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  1. If you use the images, then you will have to estimate average winds along the trip. In the US however, there are text-based wind reports at http://aviationweath...cts/nws/winds/. Wind data at each station is given in tens of degrees, knots, and a temperature. So example text DEN 2923+05: The wind is going to be 290 at 23kts, and a temperature of +5. (PS, you can get the wind images in PDF form by clicking the blue dot instead of the number)
  2. I actually have a worldwide wind resource from NOAA. http://aviationweather.gov/iffdp/ Never be without wind again!
  3. PMDG does include with the 747 (and 737) an atomatic CG calculator. By pressing the CG button with nothing in the scratchpad, it will give you your current CG (and calculated trim),
  4. I fixed that now. Sorry for the trouble. I should note that with any complicated METAR (Like one with runway visibility) will error. A spreadsheet makes it very hard to apply different algorithms for different METARs, so I can't account for that. There are also some cases where a specific airport pair will not generate a route, giving an error. Neither of these will affect the fuel planning portion, but just be aware.
  5. Yeah, sorry about that. It's hard for me to say that it is a Google problem (plus it makes me look lazy), but it is. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, just out of normal use. I have my flight data stored in another workbook, and it is just not reading the sheet correctly. I'll do something about it. EDIT: Problem fixed. I moved my data from the separate workbook to a different sheet in the Fuel Planner workbook. It shouldn't give #REF errors anymore.
  6. I have built a calculator using the flight planning data straight from the PMDG manuals. Link to Google Docs It has some additional features like automatic distance calculations and airport weather to make the planning process a bit easier.
  7. This is a project that I did a few years ago. I solved the VHHX checkerboard IGS approach by creating a new airport (VHXX) and adding an ILS approach to a runway I hid beneath the hill. The solution works for any version of VHHX you have, or if you don't have one at all, as well as any aircraft with a radio reciever. Instructions included. Avsim won't let me upload .zip files -> Google Docs
  8. Now that Skyvector has world charts, make your own route. http://skyvector.com/
  9. Nothing. I've done it many times, you're fine.
  10. I get my wind from NOAA, http://aviationweather.gov/iffdp/. Select a location, then choose a time and altitude for a wind chart. Click the blue button for the pdf version.
  11. I might have the wrong photographs, but all the ones that I have use the tail number "N738PM," which is non-descriptive for any airline. I kept most of the old photographs in a Picasa Web Album- Here. The oldest photos by PMDG are not there because they had already been removed by AVSIM.
  12. I will bode no ill will to PMDG either way, but a discount would be nice. But then again so would some cake- To The Kitchen!
  13. I won't speak for what PMDG might or might not be able to do. But reflections go in the base FSX are incredibly poor. Go find a lake and look through the reflection for that. Sometimes (or maybe all the time?) You will see a mountain in a forest reflected, even if there is none present.
  14. Instead of using the FMC-based switch, you can alter the tail number of your aircraft. The NGX builds a file for per tail number, so if you use the same tail number it will pull the same data.
  15. I suppose you might not really need to hear this if you are rebuilding it, but I can't "see" the site. It's all black right now.
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