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  1. Wow, they released something! Congrats PMDG. I'll pick it up when my relatively top-notch rig can come close to running FSX. For now loving the 737NG and 747 in FS9 and will continue to do so!Now back to waiting for the MD-11! (Year 10? feels like it)-Jonathan G.CYWGCanUk Scenery
  2. Ah, thanks guys.*continues waiting eagerly for MD-11*-Jonathan G.CYWG
  3. Hi there-Stumbled upon these photos while browsing the net:http://virtual.planepictures.net/show.cgi?61535http://virtual.planepictures.net/show.cgi?72075Looks an aweful lot like the PMDG MD-11. Any idea whether this is the BETA or something?-Jonathan G.CYWG
  4. Reminds me of when Level-D was about to be released around here. Excited posters are inevidible, and I see no problem with it.Frankly, I'm pretty #### antsy myself about this release:D:D.------Jonathan GabbertCYWG
  5. I'd love to see PMDG skills put into something Russian. I dunno, say, an AN-124? ....that would be the $@#* without a doubt...------Jonathan GabbertCYWG
  6. Gotta be SIA026 SIN-JFK-FRA, just flew the route IRL a few weeks ago. After that, some good 'ol Air Canada, maybe...Toronto-Frankfurt.-------Jonathan GabbertCYWG
  7. i'm gonna be playing with those sun shades for hours...------Jonathan GabbertCYWG
  8. Been lurking in these forums for quite a while now, but this is by far worth replying about! Can't wait to just sit there and watch the IRS align for 15 minutes.....one man's boredom is another man's excitement:D:DSafety is now set to OFF on my credit card...-----Jonathan GabbertCYWG
  9. Hey All. Anyone repainting the 737-600 in Westjet colours? They've got 3 firm orders to arrive in 2006.Thanks!Jonathan G.CYWG
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