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  1. Thanks. I was looking for something to create bumpy effect on the wing
  2. Hello! Does anyone knows of any addon to create realistic wing effect during turbulence? maybe that depens in the model and its not possible to change... I was looking to the following video (minute 5:20) and maybe anyone knows how add or create realistc effect. Thanks
  3. I also have Pilots LEST. I was looking for LECO. thanks anyway
  4. Thanks! I knew that one! I was looking for something better...
  5. Hi all, Does anyone knows a LECO (A Coruña,Spain) scenery for P3D5? TDM Scenery Design started with the creation, but they only release the MSFS version. Looking forward long time ago for this scenery! Thanks All!
  6. Yes! Ill give a try to texutre optimizer. So I can reduce textures. Thanks all
  7. Thabks. I have 2048, not that high. problem comes from scenery.
  8. Hi all, I always have Memory Crash in PILOTs LEST Santiago de Compostela. Always. Is the only scenery that I have this issue. Is it possible to reduce the texture quality of the compleate scenery? I remember in FS9 there was a program to reduce the texture quality of a folder. Thanks all
  9. Hi! now it looks much more fluid. but the problem comes with colors. Now I’ve been more than one hour trying to manage the colors: brightness, gamma…some of them are a bit “vibrating”. im trying to get the perfect color with NCP and with TV imagen settings… big challenge . Do you know how to get them perfect? Thanks
  10. Tomorrow I’ll go for it and I will keep u update. Thanks a lot for your help
  11. I’m using Samsung series 7. Usually I have block the fps at 30. Sometimes I go town to 20 or 10, specially at nigh with dynamic lighting.
  12. Hi all, I’m running P3D with my GTX 1080, and I’m planning to update. Running a 4K 65” tv as a monitor. Good FPS but sometimes they drop. I think it’s too much screen for a 1080. Could you help me with a nice price/quality replace. thanks all!
  13. I don’t know why all other developers don’t include this in their models. FsLabs does and the aircraft works excellent in terms of performance.
  14. Hi all, I was wodnering if there is any addon for P3D that include internal sounds as FsLabs does. Ive try PMDG, iFly, Aerosft, but all of them only have internal sounds in the cockpit. FsLabs is the only addon out there that have internal real sound form the cabin. When you go for the wing view or any other angle inside the cabin you listen to the external sounds. Is there any way to fix this? Or maybe other aicraft out there that also includes the internal sounds? Thanks
  15. Hi! Im having issue with P3D V5. I have Trackir Pro and works fine in "Cockpit view" but when i go for the Virtual Cockpit it doesnt works. I have enable the TrackIr in camera presets, advanced... any help? thanks
  16. Hi all! Im running Nvidia 516.94 on my 1080. I´ve checked that the last version is 531.79. Anyone running last version can confirm stable version? Should I update? Thanks all
  17. Hi all, I´m having issue with LHBP Terminal II WIZZAIR RYR PIER . At night the frames drop down due to de Dynamic Light. Only happen in PIER at night, when I go to other terminal the frames go back to normal. Any help? Thanks
  18. Ok. I will uninstall the scenery and then install again.
  19. Thanks. Will also check that.
  20. I think you can install in scenery.cfg via AO. There is an option for installation in the scenery.cfg. I’ll give a try later on.
  21. I don’t have any one in orange. The one below are from pther sceneries. Not uk2000. Sometimes I deseable few of them to help P3D to load faster. in the other hand I have exactly like yours. Common library below all UK2000. You suggest to transfer all uk2000 and common library to scenery.cfg? Instead of xml? Thanks all for your help!
  22. I dont have any AI traffic installed.
  23. Ok, Ive reinstalled LUTON, Stansted, and same problem. I Installed them in xml format, not in the scenery.cfg. Common Library at the end. it's frustrating not being able to find the problem again problem persist while loading those airports. see attached:
  24. Problem still there. I’ve reinstalled scenery, library and nothing new. Don’t know why, but it doesn’t happen with others. I flew today between Belfast, Newcastle and Bristol. All from UK2000 without any problems, but other like Luton, Stansted… still having problems. it stuck at 5% of scenery loading. I’ve deactivated those sceneries…
  25. ill check with common library, and will see. No result after reinstalling.
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