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  1. More likely the airbus FBW (artificial stability) kicking in
  2. MortenM

    [20JUL17] Update thread for XPL users

    Sure do Robert. Let us know if there is something we can do to help alleviate/speed things up for you porting one of your projects over.
  3. MortenM

    [20JUL17] Update thread for XPL users

    As a long time XP developer, personally I think it was a wise decision by PMDG to hold off any XP11 updates until atleast XP v 11.10. XP 11 has (as usual) been a moving target flight model wise (and other stuff). This is tradition in a new XP run which normally does not stabilize until v xx.1 or xx.2 Especially on the prop/engine side of things (DC6) things have been a work in progress for the past year. Any effort made by PMDG since XP11.0 release would mostly have been a waist of time with a very high risk of work being broken. To me it shows that PMDG sets quality and stability first, and I'm sure they had enough on their plates and better time spent on P3D in this period. Also not to mention this is their first XP project, and an early 11 release could have given them a support nightmare and bad reputation. We now after 11.1 expect things to stabilize (by experience), and XP developers now can get back in the game without a big risk of their work being broken by LR. So we now have a few years of sunshine and peace ahead, and I'm sure PMDG will be a part of it one way or the other - atleast I hope so :) M
  4. Right, on a single engine prop, the left and right side wing will have slightly different aoa depending on if the prop in front of it is moving up or down, so different lift. Also correct, a low wing aircraft will have less dihedral effect than a high wing
  5. Sounds like you are using an old IXEG version, if so update to v1.2
  6. Jcomm, we have worked with austin on this, documented and reviewed the whole ground effect on all aspects. Pitching moments, lift and drag should all be well inside the ballpark now. This is extremely complicated stuff and affects different types of aircraft differently depending on geometry, configuration etc. So what you experience will vary as in real.
  7. MortenM

    X-Plane 11.10 Beta

    If you are experiencing obvious weird behavior - especially in a beta - the first thing you should do is delete the XP prefs files and try again.
  8. MortenM

    X-Plane 11.10 Beta

    We are working with austin on the ground effect pitching moment, at this point it is uncertain if the new model will make it into 11.10
  9. Thats off course up to you, but speaking of the FMS, as you know, the FMS is much more than the FMC, it also consists and depends on several other systems like the AP, and A/T to mention a couple. They all need to interact correct, modes, sensitivity, behavior to be right. Further, and most important maybe, for the whole FMS to be anywhere realistic the flight model needs to be right to get the correct vertical profile ( lift, drag, engine performance etc etc)! So you are on very thin ice already judging how good the FMS is on any sim aircraft unless you have deep knowledge in all these areas which means you need to be an engineer - and - an in type pilot to have anywhere near an objective view of the FMS. (You off course might be, I don't know but it's not common). Sure, but it's in no way objective (which was what I reacted to in your post) it is an opinion ;) M
  10. What IS very misleading is judging an aircraft by just by parts of one system as you do. All aircraft have their strengths and weaknesses. What is important to each user also varies a lot - the list is endless - but to most users it is the overall impression that counts. Should you try to give an "objective" view, you would have investigate in huge detail each system, flight model, 3D, textures, sounds etc etc and then try to sum it up, but it still would be biased since I'm pretty sure you do not have the competence (formal education) needed in all these areas.
  11. Correct, FSX has got it very wrong according to the documentation I've seen. They have mixed up several of the effects, confusing span with chord etc. XP10 is very close, XP11 appears to have some issues, but thats most likely an unintentional bug that will get fixed. Might not even be ground effect related.
  12. This is some bug in XP11, in XP10 it works as it should (I helped LR with it). New XP versions are usually very buggy for quite a while. Austin made big changes to parts of the flight model and probably broke something.
  13. Do you mind explaining what you mean by that?
  14. MortenM

    Breaking news - FF A320!

    You are jumping to conclusions. At IXEG we have also been contacted by a couple of simulator companies wondering if we could make aircraft models using "table based" like FSX etc does. In fact since our FM is so accurate, one company assumed we already were using tables....and we off course are not. What these training sim companies usually are after on the flight model side is pitch/power accuracy (AoA/N1/IAS/ALT/Weight) since this is essential to pilot training. This is much easier to achieve with "tables" than with XP's blade element theory. But it is off course indeed possible to do also in XP - as we have proven - if you know what you are doing and have extensive data on your aircraft. The downside of using tables (unless extremely well done like the big level D-sims) is as many have noticed, you loose a lot of the dynamics, fluidness and feel. Also stability (short and long periods etc) is really hard to get right plus a few other things. Regarding this aircraft, I'm not 100% sure what exactly they do, but to me it sounds as if they are using the relatively new option in XP, the ability to ad forces. We use it as well, only very small scale in one or two cases if I recall right. Anyway, this is great news for XP, the more quality aircraft, the better, and I'm sure their flight model will be better than anything FSX/P3D has to offer :) M