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  1. Slow down, cowboy. I have nothing but sympathy toward anyone who is ill, so stop over-dramatizing what I said. I merely stated that if you have thousands of people waiting on news from you about a new or existing product, there's no excuse in 2013 for not being able to find 30 seconds in over 14 months to type a message somewhere...anywhere. And as for 1.17, there's a boatload of people who have been having issues with the product they paid for that have gone completely unresolved, so walking away from a product isn't as cut and dried as you seem to believe it should be. If you leave paying customers with no support, and no communication, much less delegate those tasks to someone else, people have reason to be upset. I certainly wish the man well, but let's be real here.
  2. Fact is, in this day and age, unless he's in a coma, anyone can get a message out to their customers (or potential customers) who have been waiting patiently a long time that says, "Hey everyone, I'm suffering from some health issues, so development of this product is postponed until I can recover". Between email, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and the internet at large, there's literally no excuse for not being able to communicate a simple status update in 2013. Being dead is about the only exception. Even that excuse will probably disappear once Google launches their new ultra-secret project, "Beyond The Grave Online".
  3. Nothing to see here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSjK2Oqrgic No helpful info there. Basically nothing but the sound of crickets chirping since 2012 from the developer, and we're fast approaching 2014. I'm ready to call it vaporware.
  4. Are you guys actually complaining that EZCA offers too many features? I know that can't possibly be what I'm reading here. Enjoy the product, and please keep your mouths shut before Marniftarr gets the idea that he's giving you too much value for your money!
  5. Yes, it does. That's why the file that I use from Avsim, and others like the one NickN posted on the Flight1 forums work especially well for triple monitor setups, because the size of the actual "light points" has been reduced. Took me quite awhile before I settled on what I liked. Luckily it's not difficult or tedious to try out the various options, just a quick file swap or changing lines in the FSX.cfg. In the end you just have to try a few different ones and decide what looks best for you.
  6. The file that I recommended has deliberately been reduced in size for those with triple monitor setups, since (at least with the TH2Go) the halo.bmp tends to look quite enlarged which makes the runways resemble a 500-gigawatt lamp festival. Alternately, ORBX offers a lighting utility that allows you to select among several different sizes and shapes, but I forget which product(s) it is bundled with. Ultimately my favorite solution was the one I outlined above. I'm a real world pilot and though relatively inexperienced next to some others around here, it looks convincing enough for me. Find what works for you and let us know what is your preferred "recipe"!
  7. I might be able to help. I have a Triplehead2Go digital setup with 3 monitors, and the lights go way out of scale until you change them. Here's what I do, and hopefully you will achieve the same results: 1. If you own UTX, set the size of the lights in the UTX frontend to 25% brightness. 2. Download and install the file "th2go_new_lights" from the Avsim file library 3. Add the following settings under the [DISPLAY] heading of your FSX.cfg file: RUNWAY_LIGHTS_APPROACH_SCALAR=0.8 RUNWAY_LIGHTS_STROBE_SCALAR=1.0 RUNWAY_LIGHTS_SURFACE_SCALAR=1.3 RUNWAY_LIGHTS_VASI_SCALAR=0.8 Here's what my lights look like now (sorry the runways aren't closer in the picture): Obviously you can adjust the settings as you see fit, but I'm quite happy with what I have at the moment. Good luck, GG
  8. I don't think they'll exactly stroll into the office and the first thing they'll do is hit a "release" button.
  9. Thanks for the heads-up...I've been waiting anxiously for this one!Regards,GG
  10. I could have sworn Vista has a similar feature built in, where you could view running processes in much more detail than Task Manager and determine which to shut down. At least I know Vista Ultimate has it.I'll have to go look, but I'm almost positive about that.GG
  11. >Sheesh, Bill makes a mistake, get's reprimanded, and then>folks come out of the woodwork...don't we all have some flying>to do:-)LMAO! Yes we do.And yes, I vote for a lock too.
  12. >>There may be something I'm not getting, but this seems heavy>to me considering he was ultimately just trying to help the>guy out. >The sig was added after the fact.Feel free to stop me if I'm wrong here, but Bill essentially reprimanded the OP for voicing his opinion here on the AVSIM forums rather than specifically going to Eaglesoft's developers for assistance first (whatever that means). That's not a very helpful gesture, nor is his tone particularly courteous.This is a flight simming community, and everyone here has a right to voice their opinions, both good and bad, concerning payware releases. We all rely on the opinions of other people here so that we can make better buying decisions ourselves.Whether or not we choose to voice those opinions here or in the forums of the original developer is our prerogative, and not a breach of any consumer etiquette that I'm aware of.I don't see a need to elaborate any further.GG
  13. >Tom,>>I've got to respectfully disagree with you. Bill cleatly>states in his original message:>>"I'm extremely disappointed that you apparently haven't>registered at OUR support forums to seek answers directly from>US - THE DEVELOPERS.>Caps added for emphasis).>>I think Bill made his affiliation quite clear. There is no>ambiquity whatsoever.>>-RickYes, but how many statements has Bill made on these forums without his affiliation being explicitly clear? For the dueling PhD's around here, that's a rhetorical question, mind you :)I think Tom's stance is completely reasonable. The people here rely on the opinions of others on this forum for their buying decisions, as it should be in any good community. For a developer of payware products, full disclosure should be absolutely compulsory at all times.My 2 pennies.GG
  14. That's almost as silly as reviving a month-old thread to make a comment to someone who is no longer a member of this forum :-)
  15. >> I got a better one! My wife works for the government and>when they decommision a computer they use a floppy to boot the>computer which then runs a program from the floppy which wipes>clean the hard drive. She was making a copy of the floppy to>CD using my computer last week and inadvertenly left it in my>computer.... You guessed it!Wow....wiped out your hard drive....that's grounds for divorce! :-lol"Yes your honor, perhaps the alimony we're requesting may sound unreasonably high....but your honor, the defendant is responsible for deleting the plaintiff's Flight Simulator 2004 installation, WITH ADDONS!"GG
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