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  1. Luxair 800NGX WL Reg LX-LGT would be great :( Good luck for final testing and releaseBest RegardsThomas Lejeune
  2. Me likes those appetizers...Thanks :)Best RegardsThomas
  3. Thanks for the update and thanks to PMDG + betatesters for your continous efforts for a smooth landing. :)Best RegardsThomas
  4. >AVSIM's FanCon is looming ever>nearer...not to forget the Sim Conference in Paderborn / Germany next weekend where PMDG will also be present if i'm not mistaken ;)Best RegardsThomas
  5. Of course it's always interesting to read about real word pilots' experiences, but you might want to check this page:http://www.precisionmanuals.com/comp/pages/members.htmlThose bios, not only Roberts, are an interesting read.
  6. Hi Pat,i think you bring up some interesting thoughts there butyou might want to add the following points into your thinking process:first of all i can't remember any plane that wasn't working or made compatible over the lifespan of at least 2 FS publishes.Now you're going to tell me:"But Thomas, the 747, MD-11 and NG 2.0 will all be FSX and FS9 compatible, so that makes 2 editions of FS"True...but then who can tell already how compatible or incompatible FSXI will be compared to FSX ?...i don't see MS totally revamp the engine again, but we will see.And if they do, we know what will happen: the same thing that happens now and that has always happened with any major change of engine in FS: the community is going to stick to the current versionbecause they either can't afford a new rig or don't want to drop their perfectly running current version they have put a lot of money for planes and addons in.This is btw also one of the reasons why this has become a lengthy process: i guess the decision that PMDG took to adjust to the market situation and react to the uproar in the community by making those products FS9 compatible didn't really lighten the workload coming with their roadmap.In any case it must be really tricky to work in such an unreliable environment and as no one out there has found the shop yet that sells magic crystal balls, it seems logic to me that at one point you have to make a decision about which path you want to take:You can either take the path where you put all your workforce into new products and taking advantage of all the nice things a new engine can offer and end up being one of the first with a new and improved product line or you can assign part of your workforce to recode an old product of yours to make it compatible and thereby lose precious time and workforce for new products and therefore probably end up being one of the "last" releasing a new product line.Other than that, as you're mentioning developers going out of business: do you think investing part of your small workforce into making old products compatible is going to improve your business, because correct me if i'm wrong but if i'm not mistaken the number of people out there willing to pay the full price for a plane that offers nothing new is probably rather small and it's more that everyone out there already owning the product expects the patch to be free or to receive at least a heavy discount. If you ask me, not really the bringer businesswise, when you think that you could have invested time and workforce into a completely new product line that you can sell for the full price.And to end this up: you're mentioning that PMDG's 737 is probably THE best and most popular addon for FS9 out there. Why do you think it is like that ?Yes...because PMDG is one of the not so many companies out there who tries to model a plane as accurately as the current FS engine permits, as real as it gets...and that takes of course a lot of time.And do you know what they are doing right now ?They are programming a NEW 737 which is going to be even more accurate and therefore probably even better than the already great 737 you own. Isn't that exciting ?So to sum it up: in my opinion we will end up flying PMDG's planes longer than most of the other new planes that will be released by other companies in the next couple of years. Not only because of the high quality of their products, but because PMDG decided to invest all of their time into the new engine and therefore got now a deeper understanding of its workings than most of the companies out there probably do by now and that is in my eyes an advantage that will probably also improve development time.So the way i see it: if i want to fly their great 737NG, it's there, i just need to fire up my FS9 and go fly, and while i do that PMDG is programming an even better and newer version for me to use in FSX...so to me it's a win-win situation.I might wake up one day and FSX1 will be out ? So what ? Is anyone forcing me to drop the old version as soon as the new one is out ?So far i got the most joy out of my hobby by being able to fly planes that are as accurately modeled as possible and not so much because of the world evolving around it.And i can very well understand that, probably like in real life, a deeply modeled MD-11, 737NG or 747 takes longer to develop and produce than a Cessna for example.But then that is just me...Best RegardsThomas
  7. >747!!!!!!>Where are you??!>Two days left...>>Nick :-wave Two days left ?For what ?Ooooohhh....you're referring to THAT statement ?"I would expect the 400/400F for FSX to arrive within the month. (standard disclaimer applies: if we find something wrong- we
  8. ...i'm not PMDG-support but i got some links that might help:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...35443&mode=fullhttp://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...35466&mode=fullandhttp://www.precisionmanuals.com/ProductCar...10&idproduct=16...the delay might also have been caused due to a public holiday in the US yesterday.Good luck :)Best RegardsThomas
  9. ...or you check the forums search function ;-) http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...=9336&mode=fullBest RegardsThomas
  10. Do you ever sleep ?...lolI can only agree with other posters here: great job on making us crave more and more for the release and at the same time help us killing time while doing that ;)Thanks...and once again: great job !Best RegardsThomas
  11. Excellent ! Thanks ! :)I'm looking forward flying the aircraft that comes with that painting ;)Best RegardsThomas
  12. Woot ! Great stuff !...i was waiting for that one :)Any plans for a model in new colors ?Thanks for sharingBest RegardsThomasPS: i love the dirt ! :)
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