hangar :)Keep them coming!
  4. MD-11 & 777 takeoffs look great :-kewl
  5. I like the MD11 takeoff :-eek Such a sleek looking plane :-hah
  6. I really like these super suites :9 But I'd take an economy ticket as well :7 Great photos, meal looks delicious too :-hah
  7. Uuuuuh I love rainy departures :-eek :-boom Great spray!
  8. Great pictures Ed :9 Did you have fun down there?
  9. Excellent condensation pictures :-kewl