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  1. Alf,under vista and Windows7 you need to put the .dll into the \WINDOWS\syswow64 folder, not the system32 folder.Regards,................Adrian19
  2. Hey, hasn't anyone put this into 2010 yet
  3. Hi everyone, I am in the process of planning/building a simpit based loosely on the BAe ARJs and have a question. Is there a program (free or payware) that will display FS panels on networked computers via WideFS or similar, as most of the "remote" panels/gauges that I have found are for 1 and 2 engined aircraft (not 4). And when I do find engine instruments for 4 engines they don't really fit the aircraft. Thanks in advance, Adrian W.
  4. Hi Guys, forget the above post, I've found the problem. It's in the A/C speed in Aircraft.txt. I tried a default A/C that flew in no problem, and when I changed it back (using AITM) the 146s flew in also without a hitch. The only thing that had changed was the A/C speed. Just a final thought is that some of these AI flightplans were downloaded from Avsim, MRAI etc., can't you guys test these things out before uploading? Anyway at least I'm no longer flying in the 24th century :-spacecraftBeam me up Scotty
  5. Hi, I have added some AI commercial flights into French regional airports i.e. Flybe, Ryan, Easy etc. into LFBL, LFBE, LFBD, LFBO ...etc. the smaller airports have had parking added where required. Aircraft range from DH8s to BAe 146s. Now for the problem... If I wait at one of the smaller airports the aircraft just appears in its parking spot at the aproximate arrival time, it doesn't fly to the airport, whereas if I follow the A/C from it's departure Airport it takes-off, flies its whole leg, lands, taxis and parks. This problem doesn't present itself with the larger airports such as LFBD, LFBO, only the smaller ones, LFBE, LFBX etc. I've checked the AFCADs for the airports and can find no anomalies, is it the Runway length? If so why do the aircraft fly the legs and land when I follow them? Can anyone explain this ???P.S. I've checked the AI flightplans and there is more than ample time to fly the leg, park etc. before the next leg. I even set up one aircraft on it's own with at least 8hrs between legs to do EGSS - LFBE -EGSS , with exactly the same result, if I wait at the airport the A/C just appears like magic at it's parking spot !!! Thanks in advance
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