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  1. I think is a bug, happened to me, restarted the flight and it was ok (was like the wonder woman's jet... invisible, only the nav lights were visible)
  2. word not allowed, that worked... thanks
  3. ok, now one question... how do I access to the insider's forum? I login to forums.flightsimulator.com but I can see only the public forum, that is also closed
  4. Got my alpha and downloading!!! great!!
  5. with xbox game pass subscription you can play all the games they have in the store, you can also buy the game and cancel the subscription
  6. probably is refered to the airline company livery, not the paintkit
  7. Hi, I can't login anymore to the flightsimulator.com, signed for alpha the day 1, then I was not in any of the alpha stages, but now I can't login anymore. Anyone else? thanks
  8. ahahahahahahahahah this is just RIDICOULUS!!!!!! we have to pay to have a moving map or a view?? are the landing gears and flaps still free or we will have to pay for this also? you DTG killed this sim some time ago.... good job....
  9. agree.. better nothing than another copy of fsx, doing that we will never move on....
  10. my opinion? beat me if you want, but I think FSX is dead, and anything that will be built on it is OLD. There are so many engines out there to build up a new sim, costs money I know, but trying to resurrect FSX more times again for me it's a fail. There is already another FS based on FSX that people is enjoing...
  11. born??? it's the same OLD FSX with some shaders added, worse FPS, same FSX bugs, nothing new
  12. I think the problem is that most of us are disappointed because DTG come here with announcements and promises, and never showed something. You know what all this remind me? No Man's Sky....
  13. agree, sadly but I agree
  14. Aimee, how future are those plans? weeks? months? years? I mean, can we expect some news soon or DTG FS is a vaporware?
  15. they are fighting with denuvo sht to make it work and not run the Flightsim at 1-FPS
  16. you know they are just using FSX and maybe adding some scenario like orbx? you guys still believe this will be a new sim?
  17. albx

    Dovetail Live

    you are welcome... anyway I believe that the DTG Flight sim (if there will be one) will be a big disappointment... not only for me I believe...
  18. The update is available here http://www.fsinsider.com/Downloads/
  19. I don't believe so.. what will you have with DX-10?? new shaders? you'll have a new card more powerful of the today's cards... but i don't want a more powerful engine in my car only because she have square wheels.. I hope ACES can learn that a new engine for FS is needed... How can be so fast other games like Battlefield 2142 with my hardware and i can't decent run the demo of fsx? (please don't say the first is a FPS with a small map and the other is a Flight Simulator, i'm not looking 1000 miles away in the airport sitting on the runway, just at some buildings and the fps are so low...) again i say that the demo is small enough.. not the whole earth.. and no traffic... what's wrong to want a flyable flight simulator? I think that with the today's hardware it can be possible...Alberto
  20. The demo was a only 2 islands, no planes traffic, animals.. nothing at all and it was still slow... maybe something is wrong with fsx? i still think it doesn't have nothing new and it's just the same old fs with a retouched graphic... maybe after all this years we need something new and not the same old things...Alberto
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