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  1. >(P:ACTIVE VIEW MODE,enum)>1 = 2D>2 = VC>3 = Tower>4 = SpotUnfortunately dont work in FSX :-(
  2. >There is a perfect example of what you are looking for done>in russian with docs in the avsim library , look under " SOKO>GALEB "This is wrong. Galeb G-2 is Yugoslavian made aircraft (1957) and have all western avionics. Many of gauges are borrowed from T-33 and F-84G. One curiosity - control stick is from Me-262. Don't ask how:)God examples for quality russian planes and gauges:http://samdimdesign.free.fr/Registration for avsim.ru is with classic tmplate , as for many other forums:http://www.avsim.ru/forum/index.php?act=Reg&CODE=00After registration you can switch to english...L.
  3. Try here:http://www.avsim.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=22159and here:http://www.secretprojects.co.uk/forum/inde.../board,8.0.htmlL.
  4. >The order in which you open a window make the>order the windows take place on top of [Windows00]. So better>open the GPS view after having opened the Captain's panel and>the First Officer panel. If you don't, depending the GPS>position, it could be hidden by one of these panels.But in fs9/fsx you can bypas this with zorder:http://www.aerodynamika.com/cgi-bin/yabb/Y...?num=1173807636L.
  5. For model...You can place mdl and cfg files in different folders and use path with model filename in model.cfg file.For example, place all mdl files (VC_1.mdl, VC_2.mdl, exterior_1.mdl, etc.) into '..aircraftnamemodels', and cfg files into '..aircraftnamemodel.1model.cfg', '..aircraftnamemodel.2model.cfg', etc.In first model.cfg:normal=../models/exterior_1interior=../models/VC_1(same for other model.cfg's)L.
  6. Looking for audio records from Garmin GTX-330 - "Leaving Altitude" and "Timer Expired".:-zhelp L.
  7. Maybe to try with ?This is my last idea. I'm working on simple C gauge for identify when particularly panel is open or closed. I need it to manipulate with panels for front and rear cockpit, and Working fine in fs9. Mmaybe help you in VCockpit, I hope.When you put this gauge to WindowXX in panel.cfg, this will set (L:panel_1,enum) to 1 when panel defined in WindowXX is open and to 0 when closed. May to have more similar gauges for different panels (with unique variable name). "panel_1" and "pnl1_id" are custom variable names, you may name them what you want - I use L:panel_1, L:panel_2, etc. ...double pnl1 = 0 ; // C variableID pnl1_id; // pointer address to the XML variable ... case PANEL_SERVICE_PRE_INITIALIZE: register_named_variable ( "panel_1" ); break; case PANEL_SERVICE_PANEL_OPEN: pnl1_id = check_named_variable("panel_1"); set_named_variable_value ( pnl1_id, 1 ); // "1 (>L:panel_1,enum)" break; case PANEL_SERVICE_PANEL_CLOSE: pnl1_id = check_named_variable("panel_1"); set_named_variable_value ( pnl1_id, 0 ); // "0 (>L:panel_1,enum)" break; ...L.
  8. Few days ago Rob Barendregt wrote that gauge is active only in active view.http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho..._id=30285&page=Maybe you can suspend beacon from VC through xml placed in VCockpit? Sorry I can't check this because don't have fsx yet (must obtain new PC first, and demo was removed from my HD).hth.
  9. Hi Nick.I also have problems with my cockpit sounds because P:ACTIVE VIEW MODE is mising in fsx. For lighting I believe that you can to add 'Properties' section in your fx file and set VirtualCockpit=0. You can see 'Properties' in many default fx.hth,L.
  10. Yes.(G:Var1) Part of the gauge code here Part of the gauge code here You can find tutorials at Nick Pike site:http://www.fs2x.com/Tutorials.htmhttp://www.fs2x.com/Tutorials_files/XML%20...ions%20V2_0.pdfL.
  11. Not without disassembling and manual editing asm/scm source and reassembling, but this is too hard way...:(
  12. Sorry for etra comma in link...Zip attachment in my post above contain complete gau for sound state grab, and working just fine in my fs9 - without FSUIPC.:)
  13. Hi all, my first post here:)Privet Xeo. Try this one; place sms_SoundTest!SoundSwitchTest and/or sms_SoundTest!SoundTest somewhere in panel.cfg and in xml check for (L:SoundSwitchTest,enum) and/or (L:SoundTest,enum).Expl. is here http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...&topic_id=10935, offsets are 0xb20 for sound switch state and 0xb24 sound flag.Btw, do somebody know how to WRITE globals?HTH,L.
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