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  1. http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/160474.jpgwell i live in Devonport and plymouth it is well represented in my version of FS. for the summer i use the VFR terrain and photo scenery, and for nighttime and other seasons i use FS terrain along with Roads and rivers of europe. combined with Nick Ryall's scenery addons, i have the parkway, the torpoint ferries, the brunnel and saltash bridges, smeatons tower, the dockyard with sub alongside and the break water, i even have St Nicholas Isle (AKA Drakes Island) that was missed out by MS.
  2. make sure your default flight is saved as winter, the default is summer. It is possible to just open the default flight in notepad and change summer to winter, this will sort you out.
  3. downloading now, very slow though, looks like its goin to take a couple of hours to download at only 120ish KB/sec.did not keep the original demo as it ran so badly so i'll have to miss out on the beaver.If i decide ti get it though i will either have to delete stacks of software or buy another/bigger HD.
  4. it would be nice to have a payware quality A318, i have payware versions of the A319, A320, A321, A330-200, A330-300, A340-200, A340-300, A340-500, A340-600, and A380, but no A318.
  5. you can load FS flight plans but you have to convert tham using "PLN to RTE v1.0.1.1" by Alan WL Chan which you can find on AVSIM
  6. i most proberbly won't be getting it for my PC, but if it comes out for the Xbox 360 i most probably will get it.
  7. not sure if a 7800 will be worth the money, the limiting fasctor will be the cpu with FS at least although it may help with other games that do not rely on number crunching and use more graphics power.
  8. I went from a AGP 4 G4 Ti4600 to a AGP 8 GF 6600GT, and did not notice any increase in performance, in fact in a couple of cases there was a drop in performance as the new card did not work so well in OGL and i had to use the inferior D3D, but then in those applications the new card did run D3D better and it is a more up to date card.I probably won't be getting Vista as XP has proved for me to be all that 9X was not and i am still running a stable after a few years without the constant reinstalls of old. The only application this system struggles with is FS9 so i won't be getting FSX unless it comes out for the Xbox 360.
  9. unpack the cab file and replace the file in the unpacked cab, the unpacked file will take presidence over the packed file. alternativly you can delete/rename the origianl cab and repack the new folder with cabpack (google will find it for you), the program is old but works fine in XPI have used the first option here to change my fs9gps.cab with edited bitmaps to better represent the real garmin unitshttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/153173.jpghttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/153175.jpg
  10. only the upper dack is included in the VC, the economy and lower deck are rendered but only in spot view and at much lower quality.
  11. you can remove the "crash" message and all/any other on screen messages by editing the language.dll file, for example i use a fly by view instead of tower view and have edited my file so it reads fly by instead of tower view. You can do it with a hex editer but the easyest program to use is "Resource Hacker" it is free, and a google search will find it for you.
  12. thanks for the edits, but i don't think you understood my drift. what i meant was i do not understand the reason for having wing views if you do not have a cabin, because you cannot see the wing views from the cockpit, i think it is far more important to have a cockpit even if it is only a 2 D version although it is important it has some kind of side views, personally i think it is unacceptable for a payware aircraft to have no cockpit.
  13. i got it ages ago on the strenght of the Cockpit update, I see little point in wing views if there is no cabin as one cannot see the wings from the flight deck. In the end i have given up on waiting for the prommised cockpit update, and ordered the Just flight Pilot in command version of this plane.
  14. I to am a mite confused, I have GE, FE, and use FSMetar for weather genration; is it worth my while getting GEPro? How will it react with FE will it negate its effect, also how does it work with FSUIPC which i use to further cunstomise clouds and visibility?Cheers
  15. thanks for your help, i'll wait untill the new ones come out.
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