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  1. Hi Sascha I never herd that Novi Sad have airport and I dough that ICAO LYNS exist. All Serbian Airports that are ever published can be find on SCGAvsim http://www.scgvacc.net/airports/ Reg Alek
  2. Hi again Yes its help`t me thank you weary much. If I could ask one more thing , can you please wright here what to put in batch file exactly. I will appreciate that. :smile: I have a one more question. What LOD should it represent if I put TERRAIN_MAX_VERTEX_LEVEL=25. I have so this in some of your posts, in which you recommend that settings Thank you in advance Alex
  3. Hi Sasha where I can find that setting in cfg file. When i search the file i haven't find any mimmap bias settings named like this
  4. >Nick,>> Once you did help me to install nHancer to my PC. I recently>got Dell XPS 420 Q6600 8800 GT Graphic cart. Since last week I>am trying install nHancer back to my new PC. No luck.. I>searched forums, guidance and I tried most of them ,some>reason it is not happening.>>Please see my latest NHancer file format.>>Will you please advise, what am I doing wrong. One strange>thing is happening every time when I install/reinstall>Nhancer, same check marks are appearing. I am nor getting>clean install of nHancer file??>You will see in left side there are changes I made in games>profile. Even I deleted all the NHancer files, in new install>they are coming back.>Thanks>Sanal>>THURN VERTICAL SYNC TO OFF AND REINSTAL ALL DRIVERS (WITH DRIVER CLEANER) AND THEN INSTALL ENHANCER AGAINTHURN VERTICAL SYNC TO OFF IF IT IS ON
  5. That symptom could happened if you overclocked graphic card ore processor due to system instability
  6. Hi to allI have experience a problem with default airplanes in FSX In B 737 800 1.I don
  7. INTERESTING PERFORMANCE ISHUEI have noticed a very odd performance issue with a view mode, and same problem (problem in simulation) occurred in booth versions FS2004 and FSX.Recently I have installed a small program from flight one cold FS VEW UTILITY fore FS2004 and same thing is default option in FSX when pressing space bare on the keyboard and move mouse. When I do a pan in outside view my FPS increase very much in booth sim, almost double and in much crowed airports. Fore while I don
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