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  1. Eberhard

    Cannot log into my account

    I tried that, but I have to log in to submit a support ticket. Since I cannot log in... Catch22 I realised that I had to register for this. Ticket lodged.
  2. I tried to log into my PMDG account, but I constantly get the message The login information you provided was not found in our database. Please try again or use the password reminder tool to retrieve a lost password. I am sure that my password is correct as I have save it in KeePass. When I request a password reminder, the email address is valid and the password returned is exactly the same I had saved. Anybody else with this problem? Regards Eberhard
  3. Eberhard

    Best FSX addons

    Any PDMG is great (NGX, MD-11 and JS-41 Carenado GA REX+overdrive to give me great cloud textures and good real time weather Orbx Scenery is a must.
  4. Eberhard

    04MAR12: SP1c Released for full NGX product range.

    Thanks for the update! Installation worked like a charm.
  5. Eberhard

    Secret Project #1: This one is a classic!

    Wow! Stunning shot. Looking really forward to this aircraft!
  6. Eberhard

    Secret Project #1: This one is a classic!

    Great shots, Henning. Were those pics taken at Eros?Here are some pics I took in 2004 at an airshow, as I wanted to make a repaint for the CalClassic DC-6.
  7. Eberhard

    Secret Project #1: This one is a classic!

    This is fantastic news. This one is definitely for me! Would be great to see the "Bateleur" livery!
  8. Eberhard

    Door Manager

    I also have this problem. Only the pilot's door opens and closes, and none of the others. I am running SP2 and not Acceleration.
  9. Eberhard

    Kenmore Air Caravan

    Thanks for your reply.
  10. Eberhard

    Kenmore Air Caravan

    Sorry to bother you Bill. Do you use the standard white template provided by Carenado, or have you created your own PSD template for this bird? If so would you opart with it and share it with me/us? Much appreciaed if you do.
  11. Eberhard

    Kenmore Air Caravan

    Lovely repaint, Bill.I spent some time with the paintkit and had quite a few challenges myself. I don't understand why they have flipped the middle section horizontally. It would be great, if Carenado would supply a PSD paintkit.
  12. Thanks for this wonderful add-on.Much appreciated - I am busy downloading ;)Eberhard------------------------------------Eberhard Haberkornhttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/betatester.jpghttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/proudsupporter.jpg
  13. Thanks, I thought so, but had to ask ;). Oh well, then this instrument cannot be done in FS.Eberhard------------------------------------Eberhard Haberkornhttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/betatester.jpghttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/proudsupporter.jpg
  14. Hi PatrickSorry for being so vague.I am looking for a XML paramter in FS9.RegardsEberhard------------------------------------Eberhard Haberkornhttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/betatester.jpghttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/proudsupporter.jpg
  15. These instruments from EI realy challenge me ... and you.Does anybody know, whether there is a parameter for Turbine Outlet Temperature?I could not find anything in the SDKs from MS.Did I miss something?Eberhard------------------------------------Eberhard Haberkornhttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/betatester.jpghttp://www.focusthink.com/~weather-maker/proudsupporter.jpg