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  1. The only one I know about is a FS2002 2D panel by PAD, which will work in FS2004. Search for: sd36acc2.zip
  2. Premier Aircraft Design also has a good freeware model of the DHC-6 both for FS9 and FSX.
  3. Cannot be done using the data files in FSNav. I believe you would have to write the XML code to place those waypoints, and then convert to a bgl file.There is a file available here on NAT waypoints, search for: nat_v.4.0.zip
  4. I have ver X2. It will not read DXT format. Have to use DXTBmp or FSPaint to convert them.
  5. no, that is the newest.
  6. It is available as part of the Ellsworth AFB package from MAIW available here. The aircraft is by Nick Black. Look for file:maiw_ellsworth_afb_221720.zip
  7. Henry Tomkiewicz hosts Dee Waldron's AI Models.They may be found at:http://htaimodels.com/downloads/dwai/fs_projects/
  8. Have you checked out the sceneries by John Stinstrom available here and other sites. He has added many blimp sceneries as they were in WWII, to include Santa Ana, which I believe is what you are looking for at Tustin?
  9. Spencer,Well too bad you state you cannot figure out TTools. :-( It has good instructions, and IMO essential to working with AI.The Retro AI group, has all the plans for retro carriers that you need, and they are categorized by decade. http://www.retroai.org/Another retro group is California Classics: http://www.retroai.org/However, you have to know how to find, download, and install aircraft. You have to be able to make sure airports they fly to have parking spots, etc. ( ie. be able to use AFCAD, SGX or AFX), and you have to understand TTools.The groups you mention such as WOI, Project AI and MAIW, etc. all do great work in turning out packages. I like and use many of them myself. However, they are all volunteers, and generally will not take requests, and they will not give progress reports, until the packages are released.Again in my opinion, if you want to get your sim working the way you want it to, you will have to learn about the utilities/tools available to help you; study the tutorials, and answers on the forums, and then I am sure you can get help to specific questions on the many forums available. There really are not many shortcuts!Good luck and happy flight simming! :-beerchug
  10. Also note that a number of links at the aardvark site have an extra space at the end of the file name, and thus will not be found on the link to www.avsim.com. Just take out the last blank space, and they will pop up!
  11. yes elevation can be a problem in some areas depending on what mesh you are using. If you posted a scenery you would have to state it was for default, whatever. In some areas, such as an elevated pad on an oil rig out on the ocean, well, should work regardless.Do not think that afcad will do the job for you? The part I saw was a direct but simple xml code. Let me see if I can get that link to the direct post.http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/show...ghlight=helipadIf not, a PM to me of your email, and I can send you a copy of the tutorial.
  12. Manny,See you have not gotten an answer. First, I am not running FSX, so not sure if the solution is the same as in FS9. In FS9 you basically have to create a small airport runway at the helipad level to make the hardened surface necessary to land the helicopter.See the following thread:http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforum...threadid=51071Hope this helps you,
  13. Paul is doing a redesign of that scenery. I have no idea when he will have it ready.Rick
  14. A scenery was done for FS9 of both fields by Mike Magner. You can do a search here on www.avsim.com
  15. You are welcome! :-)It was just blind luck I think on my part. Still cannot understand why it just started up a couple weeks ago. Only thing I can think of, is some automatic update to the browser from MS caused a change in the security settings?Anyway, like you, I am just happy to enjoy the d/l's again.One interesting thing, I had not been able to get into the Avsim forums for more then a year, using IE6, no matter what I tried, change passwords, make sure cookies were set, security settings, etc. etc.Lo and behold, I see your post on problem d/l which also just popped up on my machine, also. So I thought, I would try to post again. It had been so long I had to look up my passwords and username. When I got in using IE7, I was amazed! Well, good luck! These computers can drive you crazy sometimes! :-lolRick
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