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  1. yos233

    FMC and Gates

    It would be simple to add the entries for some select gates if you wanted to. Go to the bottom of a certain airport's file (FSXPMDGSidstarsfile) and add :"GATES<entry>ENDGATES"to the bottom of your file if it isn't there already. Start off each gate with "GATE" and its name "B10." Then give it a set of coordinates. So for example this is a snippet of my CYYZ file:GATESGATE 0 N 43 40.63668 W 79 37.83834GATE B10 N 43 41.1 W 79 37.5ENDGATESBe sure to save your changes elsewhere in a backup as your next Navigraph download will overwrite everything.
  2. yos233

    NGX Navdata

    The NGX uses the same navdata. For the time being at least...
  3. The Earth in fact has two north poles. There is True North, which is what latitude and longitude are based on, or the grid pattern you see on a globe. The Earth rotates around this point too. But there is also a magnetic north (and south) pole, created by the swirling iron inside the Earth being slightly different than the axis of rotation. Magnetic north is about 500 miles off of true north. Magnetic north is what compasses operate off of. http://www.gcmap.com/mapui?P=82.7%b0N+114.4%b0W+-+90N+0W
  4. yos233

    PMDG 737 NGX liveries

    Its not that hard to put it in a translator.Google Translate: Many experts will make a lot of painting/coating, and we wait for PleasureSo I am assuming we can make that: There will be a lot of people [PMDG] creating liveries, while we wait for pleasure [NGX] to be released.
  5. yos233


    YAY! This thread is 2.739e8 seconds old.AKA70,694 hours4566000 minutes3171 days452.9 weeksold
  6. yos233

    VNAV not controlling speed

    Half right. All automatic features require one of the three autopilots on, no matter what. But, you can have the SPD or THR button pressed without pressing anything for lateral or vertical navigation. You can also have the VNAV button on (as you do in the picture), but you will need a steering feature of some type on, because VNAV needs to know where you are going to provide an accurate climb.In the FSX default CRJ, and maybe the 737, that was true. If speed hold was on, you didn't need the master autopilot. But you do in the 747.
  7. yos233

    VNAV not controlling speed

    You dont have the autopilot on. Click one of the three buttons in the upper-right corner. You have to engage the overall autopilot for VNAV and LNAV to work.
  8. yos233

    VNAV not controlling speed

    Perhaps a picture. What are your exact steps after takeoff?
  9. yos233

    PMDG 737 NGX liveries

    If you are willing to comprimise with simple metal winglets, just like the 47, I'd imagine a checkbox for winglets and without.
  10. You dont need to suggest a Mach. Thats what we have FMC's on LRC or Cost Index 99 for! How's it being held, online, or do pilots post block times from the FMC?