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  1. HelloI just upgraded to a 8800GT from a 7950GT. I am running Vista 64 bit and FSX SP1 with two monitors.After installing the 8800GT I have downloaded and installed the latest released nVidia drivers, 169.02, for the GT.Unfortunately, whith these drivers when I run FSX in full screen mode, I get bad texture corruption or a completely garbled screen. FSX runs fine tough in windowed it a common issue with forceware 169.02? What are the best nVidia 8800GT drivers right now to use with Vista and FSX?In the past I had such a hard time finding a good nvidia driver for the 7950GT that worked well with FSX/FS2004... seems like it's going to be the same story with the 8800GT. thanks all!
  2. shiloh

    Wilco 777 Airways in FMS?

    Thanks MikeI was aware of that. I was not expecting the same level of system simulation as 767PIC or other more complex simulation. However I have seen the mention on many websites that the 777 FMS was supposed to at least support airways. Even in the manual, in the sample flight description, they mention entering aiways in the FMS (without explaining it but I dont care I know how). So I was expecting at least airways support in the FMS which, in the end, do not seems to be implemented in the retail products.
  3. shiloh

    Wilco 777 Airways in FMS?

    I have come to the conclusion that the 777 FMS does not support airways. Can someone confirm if that's true or not?
  4. HelloI just bought the Wilco/Feelthere 777 for FSX. Just realized that Feelthere doesnt support it anymore throught it's forum and I was not able to get an answer from Wilco. So hopefully someone here can give me a hand.Somehow I cant enter an airways in my flight plan into the FMS. In the past I have used extensively FMS of 767PIC and PSS Airbus 320 so I am used to FMS. Basically I enter my first direct waypoint into the FMS then try to enter a jetroute (J546 for example) in the VIA LSK for my next waypoint and I always get a "Invalid Entry" MSG. I have updated my navdata and made sure that the airway I am trying to enter is valid and in the database. any tips on getting these to work?thanks
  5. I have tried them too. FS does not hang anymore when switching to full screen with undocked windows on both monitor but I still get texture corruptions when doing so. it's back to 77.77 for me.that's with a 6800GT by the way.Marc
  6. Same issue here with a 6800GT. I stick to driver version 78.01 for now even if other applications I use have issues fixed in newer versions. Has anyone checked on how we can submit the issue to nvidia?
  7. I have a two monitor setup and have experienced the same lockup you describe with all of the 8x.xx driver (except the very latest). I didnt dare to try the latest driver yet because it's a real pain having to rollback and recreate all of my nvidia settings.I have a 6800GT.based on your feedback, I guess I will wait for another driver revision again.Marc
  8. I just found the gamepad I was refering to in my first post. you can see there is a small slider at the top right which serve for the throttle plus the two analog thumbstick. I think I am going to try that and see what we can manage out of it.Marc
  9. Hello,does anyone has a good recommendation for a small but practical joystick to carry while on travel?So I could kill some hotel evening time flying on my laptop when I spend long time on the road.a couple of years ago, I remember seing a sort of gamepad with two analog thumbstick and an analog slider that could be used for the throttle but I cant remember/find it nowadays. I think that could have dont the job.Thanks all.