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  1. I'll have to agree with you FINXPAS. Saying they're two different worlds is like saying Oncology is a whole different world from Medicine. To that I say, "Huh?".
  2. You guys do realize that a hobby is something you're supposed to actually *enjoy*, right?
  3. Despite extensive usage, I've not experienced a single bug or crash of any kind in P3Dv2 since the day it was launched. Methinks the Hyperbole Express has just pulled into the station.
  4. Since the rest of this entire thread is disgraceful, I insist we stay on the topic of kayaking.
  5. I always wonder why when people loudly proclaim they've "given up" on a game, you often find them still active in the forums for the game they supposedly gave up on. Doesn't make much sense to me. Got your refund? Congratulations. Why are you still here? Honestly, I can't wait for all the people berating P3D and the devs to *actually* give up and leave. Then maybe those of us who are enjoying the sim and looking forward to its future can finally do so without someone constantly trying to kick sand into our cereal bowls.
  6. Strange, I haven't had any issues whatsoever with using the A2A C172. I did however use the updated Estonia Migration Tool, so not sure if perhaps that makes a difference.
  7. Oh look, another licensing discussion. I really don't understand the need to convene a morality committee anytime a developer drafts a new EULA. How about everyone just keeps their own purchasing decisions to themselves and cut the AVSIM staff a break?
  8. Slow down, cowboy. I have nothing but sympathy toward anyone who is ill, so stop over-dramatizing what I said. I merely stated that if you have thousands of people waiting on news from you about a new or existing product, there's no excuse in 2013 for not being able to find 30 seconds in over 14 months to type a message somewhere...anywhere. And as for 1.17, there's a boatload of people who have been having issues with the product they paid for that have gone completely unresolved, so walking away from a product isn't as cut and dried as you seem to believe it should be. If you leave paying customers with no support, and no communication, much less delegate those tasks to someone else, people have reason to be upset. I certainly wish the man well, but let's be real here.
  9. Alrighty then, in that case, just completely ignore me :lol:
  10. ENB is a dx9 post-processing graphics enhancement mod. It does not install any textures.
  11. Fact is, in this day and age, unless he's in a coma, anyone can get a message out to their customers (or potential customers) who have been waiting patiently a long time that says, "Hey everyone, I'm suffering from some health issues, so development of this product is postponed until I can recover". Between email, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and the internet at large, there's literally no excuse for not being able to communicate a simple status update in 2013. Being dead is about the only exception. Even that excuse will probably disappear once Google launches their new ultra-secret project, "Beyond The Grave Online".
  12. Nothing to see here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSjK2Oqrgic No helpful info there. Basically nothing but the sound of crickets chirping since 2012 from the developer, and we're fast approaching 2014. I'm ready to call it vaporware.
  13. The reason some of us didn't have all of the HD videos downloaded already is because we gave up a long time ago. From the time the PMDG 737 launched, it was something like 11 months before they got out the first video that even began to tell you how to start the thing up. While people were clamoring for content that teaches them to fly their new toy, these guys were spending all their time on videos about the 737's fire extinguisher system, which isn't even modeled in the sim. Great background material maybe for AFTER you teach people what they really wanted and paid for. I'm pretty sure it was a year and change before you finally got to see your first intro flight. It was ridiculous. I don't know about you guys, but when a new PMDG aircraft comes out, the last thing I want to do is have it gathering dust in my virtual hangar for an entire year before I learn how to fly it. So like many people, I decided to learn the 737 from the many excellent, free tutorials that began popping up on Youtube almost immediately after launch, some from real NGX pilots. Then I would log in every 6 months and see if there was anything new to download, usually shake my head in dismay, then move on. Fast forward 2 years, and I'm not even sure the 737 training is complete yet. I only stopped in after this alarming new policy change to grab the last of the videos I didn't have so I can leave that site and never come back. Don't get me wrong, what the guys under Chris actually did do was commendable work, and I'm sure they did their best under the circumstances, but the $80 I spent on that training was literally the only flightsim purchase I've ever regretted. I'll never again buy a product "on faith" that isn't developed yet. Makes me wonder what the 777 training customers are in for. Some of their links have been broken for months and no one bothered to fix them until now, only after people have been screaming in their forums about the new policy deadline for grabbing them.
  14. If you're through playing the internet police, I'll repeat myself - we purchased the content. We have been allowed to download the lessons for the last 2 years. Now we have 7 days to download everything before they pull the plug and make you pay a subscription fee. Hence, at this moment, we can do whatever we like to obtain those videos. That includes either a straight download, a browser plugin, or whatever our little hearts desire. Clear? Deciding after the fact that you don't want to honor what you sold to people, especially for a fairly hefty fee, is bad business. Regardless of your interpretation, we are entitled to precisely what we paid for.
  15. It's not illegal, we purchased the content in the first place. The problem is, we suddenly won't have access to local downloads of the lessons after one week, a feature we all paid for in the first place, unless we now ante up an additional subscription fee. Like $80 wasn't enough. This is of course after most of us have been waiting...what...since sometime in 2011 for him to finish the 737 training we paid for? That guy should be giving us free stuff for our patience, not taking away things we in fact paid for.
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