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  1. I tried that, but I have to log in to submit a support ticket. Since I cannot log in... Catch22 I realised that I had to register for this. Ticket lodged.
  2. I tried to log into my PMDG account, but I constantly get the message The login information you provided was not found in our database. Please try again or use the password reminder tool to retrieve a lost password. I am sure that my password is correct as I have save it in KeePass. When I request a password reminder, the email address is valid and the password returned is exactly the same I had saved. Anybody else with this problem? Regards Eberhard
  3. I also have this problem. Only the pilot's door opens and closes, and none of the others. I am running SP2 and not Acceleration.
  4. Thanks for this wonderful add-on.Much appreciated - I am busy downloading ;)Eberhard------------------------------------Eberhard Haberkornhttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/betatester.jpghttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/proudsupporter.jpg
  5. Thanks, I thought so, but had to ask ;). Oh well, then this instrument cannot be done in FS.Eberhard------------------------------------Eberhard Haberkornhttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/betatester.jpghttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/proudsupporter.jpg
  6. Hi PatrickSorry for being so vague.I am looking for a XML paramter in FS9.RegardsEberhard------------------------------------Eberhard Haberkornhttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/betatester.jpghttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/proudsupporter.jpg
  7. These instruments from EI realy challenge me ... and you.Does anybody know, whether there is a parameter for Turbine Outlet Temperature?I could not find anything in the SDKs from MS.Did I miss something?Eberhard------------------------------------Eberhard Haberkornhttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/betatester.jpghttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/proudsupporter.jpg
  8. Thanks for your answers. I'll check them out, whether this will work for my instrument.Eberhard------------------------------------Eberhard Haberkornhttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/betatester.jpghttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/proudsupporter.jpg
  9. I've got a coding question regarding the statement.In my eraly programming days with Turbo and Borland Pascal you could expand the statement with a range, i.e. .Is this possible in XML? I've tried it, but it seems not to work.Here is a code snippet (A:TURB ENG1 N2, rpm) etc. further code here I would like to do away with the redundancy by not repeating code. My idea is a follows: (A:TURB ENG1 N2, rpm) etc. further code hereIs this possible. It did not work for me. I'll appreciate some help on this idea.Eberhard------------------------------------Eberhard Haberkornhttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/betatester.jpghttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/proudsupporter.jpg
  10. Hi Janthanks for your answer. I thought it might be percent, as per the parameters doc. I thought I could display RPM here, since I have used as the real gauge N1 displayed as percent. I thought it might be possible to display RPM as well.Oh, well if it does not work, I'll accept it.Thanks for your answer.Eberhard------------------------------------Eberhard Haberkornhttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/betatester.jpghttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/proudsupporter.jpg
  11. I am currently still busy with my range of instruments form EI. My question this time is to get the correct value or string for TURB ENG N2.I have installed my gauge into the Cessna 208 and my current value for N2 shows 6, while the value of N1 shows 70% RPM. At full throttle the reading for N1 is 101.3% while N2 shows a value of 10 RPM.I have seen in my gauge folder that certain gauges use the value ((A:TURB ENG1 N2, rpm) 39 * ). I've tried that but it does not work.Any suggestions how to get the correct value for N2? Eberhard------------------------------------Eberhard Haberkornhttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/betatester.jpghttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/proudsupporter.jpg
  12. Thats true, reapinting is great fun. You actually need a good painting programme (like Paintshop Pro, Corel Draw or the most expensive and the best programme on the market Adobes Photoshop), that can handle layers, which make things a lot easier for you. Layers help you to change things without interfering with the rest of your paintjob. If you, for example put your text on one layer, you can change it, without having to be careful in erasing the wonderful fuselage paint you have done. But as Don has mentioned go to simmerspaintshop for great ideas and tutorials.Eberhard------------------------------------Eberhard Haberkornhttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/betatester.jpghttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/proudsupporter.jpg
  13. I have found that the following code works well to display the Hobbs time.((A:GENERAL ENG ELAPSED TIME:1, hours) )%!04.1f!It does actually display the time as 02.4, that is the comparison I had with the counter on the Default Cessna 182.Eberhard------------------------------------Eberhard Haberkornhttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/betatester.jpghttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/proudsupporter.jpg
  14. Hi JanThank you again for your help. Your tips work very well. I am so happy. The engine time in your code differs from the time on the default Cessna counter. Latter displays 1.8 and the digital read out displays 60.The next thing I need to figure out is the flight time counter.I appreciate your help.Thanks and regardsEberhard------------------------------------Eberhard Haberkornhttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/betatester.jpghttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/proudsupporter.jpg
  15. >Firstly you will need to download the Software Development>Kits (SDK) from Microsoft. As the FS2004 site is now archived>its hard to find.. the best place to get the SDKs are from>http://files.fsnordic.net/Flight_Simulator...cellaneous/SDK/>> >You'll specifically need the Panels & Gauges SDK. > >>Good Luck > >Regards > >Jim >Hi JimI've been looking for the FS2004 SDK. Thanks for this tip. :)RegardsEberhard------------------------------------Eberhard Haberkornhttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/betatester.jpghttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/proudsupporter.jpg
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