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    Version 2.2 release date info

    Downloading now!
  2. Flyer Ken

    Version 2.2 release date info

    The downloads page is down for "scheduled maintainace" right now (3:23 EST). Seems like a good sign!
  3. You might want to read this blog post by Phil Taylor before making your decision: suspect that faster cpu speeds will contribute to higher fps, but more cores will lead to smoother performance (ie, fewer stutters).
  4. Flyer Ken

    How to make buildings solid?

    There's nothing you can do about that. The reason some buildings cause crashes and not others is that the crash detection has to be enabled in the building model. As a scenery designer, I always turn crash detection off. The reason I do that is in FS9, if you are in external veiw, and pan the view over a building or object that has crash detection enable, you will experience a crash. That happens even when your plane is parked and shut down. That's very annoying when you are looking around an airport or whatever, so I disable it in my sceneries.
  5. Flyer Ken

    Outstanding freeware Ships!

    Thanks for the tip Michael, those look awesome. Imagine what sailing will be like with the new water effects in FSX!
  6. Hi Mike, I don't generally comment on reviews, but I thought that your review of ActiveSky was exceptionally well written, and the introduction did a great job of putting the product into context. Congrats on a job well done, I look forward to reading more reviews by you.
  7. Flyer Ken

    Questions for Aerosoft Beaver Owners

    The external models are very nice, the flight models and sounds are pretty good, the 2d panels are ok, but the VC is very disappointing. The VC background graphics are not sharp, and neither are the gauges. If you can live with that, go for it. Otherwise, look to Carenado's Cessna 206 on floats for a much nicer interior experience.
  8. Flyer Ken

    No "DVD check" please!

    I agree with you David, it would be nice to get rid of the CD check, but I'm not sure about doing the activation thing. The thing is, I don't thing the CD check does much to stop piracy anyway, since there are No CD cracks available. I think it does more to annoy the honest people than anything else.
  9. Flyer Ken

    Is it BEV or not?

    Clashing coastlines, but not BEV... BEV doesn't do coastlines. BEV does textures. I must say, I was a bit surpised to see a problem like that in screenshots in a review.
  10. Flyer Ken

    ActiveSky v6 and ActiveSky Graphics released

    Thanks Jim. I'm just going to wait for a couple of days. Anticipation is half the fun. Well, not really, but I can be patient. :)
  11. Flyer Ken

    Vancouver+ Vol1 is out

    Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't actually rain all the time here on the Wet Coast. That's a just a story we tell Easterners so they won't all move here. :)
  12. Flyer Ken

    Third Vancouver+ Movie

    Nice work Jeff, on all of them. I didn't mind the Enya in the first one either, but I guess I'm not very hip. :)
  13. The B in 21000B and 16000B means below, so you can cross those waypoints at a lower altitude. But you do need to cross BASRA at 10,000, that's a requirement of the STAR. That should give you plenty of time to descend to 3000 feet for vectors to the ILS. If you find you don't have long enough, try slowing down a bit more, 230 kts is a max, not a minimum. I'm not sure about flying the LDS (or anyother 767) but I don't think it's unusual to use flaps and speed brakes as required to maintain your speed as you descend. I'm not sure how helpful this is, but if you want a more qualified answer, try asking on the CZVR vatsim site forum, . I'm sure they'd be happy to help.
  14. Congrats on the release Bryan! I've just installed it. It's going to be some time before I have anything intelligent to say about it, other than that I'm very excited and can't wait to really get into it.