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  1. walfob

    Full Lap, Lap??

    Thanks all, for your replies. I never get the message on lift off from the runway - only occasionally when I'm exiting the runway after landing. I do always set the Stabilizer Config on pre-flight set up, so presumably this is why I don't hear this call out when taking off.. I just wondered what she was saying and if I was hearing her message correctly.
  2. Every now and then I take a flight in the MD-11, one of my favourite PMDG aircrafts with, arguably, one of the best definition fuselages and liveries. There is, however, one call out which has always puzzled me because I can't quite make out what the female voice is saying. It occurs after landing, I think, when I have forgotten to disconnect the auto throttle. When I'm trying to exit the runway the voice call out says 'Full lap, lap' and keeps on repeating it. Is this what she is saying and, if so, what does it mean? I've tried looking in the manual but can't locate where it might be explained. Anyone know?
  3. walfob

    Chase Plane and PMDG

    He just has. I haven't got Ezdok. I can't find a straightforward, easy to follow tutorial on how to set it up, but it's one I've been toying with for ages. Might wait for Ezdok v3 and then try again.
  4. walfob

    747-8 Airport moving map

    OK. Thanks for comments. I'd come to the same conclusion myself. So it looks like I'd better make some more hangar space in my 747 fleet!
  5. walfob

    747-8 Airport moving map

    I was just about to hit the purchase button for the FSX 747-8 in my PMDG account, but when I read posts like this I wonder would it be worthwhile waiting a few days/weeks until a fix is found. Is it just an issue with P3D or does it affect FSX as well? Like a number of you I have a load of Aerosoft sceneries - EDDF, EGLL etc. and I don't want to find the taxiways unusable on the AMM. I also don't like messing around with set ups that affect the other sceneries I have. Reading all the above I don't know where a solution lies and I'm not pointing fingers antwhere.
  6. walfob

    Current 747 Passenger Routes

    Thanks. This has given me an idea for a flight to check this out. I usually travel with either a random or a full load of passengers. Never thought of simulating a flight giving the crew a ride back to a home station.
  7. Is this a P3D only expansion? What about FSX? All mention on the EFB is about P3D.
  8. walfob

    PMDG 777-200ER for 2018?

    I had assumed that the 300ER was the longer range, higher capacity version of the 777 family. Hence PMDG's reason for its choice of the LR/ER versions. Seems not so - the 200LR is the lower capacity longer range version. Explains now how it handled my CYVR-YSSY flight with no problems.
  9. walfob

    PMDG 777-200ER for 2018?

    Interesting information. So I wonder why PMDG decided to go with the 200LR if only a few were produced and the 200ER seems the more popular model?
  10. walfob

    PMDG 777-200ER for 2018?

    I didn't realise this. I thought extended range meant extended beyond a long range version. So what constitutes NR - Normal range? Slightly confusing. Whatever, I don't think more engine choices would tempt me to purchase this, unless it came as free add-on. Also, would it be worth PMDG's while just producing more engine variations. I'd concentrate on a totally new plane.
  11. walfob

    PMDG 777-200ER for 2018?

    I've just flown 15 hrs comfortably in a 200LR from Vancouver to Sydney. Why do I need a 200ER when I don't want to fly longer routes than this and I already have a 300ER to choose from? (Assuming I'm interpreting LR as Long Range and ER as Extended Range correctly). Is it a different flight deck layout, different engine sounds, or something else? I'm all for authenticity in replicating real world flight variants but if the only difference is psychological, or a slight variation in engine sound, then I'm happy to continue with the wonderful PMDG choices I have. I agree with Dan - too many choices.
  12. walfob

    Polls on FSX

    I fly nothing but long hauls, Kevin, in FSX in my 747's and T7's - mostly Europe to Far East and USA. Longest trip was a 15 hour flight from Sydney to Dallas Forth Worth in a 747 ER. Never any issues on frame rates, CTD's or OOM. I've got add-on scenery from Taxi2Gate, Fly Tampa, UK2000 and Aerosoft - Smooth as a bird. My biggest problems were with the unwanted downloads from Window 7 to Windows 10. This caused me much grief until I sorted the Windows 10 issues. Now no problems. I did invest in upgrading my system a couple of years ago (Intel Haswell i7 CPU, ASUS Motherboard, 16GB RAM, 110GB SSD and 2TB Hard Drive). Now this system is probably outdated. I've read earlier that I may have a few problems with FSX to get the best out of the new 747-8 when it comes out, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.
  13. walfob

    Polls on FSX

    I've too much invested in FSX to change. PMDG MD11, 747v3, 777-200 & 777-300ER. Aerosoft A320/321. Active Sky Next. All my add on scenery packages. How on earth could I consider changing to a platform like P3D, with the expense involved, which is full of holes, and an expensive package I've no idea which to choose - student, professional, academic, developer etc, etc. Go in to bat for me, Louis. 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it' - as you Americans say. Good luck.
  14. walfob

    EGNM Leeds Bradford Dopek 2W SID

    I haven't flown this SID in the 737 NGX but I've just flown it in the 777 and the same thing happens. It won't follow the LAMIX departure from Runway 32. After take off it begins to follow the sharp turn left to follow the SID, but after tracking for about 90 degrees of the full 180 degree turn it then goes off at a tangent. To correct this I disengaged the AP and flew manually to complete the 180 degree turn to put the aircraft back on the magenta line and tried engaging the AP again. No luck. The aircraft wouldn't capture the flight path until I overwrote the FMC by flying direct to LAMIX. It then picked up the flight path and followed without any further problems. Seems an unusual problem with this SID.
  15. walfob

    747-8 When?

    Not what I was expecting to read when I clicked on '747-8 When' but an extremely moving reflection on the fascination and escape offered by flight simulation. PMDG has certainly provided me with pleasure over several years; and the comfort and and escape it offered 3 years ago when recovering from my cancer operation helped enormously. I spent hours reading and annotating my notes on the 777 which had been released around that time. Belated sympathy on your great loss, Francois, and hope to see your contributions on the forum in future.