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  1. PMDG,When will the paint kit be out for the Queen? Will there be a delay for the paint kit after the Queen is released?
  2. Overjump


    I think I know what you mean. The textures for the PMDG will only work with PMDG textures. You can't use Project Opensky 747 textures with the PMDG 747.
  3. She looks beautiful. I'm icthing to get it. :)
  4. It's not the 9th here yet but Happy B-Day. :D
  5. I'm a long time member there. The reason it requires 10 posts is so that people don't create new account the vote for themselves in the screenshot contests. These screenshot contest sometimes have prizes so people will try whatever to win.
  6. The site looks great so far. This means release is very close. :)
  7. Wonderful video. This one was more interesting than the first. :)
  8. Congrats to the whole PMDG team. You guys deserve it. :)
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