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  1. Hello,in former versions of FS (I think until FS 2000) you could see the Berlin wall, if you turned back time before 1989.Regards,Edgar
  2. Sorry Tawni,I didn't saw, that you created a new own folder under /addon/...So it is indeed suggestion 2.Regards,Edgar
  3. Hi Tawni,when you put the exclude file in the same folder like the original scenery, which creates the buildings, you must take care of the execution order: first create the scenery, then exclude the buildings.Inside a folder the execution is alphabetically ordered. So you must use an exclude filename like ZZ_exclude.bgl to put it at the end of the queue.Or use an additional scenery folder and give it a higher priority then the default scenery folder in the scenery manager.Or you might just use the addon scenery folder, which is usually on top of all default scenery folders.Best regards,Edgar
  4. Hi cbuchner1,although it sounds interesting, at least as a kind of online service, where you don't have to store everything on the harddisk, it seems a little bit difficult.I think, there is no ordinary database used. At least FSX do not come with ODBC drivers, right. And no db engine is started before FSX.I don't think, it is needed for your goal, to change or hack the library files itself. Rather have a look at this file in the parent folder of the /scenery folder, which gets updated at startup ("rebuild scenery database") , when you change the data (the library Bgls) in the scenery folder.I could imagine (pure speculation!), that this cache file contains basic information, what data to expect in the scenery-folder (100 points of road-vector-data for an area around coordinates x,y etc.).I think, these (summary) files are loaded during startup and stay there in memory.You might create dummy files, which describe data, which is not actually in the scenery subfolder, but must be downloaded.But then you must deal with the startup task, which scans the disk and rebuilds these cache files during startup. And which tries to open the files in the scenery folder.You might have another look, if the old scenery caching mechanism still works, where you didn't copy all disks at installation time, but rather copy the data during the startup, store it in a cache folder and delete the caches, when stopping the sim. Regards,Edgar
  5. Good morning, Bergziege,when you don't get bgl files after compilation, it is often a sign, that the compilation process fails - for various reasons.Please check, that you have the latest TDFMacro files from Richard "Rhumbaflappy" Ludowise (available here in the library). Replace the old copies in the G2k folder.BTW: I can compile your sample project and receive a *_9.bgl file.Best regards,Edgar
  6. Hello Luis,thanks for your answer! I already extracted it from the original SDK.What a pity, that it is more difficult now, to correct the occasional flaw in the default sceneries!Best regards,Edgar
  7. Hello,it seems to me, that the list with scenery objects "D:fs2kMicrosoft Flight Simulator X SDKSDKEnvironment KitAutogen SDKlibrary objects.txt" is replaced by an Html-file, which only contains the generic objects, which can be placed anywhere in the world.The list of local objects and GUIDs for the Berlin, London, Paris etc. objects is gone.Is there anything else lost as well?Best regards,Edgar
  8. Hello Luis,thanks for your answer! In my first testfiles sent to you on Friday I just wanted to exclude one single building in Berlin, which is not a library object, but a generic building. This is displayed in the scenery, even when the autogen slider is at 0, but has no unique ID.I stumbled over the problem, that this "excludeGenericBuildingObjects" rectangle must be the first in the list of rectangles.The second testfiles (here in the forum) are used to test the autogen-exclude-problem ("ALL") from Lars. I do not want to exclude 2 whole areas in Berlin - they are just a test sample. I just want to exlude autogen in one small rectangle in (13206,31413), but this doesn't seem possible with BGLcomp code now.But what I find quite strange, is that using both exclude bgls in the addon-scenery folder didn't work either and excluded only one rectangle. However, I didn't test 2 bgls with just a single rectangle each.What I want, is a chirurgical knife to exclude objects in a small polygon, not a wooden hammer to flatten whole countries.Looking forward to a small description, how to create excludes with shape2vec... :DBest regards,Edgar
  9. Hello Luis,could you please tell me again, what is the difference between "normal autogen" and (not normal) "forest trees"?And how do you "turned off the xml autogen file"?I came to the same conclusion about the size of the exclusion rectangle: it must include at least a full area. When 1,5 areas are enclosed, only the autogen of the full area is excluded.Maybe this explains your problem with the not excluded edges.(all other rectangles (for library objects etc) can be smaller and more precise)And I still have the problem, that only the first (FULL) exclusion rectangle is recognized and a second one is ignored.Even putting 2 exclusion bgls with 2 switched rectangles into the same scenery-folder did only exclude one area (see the attached sample).PS: I have the same problem with the double quotes: When I do copy and paste the samples from the SDK, they do not compile until I change the double quote character.It might be a problem with the character sets of international Windows versions?Best regards,Edgar
  10. Hello JuiceRabbit,which FSX SDK are you using?Best regards,Edgar
  11. Hello Merv0728,it looks like the documentation FS2004BGLCompSDK.doc (my copy from 17.02.2004) is not fully correct here.If I interprete the xsd file 'bglcomp.xsd' correctly, is the element 'Apron' defined as type 'ctApron'.'ctApron' has an indeed element called 'Vertex' , which has the type 'ctVertexLL'. 'ctVertexLL' has two elements 'lat'/'lon' - there is no Vertex element from the type 'ctBias', which would allow biasX/Y/Z here.Best regards,Edgar
  12. Hello Norman,I never was able to produce LC files with G2K4. Although it works for WC files.However, if I remember correctly, you find the LC/WC raw file, the LC/WC tmf file and the .inf file in the temp or work directory of the G2k4 program folder. So you can manually compile the LC/WC bgl file - see the SDK.I don't know, how to correct this problem with G2K4. (I use G2K v3 to produce the LC file)Best regards,Edgar
  13. Hello Luis,I had a look at my copy of the ground2k4.ini file, but didn't see any obvious difference. Although I was able to destroy and repair the function of the line-texture-id box with changing the value of "Lt_Rt_Effet", there is a more radical way to repair the problem:After closing the application ground2k4, you can delete in the file '(ground2k4-folder)/Resource/Ground2k4.ini' every line starting with "Lt_Rt_*" and "Lt_L13_*". The next time you start ground2k4 and open and close the object dialog box, the values are restored to default values and the lines in the ini-file are rewritten.Maybe someone else can check this out on his copy (keep a backup!) and confirm it.The problem seem to be caused, as Luis said, be selecting any value in the "airport/park" line box and leaving this page of the dialog box.The question remains for me, for what are these textures good for anyway - they seem to have an equivalent in the landclasses...Best regards, Edgar
  14. Hello Luis,unfortunately I have no access to my copy of g2k4 until the weekend.I'll send it to you on Saturday.The compilation seemed to be fine. But I didn't checked the result bgl in the FS.I made a simple test project with 3 rectangels: a line, a VTP2 landclass poly and a VTP2 'airport/park' polygon.The resulting asm file contained 2 polygons: one with the texture of a landclass id (i.e. '24') and a second polygon with an 'airport/park' texture id (i.e.'1183'). The asm code is fine and compiles. It is identical, just different texture ids. The 3rd rectangle formed a line (as expected).Best regards, Edgar
  15. Today I got for the first time the "disappearing/white VTP2 Line" problem.I got it solved by changing the Ground2K4.Ini file in the g2k/Resource folder. I replaced the line "Lt_Rt_Effet= 1183" by "Lt_Rt_Effet= 1181". After restarting G2k4 I got all line texture ids back.I think, the problem is caused by a mix of "vtp2 line" texture parameters and "airport/park" background texture parameters.The LWM project file contains a field for line textures (the 6th) and a field for vtp2 polygon textures (the 14th).Unfortunately Ground2k4 writes the vtp2 poly texture id for "airport/park" polygons in the line texture field (the 6th.). But I think, it should be the 14th - for polygons...The value of every element in the dialog box is saved into the ground2k4.ini file. After you used any "airport/park" textures, their ID is saved into the value "Lt_Rt_Effet". When you open the object dialog again, then select "Line/lakeShore" and try to select a vtp2 line texture in the box, Ground2k4 tries to initialize the line box with the value i.e. 1183 (from "airports/parks"), but fails, because 1183 is not a valid value for line textures. Result: a blank box.Changing "Lt_Rt_Effet" to a valid number (like 1181 - 'dirt / 10 lanes') repairs everything (after a G2k4-restart). (Or simply delete the line with 'Lt_Rt_Effet = ')For something completely different: What is the difference of using landclass ids and 'airport/park' texture ids for VTP2 polygons anyway?Why are they different? When to use what? Do have polygons with 'airport/park' texture ids no autogen?Best regards,Edgar
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