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  1. Here is a video of the Mindstar GNS software running on a hardware module from Ruscool Electronics in New Zealand. While not that cheap it does provide a fine simulation of the Garmin unit with full hardware activation of all the Mindstar functions. The RNS530 (as Ruscool calls their module) uses a keyboard emulator of sorts built into the unit which sends keystrokes to the sim which is then interpreted by their custom application running in the sim and talking to FSUIPC. Needless to say both the hardware and software have corresponding config files which must match up to activate the functions as can be seen in the video. All works well on the bench, next is to install in the sim and fly! Of course before you ask, no the Mindstar software isn't compatible with Prepa3D v4 due to that being a 64bit application whereas the Mindstar is currently only 32bit.
  2. Just purchased MCE after some extensive testing and I must say I'm loving it. I also use RC4 for offline flying and although RC4 fails to respond quite often, I'm sure this is a foible of RC4 rather than MCE, I also suffer this on occasion using keyboard responses. Never the less having MCE as a co-pilot so I can run through flows and checklists is brilliant and being able to "talk" to RC4 seals the deal for me. I fly a single seat hardware home cockpit and am also a crew member for the Perth Worldflight team flying a full B737-800 where all flights are done with two crew so being able to practice CRM at home is a real boon, and the responses from MCE are exactly like that of our WF co-pilots when using the PMDG checklists. My question relates to operations when flying with hardware panels. What is the correct MCE setting if I want to have full checklist interaction but don't want him to operate any FS panel switches like landing lights etc? It seems he doesn't recognise when I flip a hardware switch, and I suspect his interactions actually interfere with the hardware selections. Thanks for a great program, Ken.
  3. Hi Gerald, Yes I have XPUIPC version (the latest I think). I also tried deleting my XPUIPC and letting RC4toXplane install its version but that didn't change anything either. No manual entries in the cfg file, just the default file that comes with it. Not using EFASS. As also reported by others, it appears to work flawlessly in X-Plane-32bit, however thats not a fix in my opinion. Cheers, Ken.
  4. I'm getting the same intermittent errors reported by Sca1ey. Basically if I start XP and get these 3 errors I know it won't work: Failed to Create HK2 Failed to Create HK3 Failed to Create HK4 After these errors if I start RC4 from the plugin the top message is on a single line and garbled as if the plugin isn't enabled, which it is according to its menu. If I disable it then re-enable the plugin I get this message: "Important RC4 Message. RC4 has been stopped to ensure plugin is fully running. Please restart RC4 if required." Then the whole round starts again. I'm running XP10.45 - 64bit OS is Windows 10 - 64bit RC 4.3.3845 Apps are set to "Run as Administrator" Tried running in Win7 compatibility to no avail. As reported also by others this error is intermittent it seems, sometimes it loads ok and others it fails. Otherwise when the app works its great. Cheers, Ken.
  5. Kennair

    PERF uplink "Accept" CTD

    I've had this happen on several flights, first only upon accepting the performance uplink but tonight it crashed upon rejecting it as well. I've turned off the function in the CDU. Ken.
  6. The TH2GO will work fine in dual head mode. I had it running this way until I could get hold of a third monitor. The instructions indicate what to do but basically just connect one monitor to the Centre output (this acts as the main screen while the system is booting up) then the second monitor to either of the Left or Right outputs.Ken
  7. Kennair

    3 monitors

    Here's an intersting website from a 737 builder in Hobart Tasmania who is setting up multi-projectors for outside viewing using a TH2GO. His testing has revealed interesting information that might be useful to others (like me), in particular the use of undocked screens on the TH2GO. Have a look and see if it's useful.
  8. Kennair

    3 monitors

    Jim (jagabom),Really no matter what your system, if you want to fly with 3 monitors and minimise the hit on your system, get a Triple Head 2 Go. There are other options as already pointed out here, and the Matrox is an added expense, but it will give you a great ride once installed. Plus you can use the other vid outputs to drive more monitors for instrument views at the same time.Ken :)http://www.kennair.com
  9. Kennair

    FS9/FSX on a compressed drive ?

    I've been flying FS9 & FSX with its folders compressed for about a year now on advice from somewhere? My below par system increased performance slightly afterward so a must for me. Perhaps this will help others trying to squeeze every bit of longevity out of their aging systems before taking the upgrade plunge!Ken.http://www.kennair.com
  10. For what it's worth, I've been using UD for about 12 months and have had no issue with it. Mind you I use XP not Vista but my below par system found an extra 10-20 FPS after using it. I recommend always updating to the latest version (happens about every couple of months) and doing as Al says, select 100%. Make sure to use it regularly and particularly after installing or removing software. Remember the Consolidate option can take many hours to complete depending on your hard drives size and mess!! I have two hard drives with UD setup with different options on each one.I simply followed the tutorial for optimising UD for a Flight Sim PC and it did the trick. I haven't used any other third party defragger so can't comment on comparisons.Kenhttp://www.kennair.com
  11. Kennair

    Dual Head to Go vs. Triple Head To Go

    I concur with everything Jim said and I too use nVidia, however I beleive ATI have rectified some of their incompatibilites with Matrox.Given the minimal price difference, and the greater flexibility, I'm not sure why you would be considering the Dual Head. If you want you can use the Triple head in Dual head mode, but the three outputs will give you the greatest view as Jim highlighted.I have two video cards with the TH2GO on one and 2x17" LCD's on the other and works great. The other advantage is that the TH2GO with 3 screens has a much less impact on PC performance than using two screens on separate outputs. The system sees the Matrox as one just screen.Regards,Ken.http://www.kennair.com
  12. Kennair

    Adding an autopilot.

    Hi Terry,I use FS Panel Studio to do this sort of thing as it takes the headache out of panel editing/creating, however if you don't have this, you'll need to manually create a new window and insert the Autopilot for your particular aircraft into this new window. This is all contained in the panel.cfg file within your aircraft folder. Make a backup of your original cfg first, then give it a go. Make the new window the next number up from the highest that already exists, find the autopilot gauge details in one of the other window entries (probably window0 or 1) and copy it into your new window. You'll have to fiddle with the screen placement numbers associated with the guage as they will be putting it into the screen position for the original window. The numbers you'll see correspond with the pixel position for the gauge. I'm sorry I can't remember how to decipher these as using FS Panel Studio you don't need to worry about it. Of course once you've got the new window created, within FS, select it from the Instrument view menu, undock it, and move it wherever you like.No doubt there will be other gurus who can answer more questions regarding panel editing. There are also many tutorials on how to do this within the FS community. Google it :)Good luck,
  13. Kennair

    Scariest Real World flying Mistake?

    Hi Bruce,Yes I flew my nav about a month later on a beautiful sunny day without issue. Passed my PPL sometime later on an equally sunny and uneventful day. Not instrument rated as yet, but on the list.I also tried contacting flightwatch to ammend my flightplan but couldn't raise them due to my low altitude. It was certainly a case of 'up there wishing I was down here'!Ken.
  14. Kennair

    Scariest Real World flying Mistake?

    OK, scariest moment for me by far was my final solo nav flight prior to doing my PPL test. It was winter and I took off in marginal weather for an intended 4 hour flight. As I had cancelled the flight several times already due weather, I found myself pushing on with a thick cloud base at 3500 feet. Very quickly the back door was closed! and I was dodging cloud down to 1000ft AGL. After an hour I turned due west back toward my home port sighting the only familiar mountain peak I could see. Had to dodge several low cloud layers during my 30min return to base. Got back on the ground to a very thankful instructor who realised with hindsight he shouldn't have signed me out. Really, really stupid move to press on and one I'm lucky to have learnt from and lived! As my instructor said, you can't buy experience like that.Ken.
  15. Take a look at Tom's Hardware's Spring VGA Sharts for 2007. Very informative for directly comparing the 88 series to the 79 (and all other current cards). Not really much difference between them depending on what graphics configuration you run in FS, which is handy when one is $500 cheaper than the other. In some cases the 79 series comes out on top! Of course the 88 series offers the future proofing when DX10 does have support. PC1-AMD Athlon XP 3200, 2Gb RAM,NVidia 6600GT 256Mb AGP, NVidia 6200 128Mb PCI,2x17" LCD's, 3x17" CRT, Triple Head 2 GoPC2-AMD Sempron 2400, 1Gb RAM, ATI 9200 256Mb AGP.