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  1. Sorry to come late to the party.... can someone point me to where Carenado said they'll add GTN integration? Did they make any mention of the RealityXP units? Thanks. Z.
  2. ztimbre

    KLGB version 5 uploaded

    That's fixed it for me! Thanks for the speedy update! Z.
  3. ztimbre

    KLGB version 5 uploaded

    Hi Shez, Thanks very much for the new version. Ground flickering is solved! I am still having frame rate drops. I took some time this afternoon and isolated the problem to the file "LGBrunwaylights.bgl" It looks like you are using SCASM lights, and considering the runway headings at LGB, I think you are encountering the problem described in this thread: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/scasm-lights-kill-my-fps.21793/#post-194616 This problem will not appear for people using FSX+SP2, only those using acceleration (which I am). I've checked the scenery at night, and it appears that the problem sections are the runway overruns. I am a scenery designer, and would be happy to test/tweak, if you like. Thanks again for a great scenery! Z.
  4. ztimbre

    MeatWater Radar Contact 4 VocPack

    OK, thanks for the response guys. I guess I will cross my fingers and hope I can get it when avsim's library comes back online.
  5. ztimbre

    MeatWater Radar Contact 4 VocPack

    Bad luck! I was freeing up disk space for this package when the servers were hacked. Does anyone know another download location?Thanks in advance!
  6. > Saving the Flight does save the Zoom setting EXCEPT it>always restores next time as one point below saved value->hence increase Zoom one point before saving!> In Panel Config, the line VIEW_FORWARD_DIR=x.xxx, y.yyy,>z.zzz is probably the line to which you're referring.> X value sets height of the view- perhaps full screen heightGood point Alex, I'd forgotten about that little but oh-so-annoying glitch! :)I should have clarified, the VIEW_FORWARD lines define the forward view in the 2D panel. This is a good parameter to change if, for example, the panel blocks your view on final. The "eyepoint" line in the aircraft.cfg changes the view point for the VC. I'm a VC guys, so I assumed.....regards.
  7. Zoom can be changed by re-saving the default flight (or a substitute) with your desired zoom setting. Eyepoint can be changed, aircraft by aircraft, by editing the "eyepoint" entry under the "views" section of the aircraft.cfg file. The three numbers are the displacement from the reference datum in decimal feet. I believe the last number is height.regards.
  8. ztimbre

    Mooney Anyone??

    >"If you are not getting these figures, it's probable you're>not loading the flight from the default flight. Try another>flight after starting in the default flight, then change to>the Mooney, then change your location, in that order.">>I tried to set up a flight according to the numbers and>OAT/Pressure indicated in the POH, and it seemed the Mooney>was coming up a little slow at the parms for 8000 feet and a>little high on fuel burn, when leaned according to the>suggestions in the documentation (25 deg. below peak temp).>>I updated the aircraft.cfg with these numbers for the fun of>it, and seemed much closer to the specs suggested in the POH>for flying at MTOW, at economy cruise. I used a popup gauge>which measured fuel flow and True Airspeed to tweak the>numbers. >>I edited this line with the value shown:>>fuel_flow_scalar=.825>>and edited this line as shown:>>parasite_drag_scalar=.800>>Both lines had default values of 1.00 prior to my edit. This>would make the aircraft a bit more slippery in flight.>>With these numbers my fuel burn was in the 10-10.5 gal per>hour range between 162-170 KTAS, depending on my mixture,>throttle and prop rpm. It's important to note that I had to>turn automixture off to get my numbers close, which was a>great lesson as I now have a clearer picture (thanks to the>Mooney docs) of how and why mixture is used.>>I think coming up with exact number for every part of the>flight profile is probably a challenge. So I tuned my>aircraft.cfg to achieve cruise performance under my preferred>flying altitude (8000 ft.) for this class of aircraft and the>higher terrain I usually prefer flying over in the sim. As a>side effect, the reduced drag might give a more realistic>feeling of handling a Mooney in the pattern. I'm pretty happy>with these two small tweaks--as to how they pan out to other>altitudes and power settings, hard to say.>>Regards,>>Johnp_factor_on_yaw= 2.0 I've also added this line to the flight tuning section to address John's statement that there needs to be more rudder required in slow flight. Maybe John (757FO) could make these changes and report whether we're getting closer to "real"... ??
  9. ztimbre

    Atlas livery?

    Hi guys, I've been meaning to ask this for a while, but Ralph's recent (amazing) gift has put it in mind:Is there an Altas or Polar livery for RFP? The only one I know of requires flying for Globe Cargo VA. I wouldn't mind that at all, just don't have the time these days.regards.
  10. ztimbre

    Carenado's Cessna 206

    I asked them the same question when I bought the product (when the combo package came out). They said they would look into it. I tried to follow up a couple of months after that, but all my emails were ignored/received no response.It's a C++ gauge, not editable by end user, so all you can do is make your own and replace theirs.I don't dislike them though. Other than that the 206 is a great product.Hope that helps.
  11. ztimbre

    Feelthere Citation X

    I have to agree: the model is not good. The nose-to-windscreen angle is too sharp, the body is too short, the blend from the wingbox to the fuselage is exaggerated and the leading edge of the engine nacelles is too large. (All of these criticisms based on the screenshots on their website).Couple the poor model with the fact that they've made Wilco the arbiter of feedback/complaints and I have to say they will not be getting my money this time. It's a shame, since I could be called a "loyal customer", having purchased a couple of their products and really loving their Legacy. As one who really likes the CX, I would have been first in line to buy a well done rendition from FeelThere.Too bad really....
  12. ztimbre

    IRIS T-45 Nose Gear

    If you look at the default C208B aircraft.cfg file, it shows what each of the contact points represents. I don't have the T-45 installed right now, but you want to adjust the 'point.0' line, look at the fourth comma separated value. In the list it is 'vertical position'. Decrease it's value by 0.2. So if it's -5.2, make it -5.4. Test and repeat until you're happy!Hope that helps. :)
  13. I made the same observation about six months ago, and wanted a darker vc at night too. Comment out these seven lines in the aircraft.cfg file (under the 'lights' section)//light.9 = 4, 24.50, 1.80, 2.55, fx_vclight_f50//light.10= 4, 24.50, -1.80, 2.55, fx_vclight_f50//light.11= 4, 19.00, -0.30, 2.05, fx_vclight_f50//light.12= 4, 14.00, -0.00, 2.05, fx_vclight_f50//light.13= 4, 10.00, -0.00, 2.05, fx_vclight_f50//light.14= 4, 6.00, -0.00, 2.05, fx_vclight_f50//light.15= 4, 0.80, -0.00, 1.05, fx_vclight_f50Comment out the lines by adding // in front of them as I have done in the example above.Hope you like the results :)regards.
  14. Hey thanks Leon, that's very helpful! I had been doing something similar with the EGT, leaning until rpms drop but EGT continues to rise, then going back rich until the EGT just begins to drop and I am on the rich side of peak. BUT, I had not been doing it at full power. I seem to remember this method from what my grandfather taught me way back when, but sadly I have not flown since then, so maybe I got it wrong. In any case, I will use your method from now on. Thanks again!Ryan
  15. Hi Travis, thanks for the reply. Without seeing the code I can't be certain if they programmed it as a voltmeter or as a ammeter. However, all the documentation refers to it as an ammeter, also it is marked DIS/0/CHG. The more electrical items I turn on the more discharge it shows, until it passes the lower 'end' of the scale, then it swings up to 'charge'. I think they just programmed the 'scale' of the needle wrong. Also, when the alternator is brought online, it seems to behave correctly and shows a small charge or small discharge depending on how many electrical items I have turned on.Does that clarify things at all? :)regards,Ryan