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  1. But RSR did not say which Thursday. :)
  2. Remember, patience is a virtue. Good things happen to those who wait.
  3. In the FSUIPC5.ini file add "SB4support=No" without the quotes to the [General] section. This was on Pete Dowson's modules download page.
  4. Make sure you read the actual SID/STAR plate, a lot of them say expect radar vectors to .......
  5. I was wondering if the library email notification system has gone off line again? I was receiving the AVSIM Libraries email before I went on vacation on 10/31/15 and now I do not receive it again.
  6. I am trying to d/l the CYEG - Demonton International Airport in Prepar3D - Scenery and get the message -- Alert 421 50 users (the maximum) are already logged in, sorry.
  7. Thank you for the response. Eagerly awaiting to restart of the Daily "new files".
  8. Would like to know if this service is going to continue or not. I really appreciate the fact that this service was implemented and maintained. Thanks for all the work that is done behind the scenes.
  9. FSX-MS

    R.I.P. Tom, This community will surely miss you. My prayers are with his family at this time of grief.
  10. Tom, I am deeply saddened to hear of your bad health, the only thing that I can say is the Lord takes the good ones at a young age. My prayers are out to you and your family. Thank you for the many years that you put in here at AVSIM to give us, the community, an excellent site to communicate with each other. Again Thank you Harry Nelson
  11. I just submitted a ticket on this, the FMC shows the correct NAVDATA and i still get the message the the NAVDATA is out of date. I forwarded a picture to PMDG.
  12. Toufic, Thank you for the response, I must have missed it on the first page. Again, Thank you.
  13. I may have missed it, but , is the DC-6 going to be released for FSX or P3D? Not trying to get a problem going, just asking a question. Harry Nelson
  14. Mr. Randazzo, Now that I will have to buy a new keyboard (due to being saturated with drool), I really like the previews that you have given. I am chomping at the bit (and drooling on my keyboard) while awaiting the 777 for P3D, I can only imagine what the 747V2 is going to be like in P3D. I also cannot wait to see what the new project is (hopefully the DC-6). Thank you for these previews and I hope to see more of them.