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  1. Try this link:http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=84839The ZIP contains a Lufthansa WOW livery and the special - and beautiful - "Time Definition" livery.Regards - Norman
  2. That explains the behaviour.I will open the runways 17L/17R in the LIMC AFCAD file, don't know why they are closed anyway. Perhaps because the Alps are in the way ;-)Regards - Norman
  3. This might be related to the AFCAD file you use for LIMC. I have the "ISD Project Milano Malpensa 2005 LIMC", and in this AFCAD the runways 17L and 17R are closed for both start and landing. I don't know if that is realistic. The stock LIMC airport has no closed runways.So depending on the wind direction, I get instructions from RC4 to use e.g. runway 17L (from the weather report and the initial approach call). But when I am near the airport, RC4 suddenly tells me to use runway 35L. Perhaps this happens as soon as an AI aircraft uses 35L or 35R.JD, does RC4 care about closed runways? I don't know if makerwys.exe even extracts this information. At least, I can see (by looking at Runways.txt) that it took the AFCAD file from the correct scenery.Regards - Norman
  4. I had the same problem. It was caused by a SID/STAR file for EHAM that seems to be incompatible with the Cloud9 version of EHAM.I fixed it by downloading the newest SID/STAR for EHAM from http://www.navdata.at/ Just put the unzipped EHAM.txt into the PMDGSIDSTARS directory (overwriting the old one).HTH - Norman
  5. Hi jd,thanks for the reply.I appreciate your efforts in solving this issue. I know myself how hard it is to fix something that you cannot reproduce on your own machine :-(IIRC Radar Contact is written in Visual Basic, and I'm not really an expert in this language (my last experience with Basic was "Access Basic", and this was round about 10 years ago).However, I stumbled across two API's that at least claim to play WAVs from memory:The first one sndPlaySound from winmm.dll and is described here:http://www.gpwiki.org/index.php/VB:Tutoria...WAV_Sound_FilesIt has an option SND_MEMORY, which should play a WAV directly from memory.More promising to me looks the DirectSound API (part of DirectX), which has an object called DirectSoundBuffer:http://www.gpwiki.org/index.php/DirectX:Di...X7:IntroductionEspecially the WriteBuffer function might help:http://www.gpwiki.org/index.php/DirectX:Di..._Resource_FilesDirectSound should also give you more control when playing the WAVs, you should be able to control the volume and stop already running sounds. I think you once mentioned that you just "fire" the WAV and have to wait until it has completed, so perhaps this API might at least help there.Please forgive me if this is all old news for you and you all tried this already with no luck, but at least it looked like what you were asking for.Best Regards - Norman
  6. Hi folks,I like RC4 very much and use since it has been released for nearly every flight.However, I suffer from these stutters too - sometimes more, sometimes less. It seems to depend on the overall CPU load, so it's worse during an approach on a big airport with a lot of AI traffic.The stutters began with 4.01, like others reported as well.I now took the time to analyse my system a little bit, and I noticed that RC4 makes a lot of calls to the file system:FileMon from Sysinternals tells me that RC4 makes something like 300 thousand file system calls in a few seconds to read from and write to wave files when it comes to something simple like requesting QNH from the controller.FS9.exe itself needs to run more than an hour to get such big numbers, but RC4 does this in just a few seconds!I know how misleading such information can be, but IMHO increasing the buffer size when reading the .wav files might at least be worth trying. Perhaps it might be even possible to create the intermediate audio clips only in memory and play it from there, instead of writing it to the hard disk.Just my two cents. Best regards - NormanMy system specs:Pentium 3.2 GHz2 Gigs of RAMWindows XP Home SP2Directx 9.0CATI Radeon 740XLOnboard-Sound (I tried a SB card, but that didn't help)
  7. Sergey,I had the same problem: For whatever reason, Opera saves the file with the extension ".exe", but in fact it's just a ZIP file.Rename the file and unzip the installer. Worked for me.To be sure, I redownloaded it with Firefox, and the files are identical in size and content.HTH - Norman
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