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  1. That's a good point on the flaps hardware controller if you have one. You probably should not use it with FS2Crew if it has physical detents.Transfer lockout + standby lights.. yeah, could be the FO's job, Samuli would know. It may be something that can't be read from the simulation though, and they won't always be on during preflight. Depends on the panel state I guess. I've always reset them myself.
  2. Moi KristerCool videos! Just wondering, did you set the flaps yourself during after engine start? That is actually part of the FO flow and he does it for you during that checklist item.Also the pressurization system transfer lockout lights in the overhead caught my eye, might want to reset them :(
  3. When you fly a complex plane without autopilot, that's when you really do need someone to change settings and modes and push buttons for you. You'll want to have your two hands on the controls and eyes on the instruments. Changing the heading value for instance, affects the flight director if you want to fly using it (most do).Once the autopilot is on, personally I think it makes more sense that the Pilot Flying handles the autopilot settings while the Pilot Not Flying handles radios and monitors all actions.But, we at FS2Crew are generous enough to give you the freedom to choose your preference :(
  4. No one has made any NG with fmc for FSX yet. Again, PMDG has one in the works, but not out yet.http://www.precisionmanuals.com/pages/product/ngx.html
  5. As others have said, the load time is mainly a function of how many planes / scenery there are installed. IMHO, there are no "magic tricks", only moving the aircraft folders you don't use to a temporary place helps noticeably.When I'm in the mood for VATSIM flying, I move all my AI to another folder. Load time goes from 5-10 minutes to less than two.
  6. Oh, by the way, I noticed someone had exactly the same problems earlier: http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho..._id=1780&page=5..with the N1, LNAV, VNAV and AP problems and all. At least I can now positively confirm it was caused by a faulty panel state from a previous flight.
  7. Hi,referring to this older thread http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho..._id=1768&page=5I wanted to remind everyone about something.I found out the hard way on a throroughly planned VATSIM flight from a fully staffed airport (now that's a rare one!) that attempting thru flights can cause both the 767 and FS2Crew to go out of whack and ruin your fun :-( What I failed to realize is that I had previously saved a situation at the gate after a flight and then used that saved situation to start off on my flight today.Things started to go wrong right from the FO flows. He moved the IRS switches all the way to ATT instead of NAV. I had to correct it and manually enter the position intu CDU. Then during pushback the FO would not start his engine start flow. I had to complete engine start + after start flows manually. Utility buses stayed off no matter what I do.However I still didn't smell something was burning. Taxi out for takeoff the FO does his talking but on climbout LNAV, VNAV or AP will not engage, the transponder will not squawk and I have to abort the flight. What a disappointment.I try the whole thing again offline with the same result. Only after creating a new flight things go as they should.Don't be like me, create new flights instead.
  8. >There is a hidden test function you can try.>>Left click on the MODE text on the Departure Briefing Page.>>A number will appear to the left of the Mode Box.>>That number is like a counter: it represents the number>associated with the Main Button and each click of the Main>Button.>>For example, in the FCP checklist, when you click the Main>Button for the first time you should see the number 10. Click>it a second time you should see 20, and so on.>>See if the numbers are going up when you click the Main>Button.Hi Bryan,It has been a while since I flew the ATR version. Do I remember correctly that using this "counter" function it was also possible to reset a phase? Like if you missed something or got the simulation confused, you were able to reset this number and start the phase/checklist over?
  9. Hi BryanI wonder if you have any plans to add more non-normal functionality in addition to the shattered windshield checklist?The LDS 767 has the possibility to set very good failure scenarios and FS2crew has the potential to make them all more realistic.Situations I'd especially like to see are the ones where things are busy, like an engine failure/fire after V1 or basically anything requiring immediate FO action during the takeoff / landing phase. Also I believe rejected takeoffs are not modelled at all for the moment.If you decide to make it big, you could create the non-normals as a separate add-on pack for those who want to buy them!What do you think?
  10. Essentially the trick in that link you posted is forcing the simulator visibility down to 20-30 miles from it's normal minimum of 60 miles.While it may be good for low and slow VFR flyers, from airliner cruising altitudes the ensuing "gray brick wall" looks IMHO horribly unrealistic. So it's not the universal solution either.
  11. It does come with a slider that allows you to adjust the more accurate roads vs autogen ratio. It is still a tradeoff though.Details in the link I earlier posted.
  12. Lack of autogen - If you have UT / GE Pro, it's night lightning is the reason. See here - http://www.simforums.com/forums/forum_post...?TID=16313&PN=3Unfortunately one of those things you only hear about after you've made the purchase.Another unpleasant surprise for me was the sudden start of "out of memory" errors with UT. Now when I read the support FAQ, it almost seems it comes as "part of the package" ... disappointing.
  13. It would make a difference if you use the sim as a procedural simulator. There are differences between operating a diesel or a typical AVGAS engine. Also, if modelled correctly, the performance / flight planning aspects are different.
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