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    The truth about "Cold and Dark"

    i thought of this same thing. when my dad took my to the airport to go inside a 744 that just came from japan, the ground crew where working on it. it was far from cold and dark. it had external power on, IRUs where aligned. and when i left the flight crew was close to boarding so i assumed that when they entered the plane would be in the same state.adam
  2. AirbusA340300

    Who are you ?

    I turned 18 last August 19 ( same birthday as Orville Wright). I am a full time student at Southern Illinois University and am in the aviation flight program. my major is aviation flight. this is my first year. i did my first solo flight 2 fridays ago, it was one of the greatest days of my life! i am working to get my commerical certificate with a instrument and multi rating in the program. i plan on joining the navy after college then hopefully become an airline pilot. i have been simming since FS2000 and have entered the world of addons and the community in Fs2002. I pretty much only fly the PMDG744, but also a little LD767Adam K
  3. AirbusA340300

    Delta Airlines Delivery Question

    ok, thanks alot. so looks like i will be delivering to KATL from KPAE tommorow.adam
  4. Hello, i was curious if anyone knows if Delta's 763s all get delivered to KATL? do any get delivered to KJFK? im asking this as i want to do a delivery flight with the LD 763 and my airline of choice is Delta, and i would prefer to deliver to JFK as my first revenue flight will be JFK-CDG. thanksadam
  5. Hello, today i was doing a circuit around KPAE with ASV and i noticed the temp. was way to high. It said 32C when it should be below freezing. And i have online updates on and am in online mode. Now, just as i am writing this ASV updated and the temp is now 2C, which is alot closer than 32C. can anyone explain this?adam
  6. Hello, i just bought AS like an hour ago and checked it out in FS. WOW, its sweet, i was at KPAE and had live weather and the visibility was like 1/8th miles and when i started, instead of the fog appearing in an instant, it rolled in and it looked real kool. cant wait to try it out in my first flight tommorow.adam
  7. AirbusA340300


    thanks alot sammyadam
  8. AirbusA340300


    could i please get the mose recent realworld flightplan for this route, DAL50, KATL-LFPG. thanks alot.adam
  9. AirbusA340300

    How long do you spend flying?

    i do my flights as realistic as possible. i enjoy long haul in the PMDG744 and LD763. tommorow i am planning a 4.5 hour flight, kpae to katl. then from sat to sun, im flying KATL-LFPG, i think like 8 hours. i never use pause or time compression. but thats just me. and during cruise i watch tv and do cruise work.adam
  10. AirbusA340300

    FS Time help

    thanks for the help AndrewAdam
  11. AirbusA340300

    FS Time help

    Is there a program or a fix to fix the fs clock? because after i flight in FS i see my FS clock lagging behind the actual time. i was doing a 9 hour flight and the fs clock lagged by close to 2 hours i believe. thanksadam
  12. AirbusA340300

    PSS T7

    The T7 is one of my favorite planes, and the PSS 777 has me interested. but im a little skeptical, since buying the A320 and A340 from them, they seem to be more focused on eye candy than systems. and being a realism freak in FS, the more realistic the plane is, the more i like it. and im curious, how is the PSS 777 for those that have it? how does it compare to the LD767 or the PMDG 747? any help would be greatly appreciated. thanksAdam
  13. AirbusA340300

    Procedure turn

    I have heard the turn a few times. but what is a procedure turn? thanksAdam
  14. AirbusA340300

    Delivery Process

    thanks for the replies guys, i was searching for pics of the China 744 in the dreamliner livery(the one im delivering) and they have a few pics of it at Everett and KBFI, one of the pics shows the 744 taking off and the caption says it is the delivery flight, from KBFI. So looks like i will first do a ferry flight to BFI from PAE then off i go with the great PMDG 744Adam
  15. AirbusA340300

    China Airlines Delivery

    Does anyone have a flightplan of one of China Airlines delivery flights with the 744? thanksAdam