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  1. Of course you do. It just does not make sense to keep repeating the same old "I hate MS for killing FS" mantra, nothing constructive will never come out of it. Hope you understand.Businesswise, it makes zero sense to keep developing a product that sells very little, just because third parties are depending on it. It is a business, not charity, like you said.Anyway, this topic is about the future of hardcore simulation, not past. For now, FSX is alive and well, and even P3D has taken a step toward the hardcore simmer market with their academic license. I for one am very interested in seeing what changes their 2.0 update will bring.
  2. This topic and all it's points have already been chewed to powder in other forums. Allow me to recap that it's pointless to hold a grudge like that toward Microsoft.They are a business, and made a business decision based on fact. They were never under obligation to provide hardcore simulation software to a relatively small crowd, most likely at a very small margin. Microsoft Flight Simulator is not a national treasure.
  3. I guess the sequence has changed then. That's all I can think of. You could try something else to that effect, like skipping greetings altogether or using the "no pushback" option.Btw, I thought AES was keyboard controlled. Wouldn't sending key presses work as a crude interface?
  4. Don't have the NGX version, but if the dialogue has similar logic as the older 767 or 737 versions, you could just greet the ground crew, initiate pushback with AES controls, and once done, call the crew to disconnect and switch to taxi mode. Essentially just don't ask FS2Crew to start the push.
  5. JET 1

    FS2 and Radar Contact

    I think he was just looking for an ATC program that has no conflicts with FS2Crew. That's easy, if VoxATC is not an option, the only two left are Radar Contact and PFE 2000.Both work without conflicts with FS2Crew as far as I know. You can have the occasional stepping on each other in a way the FS2Crew FO speaks at the same time as the ATC program FO/controller as the programs are not aware of each other, but I never found that a big problem.
  6. JET 1

    FS2 and Radar Contact

    Why? What's the conflict?
  7. JET 1

    Navdata out of date FMC Fix

    Now if only someone would create a system where users could submit updates and they could be installed automatically per chosen area by a program downloaded and installed on a user computer.. just dreaming
  8. That's a good point on the flaps hardware controller if you have one. You probably should not use it with FS2Crew if it has physical detents.Transfer lockout + standby lights.. yeah, could be the FO's job, Samuli would know. It may be something that can't be read from the simulation though, and they won't always be on during preflight. Depends on the panel state I guess. I've always reset them myself.
  9. Moi KristerCool videos! Just wondering, did you set the flaps yourself during after engine start? That is actually part of the FO flow and he does it for you during that checklist item.Also the pressurization system transfer lockout lights in the overhead caught my eye, might want to reset them :(
  10. When you fly a complex plane without autopilot, that's when you really do need someone to change settings and modes and push buttons for you. You'll want to have your two hands on the controls and eyes on the instruments. Changing the heading value for instance, affects the flight director if you want to fly using it (most do).Once the autopilot is on, personally I think it makes more sense that the Pilot Flying handles the autopilot settings while the Pilot Not Flying handles radios and monitors all actions.But, we at FS2Crew are generous enough to give you the freedom to choose your preference :(
  11. No one has made any NG with fmc for FSX yet. Again, PMDG has one in the works, but not out yet.
  12. The PMDG 737 exists only for FS9. There is no FSX version, yet..
  13. It's probably not what you think. The one under discussion on this topic is the older freeware version which has "walk" functions and is more suited for making videos and such. It's called Ezdok WALK camera.The addon that gives motion effects is Ezdok MOTION camera, not released yet but will be payware and the author just wrote a few remarks about it's release on the other topic here:
  14. As others have said, the load time is mainly a function of how many planes / scenery there are installed. IMHO, there are no "magic tricks", only moving the aircraft folders you don't use to a temporary place helps noticeably.When I'm in the mood for VATSIM flying, I move all my AI to another folder. Load time goes from 5-10 minutes to less than two.
  15. Oh, by the way, I noticed someone had exactly the same problems earlier: the N1, LNAV, VNAV and AP problems and all. At least I can now positively confirm it was caused by a faulty panel state from a previous flight.