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  2. HiAre the plane standing on a fuel ramp, with the parkbrake on??The door won't open if you are, gave me a real scratch in the back head a while ago :)
  3. Hi GuysDid have some problems with this earlier, and I think I found it to be linked to the graphics card and the drivers. I have GeForce 8800 GTX and found that some of the Nvidia drivers would cause this to happen.I'm not sure, but it seems like most of you reporting of this problem have Nvidia cards, and I would therefore suggest that you try to change your graphics drivers. For me this helped, and the latest drivers from Nvidia have been very good and stable.Another thing you could check is your graphics card temp, as the card will often freeze and crash the computer if the temp is getting to high.I dont know, this is just some suggestions from me, and I could way off target here, but its an easy check and there's nothing here that will change your setup.Kind RegardsAudun Sj
  4. Hi You can also use the Fsuipc.ini file to this, but take into consideration that ASX normally wants to be started and finsished loading all stations before you start FSX, as I remember it.Regards Audun
  5. Hi CliffIf it's about the new FSX beauty you are talking about, you should notice that the clickspot for the TO/GA now is moved back down to the throttles. In the first version of the FS9 version, the clicksot where placed infront of the throttles where they are in reallife, but these where very hard to push, therefore the move to the screw. :)So where are the clickspot now, in the back of the two middle throttle levers, this I think is a compromise between as real as it gets and practicality :)Regards Audun Sj
  6. Jose LuisYou are completly right, thank you for correcting me :)CliffYes why do I use RF, well I used the free version as a starter, and progressed to the member version after a while, and I have sort been stuck there. RF suits my needs, and I don't havethe need for any more advanced routeplanner at this date. But you never know :)And I think there are several good planners out there, both freeware and payware, but I have no idea which one is best to go for. :)Regards Audun
  7. Hi CliffI do not think the FMC will cope with you entering STAR in your routes page, this entry in the flightplan from routefinder is just to specify that SWL are the last waypoint in your route, and the starting point of the appropiate STAR, BUT I have to say after using routefinder for some time now, routefinder is not that good at the STAR handling, you will find that the STAR startpoint seldom will suit the direction and runway you want to use, so there may be need for some modifications at the end of the flightplan.But this is things you will work out after a little while. :)And regarding providing you with the link to the site, don't mention it, thats why we are here. :)Little edit: I forgot to mention that the STAR's are entered in the DEP/ARR page, but you did know that i presume. :)Regards Audun
  8. Hi there CliffHe got the name right, but not the adress:)Probably something to do with ownership of adress and so on :)But here is the actual adress: http://rfinder.asalink.net/free/This is a free service, but you can also get a membership for some Euros, and you will in addition get the possibility to export the flightplans directly in to the PMDG FMC, in addition to several other addons. Plus ofcourse the FS200x flightplan format.Regards Audun
  9. Hi there springbok204First of all may I remind you of the forumrules saying that we shall always signing our posts with our real name. :)That said, regarding the "DES NOW" function I can't shed to much light, but if you need to descent before the T/D point, the easiest way is to just dial in the wanted altitude and press in the middle of the dial button. The FMC will then commence a 1200 f/min descent until the VNAV path is reached, and will after that follow the VNAV path until desired altitude is reached. This method can be used at any time when the plane is in VNAV mode, both ascend and descend, it's an easy way to perform the step climbs for example. :)Don't hesitate to ask if anything was unclear in my ramblings here. :)Happy flyingRegards Audun
  10. Sorry to hear about your almost completed trip, it's always a bummer when that happen.Regarding Vista 64bit, I'm running FSX and FS9 on a Vista 64Bit rig with 4 Gig RAM, and have no problems at all. About the performance issue I can't give you any answer, but I'm satisfied with the performance on my rig.And my Vista 64bit is also very stable, I don't think I have had an OS that have been that stable without any SP's, maybe XP 64 bit.As you can see I have been turned over to the 64bit side of computing :DRegards Audun
  11. Auduns

    Can't Climb

    Hello NavidJust a quick question, what is your true/IAS speed setting in FS?I dont know if that has any impact on the PMDG 744, but i have seen it on other planes. I think it has to be set at IAS (indicated airspeed. If its set wrong, the AC will read the wrong airspeed, and will eventtually slow down and stall.This is just a thought from my side, and maybe worth checking. Maybe some of you other guys can confirm/disprove this.RegardsAudun
  12. Hi LenI will reccomend you to download and install TotalCommander, which is a substitute to Windows Explorer, does the same things and alot more.This software is able to dive into almost every packing format, zip, rar....It's shareware, only thing you get is a box to click on everytime you start it or you can pay for it if you want and get a lifetime license that works for all future updates. I've used it for years and can't do without it. :)With this software you will also be able to pack files in several formats, and split files if thats needed.http://www.ghisler.com/RegardsAudun
  13. Hi thereI do not know if you are willing to use a small amount of money on this, but if you are I have to strongly reccomend the nDac application from Navigraph (http://www.navigraph.com/www/default.asp).The program in its self is free, but you have to buy credits and use these to download charts from all over the world, there is also enroute charts available. You can also use the same credits to buy Navdata, so if you have an advanced addon which uses navdata, it will be a win win situation :) And its not that expensive either, a full set of charts for an airport will not cost you more than a Dollar, not that much either I think.Regards Audun
  14. Hi JDHehe, ofcourse it is :D and what does this show? ALWAYS read the manuals :DBut what do most men do when they get a new toy?(And I am now talking out of own experience here) First they throw away the manual/instructions and try to get it to work with the try and error method, if this does not work we search the forums for an easy answer, which is read the manual :D And we are ofcourse not satisfied with that answer so we bombard the said forum with questions we can find answers to with a quick read in the manual :DThen if we want this product to work we maybe search trough our garbage for the earlier mentioned manual :DSo to sum it all up, start in the other end next time around, read the manual first. And maybe our good friend JD can use less time on answering questions and more time perfecting an already perfect product.I know I will try, can't promise anything tough, but I'm going to try. :DRegardsAudun
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