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  1. Hi Steven, according to this web site https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-1080-Ti-vs-Nvidia-GTX-1070/3918vs3609 you might expect a performance increase of about 63%. As regards the price, when compared to prices for used 1080 TI's on Ebay (I'm currently looking for one myself) it might look a little on the high side, but if you know the history of the card (hasn't been used for mining for example) then I'd say it was probably worth it. Peter.
  2. Thanks for the heads-up on this, just ordered one from here in the UK, £251 inc delivery and import fees, bargain of the year (I hope!)
  3. My tongue was firmly lodged in my cheek when I made that comment, prices will definitely go up.
  4. The email also states that on 11th October prices will be 'reviewed', I wonder what that means, maybe in view of the fact that cross platform discounts have recently been abolished prices will be reviewed downwards!! Peter.
  5. Hi Keven, Yes, several times. What seems to be happening is that the device is only recognized in CP as a joystick with programmable buttons when the device properties box (as described in my original post) is running. With the device properties closed CP recognises the device as the keyboard and as such some of the buttons are recognised as duplicate keyboard keys while other buttons are not recognised at all. As an example the button labeled F1 on the device is recognised as keyboard F1 with the device properties closed and as such a warning is given that it is already assigned in the sim, however with the device properties open the same button is recognised as joystick button number 17 and as such is of course assignable. Thanks, Peter.
  6. Hi Keven, Thanks for taking the time to reply. I have always used experimental, never stable. Thanks, Peter.
  7. Hi, After being away from flight sim for a few months I've come across a slight problem when using ChasePlane. After updating to the latest version (exp.) I note that my previous joystick buttons assigned to views no longer work as before. I am using a Saitek Cyborg Command Pad Unit for these views but they no longer work as before UNLESS (and I only found this out by accident) I open Control Panel/Devices and Printers/Saitek Cyborg Command Unit/Game Controller Settings/Saitek Cyborg etc/Properties, then if, and only if, I leave that dialogue open the device works as before. If I don't do this then the device is not recognized as a separate device but as part of the default keyboard. It's not huge a problem really but I was wondering what had changed to necessitate having to keep open the device properties box for it to work as before. Thanks, Peter.
  8. Thank-you for your reply. The folder name is FSGUX I can confirm that by deselecting the FSGUX scenery areas in the sim scenery library and running the scan results in a scan of little more than a minute. Reselecting them and running the scan again results in a scan of over 20 minutes. Could it be possible maybe in a future update for the user to manually select folders for exclusion from within the CP UI ? Could I also ask why it is necessary for FSX to be running in order to perform a scan, if CP knows the location of the scenery.cfg then it shouldn't be necessary for FSX to be running, or are files other than the scenery.cfg being accessed? Many thanks, Peter.
  9. Thank-you for that information, however my version of FSGU is the earlier version, FSGUX which I assume is not currently excluded from the scan. Would it not be possible for a scenery to be excluded from the scan by simply deactivating the scenery in the scenery library, in other words if in the scenery.cfg entry for that area Active=FALSE was set then the file would not be scanned? Peter.
  10. Hi Keven, Thanks for reply. The problem seems to be my installation of Pilot's Ultimate terrain Mesh, over 75gbs of data being pointlessly scanned for non-existent airports. is there any way of excluding this, or any other, folder that doesn't contain airport data or is the scanning of this data necessary? Thanks, Peter.
  11. Hi, whenever I re-scan (regenerate) airport data it takes about 24 minutes, 22 minutes of this is taken up with airport NXWD which crawls along in 0.01% increments. Anyone else have this? Thanks.
  12. I'm glad you got an informative and civilised answer to your query regarding the non-appearance of NDBs in the ND. When I asked exactly the same question back in 2004 ( http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...52161&mode=full ) I got a bit of a roasting from Randy. I'm still using the NG in fs9 and still having lots of fun with both.Pete.
  13. Many thanks for all the replies, looks as though the credit card's going to have to see daylight again. The system I'm putting together to drive the monitor (plus a couple of others on a seperate video card) consists of an E6700 DC Processor, 2gb Corsair XMS RAM, 8800 GTS Graphics and a Western Digital 150gb 10,000rpm HD (for FS only). Sometime after that little lot I might even consider getting FSX.Pete.
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