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  1. Actually I have already checked. It's the use of both cards simultaneously that is causing the prbs. I sent FS9 sounds to the one card and Winamp to the other. Afterwards I was able to make the issues start and stop by starting and stopping the song in Winamp.Well bummer about the drivers. Updated they indead were, but for my system they were not.
  2. Lol! I am tempted to replace the default Robinson soundfiles with these!
  3. Hmm I suspected an IRQ conflict, but I didn't know I could change it, by switching PCI slot. According to the device properties however one uses IRQ 17 and the other 22. Plus there is no problem with -say- sending winamp output to the one card and Teamspeak (output and input) to the other. (Unless this doesn't exclude the existence of the problem. My knowledge about IRQ functionality is only basic). I just found some marginally more up-to-date drivers (still 2 years old) and I will try them now. If it doesn't work I will switch PCI slots.
  4. Will do thanks. Although I suspect it's the onboard card that is actually causing the mess.
  5. Thanks for the info.No, I don't think the fact it's a USB device changes much. I am becoming more and more convinced it's a driver problem. I'll probably look into finding an extra sound card for testing purposes.
  6. Yes, but are you using two sound cards simultaneously or just one of them at a time? Because my prb appears exclusively, when I use both of them and both their outputs are working (i.e. simulator sounds on one, VoIP the other).
  7. Anyone?I'd appreciate at least a verification that FS9 and FSX do work with 2 sound cards (if you've tried it), so that I know the problem is specific to my cards.
  8. Hello,My problem is as follows:I use 2 sound cards. A Soundblaster Audigy SE with latest drivers, which has a 5.1 sound system and a mic on it and a SoundMAX AD1985 AC'97, onboard an ASUS P4C800 M/B, with driver version 2/6/2003 (unfortunately the latest that ASUS has released) with my headphones on it.Outside FS everything appears to work fine. I have tested playing sounds in both outputs and using the mic at the same time and I've had no issues. But as soon as I launch either FS9 or FSX and both outputs are working the problems begin.In FSX the screen goes black after a while and immediately afterwards I get an "object crash" message. If I persist and reload the flight then, again after a few minutes, I get a message stating that: "0x# (hexadecimal 1) addressed memory block 0x# (hexadecimal 2). The memory cannot be read/written".In FS9 the aircraft starts bouncing backwards on the ground (like a sudden pitch up) (no input from the controls (verified through FSUIPC) and the engines off or at idle). The Cessna doesn't bounce hard enough to crash on the tarmac, so this keeps on for a while. After some time bouncing, it eventually jumps to N89'30''00, W0'00''00, 950000ft (in the normally non accessible area in the North Pole). Before this if I was using Teampeak along with FS9 the mic in teamspeak starts transmitting only a "beep".Now this may sound extremely odd, but I have tested it extensively and it is definately related to the use of 2 sound cards.Now, for starters thanks for bearing with me during the entire "essay". The questions are:1). Well, if anyone knows a solution, obviously.2). If you know any more recent drivers I can use for the AD1985 AC'97, that will work.3). If you know any hardware forums, where I can ask too.Thanks and sorry for the extensive post.
  9. Indeed, the F1ATR free update is very appreciated. F1/Hans truly have excelent support.Now if we could only get that SID/STAR editor :( (just kidding)
  10. That might do it, but it would make impossible to make any kind of changes from inside the sim. Thanks anyhow.
  11. I fly FSX with two controllers (X-52, Saitek pedals) and the program has a tendency to reset them to previous settings every time I reload the sim. I recall someone having posted a solution for this in the forum, but I can't seem to find it (tried "search"). Could anyone please post the link (or the solution). Thanks.
  12. I am 100% with you. I haven't gotten my retail version yet (due today), but in the demo, I liked it so much I practically forgot to fly the other planes. One 5min shot at the floater (beaver I think?), the mission of the crj and back to the ultraligt.
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