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  1. >It won't be cheap ;)>>1)The RXP Garmin 430 pakage + the Pro add-on package (so you>can use two) ($30+$25)>2) The Sandel 3308 ($25)>3) The Flight Line 'T' package ($20)>4) The Flight Line 'N' package ($20)>>So that panel the way I have it laid out would be $120.00>>But, you can use them in a buch of other aircraft as well.>It's finally happened. It was only a matter of time... a simmer pimped their ride. ;)
  2. It was working fine a week ago-- may be they're having server/host issues.
  3. >I did a nice tour of Italy in the Real Air SF260. Reasonably>fast, fun to fly and great visibility.>Blair>CYOWDitto for the Real Air SF260-- if you're going to do VFR, nothing beats they're fluid VC.
  4. >my average frame rate with all of the fixins. is about 10>frames per sec.>im into sim flying a lot, to much in fact, i have a eight>monitor set up with six computers all networked toghether.>I have the same add-ons as you and have significantly higher performance. There are tweaks you may implemented that have negatively impacted your performance. You may want to back up your FS9.cfg and explore your scenery library-- you shouldn't be getting performance that low on your hardware.One thing to remember is the tweaks we've received over the years within the forums are not necessarily cummulative-- in fact, some tweaks undermine others. I'm sorry you're getting poor performance. That's never fun.
  5. >Go see Michael at FSGS man. Many have stated on here about>their results. They are right. I have a very high end system>and i STILL went and saw him. BTW, if ANYONE uses NOD32 virus>protection this WILL cause CTD's with vatsim EVEN IF YOU USE>FSAUTOSTART TO DISABLE IT. this took me a year to figure out.>i am not kidding.>>asus a832-sli>amd fx60>2 gig ocz 4000>dual eVGA 7800 GTX>>now with a system like this you would think i wouldnt have to>go see Michael but i am glad i did. TALK TO HIM. >>>I use NOD32 w/ VATSIM without issue. I'm sorry you had problems with the combination. :/
  6. >Hi all,>>What payware a/c would you recommend to others to purchase?>>I've just seen the PSS 757 and it looks great, just waiting>for the reviews..>>>WillA few off the top of my head that will generate enormous enjoyment.Small GA--------RealAir SF-260Flight1/Dreamfleet C172RFlight1/Dreamfleet Beech Baron 58Large GA---------Aeroworx X-Treme King Air B200Commercial----------PMDG 737PMDG 747PMDG B1800DLevel-D 767Flight1 ATR 72-500Vintage-------RealAir SpitFire IVFlight1/Dreamfleet 727There are more great a/c. Be sure to check the AVSIM reviews for other superb a/c that I can't personally recommend because I haven't tried (i.e. Cerenado, etc.)-- the AVSIM reviewers have always been spot on IMHO.
  7. >It looks like the VC screenshot thread was deleted for some>reason (I thought the beta was no longer under NDA?) - anyway,>I asked in it if anything has been done about the VC lighting>issue that was said to be fixed in FSX?>>The screenshots didn't show any improvement over the FSX demo>or FS9. Was this because the person who took them forgot to>turn some feature on (that fixes the problem) or is the>problem still there?If memory serves, there have been marked improvements in VC lighting that neither the beta nor the demo show-- tdragger said (and I'm paraphrasing) they're saving that good stuff for release.Whether that includes the answer to your question is unsure- may be you'll get an ACES response however prior to that, you may want to articulate what you think the VC lighting issue is so they have something specific to work with.
  8. >So beta members... screen shots? thoughts on the ATC does it>work the way it should now?KDFWhttp://www.izonefaceware.com/fsx/KDFW1.jpghttp://www.izonefaceware.com/fsx/KDFW2.jpg
  9. >Is Anyone Interested in taking some screenshots of Calgary>International (CYYC) for me?>>ChrisCYYChttp://www.izonefaceware.com/fsx/CYYC1.jpghttp://www.izonefaceware.com/fsx/CYYC2.jpg
  10. >can i see some screens of nyc and the other 4 boroughs and>the 3 main airports?I posted up the NYC skyline somewhere in this thread.Here's KLGAhttp://www.izonefaceware.com/fsx/KLGA.jpg
  11. >Can someone please post some screens of Athens Intl. (LGAV).>>Thanks.LGAVhttp://www.izonefaceware.com/fsx/LGAV1.jpghttp://www.izonefaceware.com/fsx/LGAV2.jpg
  12. >How about a few shots of WSSS and the surrounding areas?>thanks!WSSShttp://www.izonefaceware.com/fsx/WSSS1.jpghttp://www.izonefaceware.com/fsx/WSSS2.jpghttp://www.izonefaceware.com/fsx/WSSS3.jpg
  13. >Anybody willing to share some pictures of City Amsterdam +>Schiphol (EHAM) and Rotterdam + Rotterdam airport (EHRD)>>Thanks guys appreciated,>>Looks great thanks for sharing the screenshots :-)>>Andr
  14. >>>NotASenator, Juicerabbit, (TDragger)...>>>Multiplayer!>>>Fun stuff!>>>>>>I was tooling around in last night's session with all of>you>>>in a C172 - I didn't have a microphone, so I couldn't get>>>involved in the speech, but it was indeed fun. Simply from>a>>>piloting standpoint, it seems as though the multiplayer>>flight>>>"fidelity" has improved significantly... someone in the Red>>>Bull Extra formed up on my wing for a few minutes, and it>>was>>>CLEARLY better than the old multiplayer where airplanes>>seemed>>>to jump across the sky. >>>>>>At the same time, it really feels like the C172 has>improved>>>in it's dynamics - I came in for a slow 'plow pass' over>the>>>runway (incidentally, as NotASenator was rolling down the>>>opposite direction after a touch n' go), and the airplane>>felt>>>appropriately mushy, slow, and nose up. >>>>>>I did attempt to jump into the tower for a bit, but the>>>program started getting a little testy on me, so I ended up>>>exiting and heading to bed. :) The only negative I saw, and>>it>>>probably stems from me not reading help files or manuals,>>was>>>that the chat window was a little obtrusive - is there a>>>smaller one for quick messages?>>>>>>True to the spirit of the Beta, I think I'll spend a lot of>>>time in the multiplayer systems. The possibility of having>>>someone pair up in the cockpit and take the controls>>certainly>>>looked interesting as well!>>>>>>I should get to work now... :)>>>-Greg>>>>>>I spent more time getting buzzed by extras than anything>else.>> :(>>>>It was a ton of fun, and it runs as smooth as silk. I was>>really surprised at how nice the multiplayer was.>>>>For those who weren't on voice, could you still hear us>>yabbering away?>>>>Also, I hopped in hagbar's plane and sat right seat for a>few>>minutes. I tell you, it's really creepy to see those>controls>>move when you aren't doing anything, but other than that, it>>worked fine.>>That was *ME* you guys!! Did you see my smoke on and off as>well as I performed my improv airshow of death?>*chuckle* Carmine's AoD
  15. >Can somone please post some KPHL screenies? thanksKPHLhttp://www.izonefaceware.com/fsx/KPHL1.jpghttp://www.izonefaceware.com/fsx/KPHL2.jpg
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