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  1. buzzlite3

    Flights over the Southern Pacific

    If you are restricted to 180 then that would be correct. You would plan a route to remain EDTO 180. Last nights aircraft was 330 certified but planned at 290. A UPR route but close to GC.
  2. buzzlite3

    Flights over the Southern Pacific

  3. buzzlite3

    Flights over the Southern Pacific

    Yes I am aware of the location of the country I have spent most of my life in. I grew up in the south of the South Island and the 45th parallel ran right through our farm. That being the case the bulk of the country is closer to the equator than the South Pole. NZAA is in fact only S37. I certainly hope that it is still where I think it is when we drop out of the clouds on our way home from ZSPD on Saturday morning!
  4. buzzlite3

    Flights over the Southern Pacific

    Yes, ER, sorry. Typo.
  5. buzzlite3

    Flights over the Southern Pacific

    The last one used NZAA-NZCH-SCIP-SCEL-SAEZ.
  6. buzzlite3

    Flights over the Southern Pacific

    KLAX-NZAA are not really southern pacific flights, more sort of trans pacific. Of note, we try to stay out of Tahiti airspace as the user charges are very high. The main one is NZAA-SAEZ (NZ30/31) EDTO 330 with the 777-200LR. Rumour has it the 787-900 will take over this route eventually. NZAA DCT AA H372 TULMI GOKAG 45W70 48W60 51W50 53W40 55W30 56W20 56W10 55W00 5290W 4680W MON UM658 BAR UW34 BCA UW22 EZE DCT SEAZ 11:26 flight time. (UPR)
  7. buzzlite3

    B744 Cockpit Visit For Grown Man

    My advice is to ask during the flight if you can visit after landing. Pre flight is busy and there is enough distractions already. Post flight you have a excellent chance of visiting the flight deck and sitting in one of the front seats. You may miss out if the crew are busy dealing with defects or other post arrival issues that can come up. You may also miss out if the crew is tired and or grumpy. If you don't ask you don't get. Good luck
  8. buzzlite3

    ZSPD Runways

    Thanks Guys I tried the ARPT_RNWY.DAT thing and it worked. I was having the problem before and after I put in a new AFCAD to get all eight runways that are now in service as P3D only shows four runways. Yet to fly in to see how it all lines up. Cheers David Cook
  9. buzzlite3

    ZSPD Runways

    Hi Can anyone explain why the ZSPD (Shanghai) runways and SID's and STAR's won't display in the FMC DEP/ARR page? The navdata file appears to have all the runways etc Using 777-200LR P3Dv3. Cheers David Cook
  10. buzzlite3

    Blurry LCD screens in P3D v3

    Hi I have recently switched to P3D v3 which is going well so far. My only issue is that the interior of my 777 particularly the LCD screens are blurry. They are readable but not as clear as they were in FSX. If I undock them they are crystal clear, but not when docked. The rest of the flight deck is a bit fuzzy as well Does anyone have any ideas to help? Cheers David
  11. buzzlite3

    Climb speed after takeoff

    Do a normal setup, get airborne, select FLT LVL CHG, select 150 speed. (assuming you can go that slow) You would normally manoeuvre at your current flap selected retract speed above acceleration altitude.
  12. buzzlite3

    Unable to load co-routes

    Yes, I manually entered it into the 777 and then saved it. I tried to use it in the MD11 about a week later. It still works in the 777. Cheers David Cook
  13. buzzlite3

    Unable to load co-routes

    OK, So I dusted off the MD11 after playing with the 777 for a while. I tried to upload a flight plan that I saved with the 777 called KLAXEGLL001.RTE It was not found so I shifted it out of the 777 folder and placed it in the main FLIGHTPLANS folder and gave it a small .rte. It would still not load saying it was unable. From that point on if I selected an airport pair including KLAX the entire FSX would freeze. eg KLAX/EGLL Eventually I deleted the KLAXEGLL001.rte from the main folder and then I could use KLAX again. Cheers David
  14. buzzlite3


    Can someone tell me which is the best 777 add-on? particularly looking for good FMC.David
  15. buzzlite3

    FMC data, LNAV/VNAV apps and DME ARCS

    SteveYou are right it does not work, might have to change that to 4000 SPEED 220.I am having trouble with speed at other places to, like NOKAM SPEED 210 and BERMA SPEED 210.Any advice?David