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  1. CaptLou

    Error Messages 737-200 TM

    I put the FS2Audio.dll file in both places (win/sys32 and win/sysWOW64) as per the instructions. It would be nice to have the sounds when the switches are tripped and the seat belt signs are turned on or off but everything else appears to work. I am very happy with this plane. One of the few add-ons that actually handle on ground like a real plane. Lou
  2. Hello: I just installed the V1.30 for FSX. I am running FSX-SE on Windows 10. Never used FSX so it is a clean install. I followed all the directions for installing V1.30 plus updates 1.3l and 1.32. Everything works except the panel sounds. Engine sounds are perfect. I get the following messages: before the panel loads -- Invalid XGS path. Error code 0x80070057 File Error One or more Xact Project files could not be located at the specified location. At this point the panel loads, going through all the mini panels. Then the next messages reads: Tinmouse Eror No active audio device. I click OK and it goes away. Everything now works except the panel switch sounds. I have read some of the posts here but they all seem to indicate corrections for FS9 on a Windows 7 system. Is there a correction for Windows 10 with FSX-SE?
  3. CaptLou

    Propellers disappear in scenery

    Sorry: took a while to get back to this. The problem is really with ALL add-on aircraft. I think Stans is correct when he says this is caused by importing FS2004 aircraft. Just to satisfy the people who want a specific name: Curtis Commando by Libardo Guzman, et al. Gmax modifications by Tom Gibson. FSX panel installed.
  4. CaptLou

    Propellers disappear in scenery

    Stans: That is exactly what is happening. I just wondered it there was a way to overcome this. It can be a bit disconcerting when using outside view.
  5. CaptLou

    Take-0ff speed Turning Radius

    Thanks for the quick responses. I did mean 360 degree turn, sorry. I use CH Flight Sim Yoke and pedals. My home airport is Thunder Bay, ON with the Simaddons version installed for FSX-SE. The problem also shows up at other FS addon as well as generic airports. I installed the Aerobot 154 C-150 by Bob Chicilo and this works excellently. That is' it takes off like the Cesnas I watch at the local airport. Haven't had a chance to fly yet so will respond again after trying your advice.
  6. Hello: I fly in FSX-SE on a Win 10 computer. I have found that my add-on, prop driven aircraft have the propellers disappear when close to scenery such as buildings, trees, etc. It appears as if the propeller goes behind the building, tree, etc even though I am parked in front or flying over. This does not happen with the original aircraft that came with the flight sim. Has anyone else experienced this and found a solution?
  7. Hi: This has been bothering me for some time. Started with FS9 and now am using FSX-SE on a new computer. (Win 10) It takes aircraft too long to take-off. Sometimes it is well beyond the end of the runway before leaving the ground. This is unrealistic. Watching aircraft at my local airport would indicate they need to pick up speed faster in the flite sim. The other problem is the turning radius. I have yet to be in a real aircraft that cannot do a 380 turn at the end of the runway yet in flite sim I constantly have to revert to the slew mode to make the turn. Are there some easy, not overly technical methods to correct this?
  8. CaptLou

    SDK in FSX-SE missing files

    Thank you Bjoern. Downloaded the prepar3d sdk, pointed the ADE compile at it and it worked.
  9. I tried a forum search for this topic but found nothing newer than 2007 and none that answered my question. When using ADE to edit airports it is necessary to change the xml file to bgl. This requires SDK which came as part of FSX and does not seem to be available without. FSX-SE has an SDK file but is missing the files "shp2vec" and BGLComp.XSD. Have these files become available elsewhere for download? I only have FSX-SE installed. Lou
  10. For the past several days there has been a Product Category Survey on the news page. After completing the survey, you can send an E-mail to Pamela Nelson to enter a contest for a free hat or t-shirt. The message box comes up automatically pre-addressed. My message has been returned as undeliverable. Has anyone else had this problem? Maybe the item should be removed from the News Page.CaptLou
  11. CaptLou

    Take-off speed/turning on ground

    Hi: Sorry about the ctrl-e-2, I meant Shift+e+2. I haven't tried your fixes yet. Will attempt them today as we are snowed in. Over 3 feet of snow in the last 4 days.I have Active Sky which sets the wind direction. Is there a way to set it without the use of Active Sky? Sorry to be a bother but I am just learning this stuff. Will retire in about 4 months and hope to spend more time then.
  12. Hi: Two separate questions: May have been answered previously but its been a while since I checked in.1. My aircraft seem to be taking a long time to get up to t/o speed. Even the Cessna 185 requires almost the full runway. On the heavies I have adjusted the weight, but even so I am almost at the end of any runway before lift off. Watching at the local (Thunder Bay, ON) airport I find that the FS aircraft take almost twice as much runway.2. Making turns while taxiing with some models is frustrating. They just do not turn fast enough. I wind up going off the runway to make a wide turn to line up, or I miss the taxiway and cut across the grass. Again, real aircraft appear to turn on a dime. (This seems to be mostly Posky 737 series.3. Ok, I said two questions but it just occurred to me that I have a third one. Many add-on aircraft use ctrl-e-2 for opening second doors. When I try this, the first door (ctrl-e) closes and the aircraft panel pops up on my screen.General Info: Until recently I owned and flew a Lazair Ultralight in real life. Would love to see an SF9 version to fly on my computer.Regards: Lou
  13. CaptLou

    TTools Decompile

    Thanks Tom.Found several planes with a slight variance in the title name. Re-nameing the texture files seems to work.Guess an old dog can still learn a few new tricks. My next attempts will be at making scenery. I want to put scenery in the area near Thunder Bay, ON were I have my camp. I can land on the lake but there are no camps there. Hope to change that.Best regards: Lou
  14. CaptLou

    TTools Decompile

    Hi Mike:Thanks for the come-back. I planted a file on the desktop called Decom and it worked great. Now all I have to do is find out why my ai 737's have lost their paint. The ATC still calls them by name. (World Airlines, etc.) Smaller planes still look ok.Regards, Lou
  15. CaptLou

    TTools Decompile

    Hello Folks:New at this. Flying a real plane is easier but more costly when things go wrong. Trying to find out why my AI 737-400 suddenly have no paint.Tried to decompile the .bgl files for last flight plans but get an error message "unable to create file C:Documents and SettingsOwnerDesktopWestOKAirports". I have no idea what that means. Do not recall ever seeing such a file. Hope some-one can help with either the lost paints or/and the error.