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  1. veemaxx

    B744F (FSX) Options Menu

    Okay... Uninstaled SDK SP2 and FSX SP2. Reinstalled FSX SP1 and SDK SP1A. Don't know how or why, but I was able to get the default PMDG 744F GE to load and was fully able to access the options menu. Go figure!Don Van Wormer
  2. Got my new 44F for FSX and installed it. Loaded up the aircraft and pressed the ALT key to bring up the menu, then left mouse clicked on ADD-ONS, then PMDG, then OPTIONS. The sim froze up! Had to turn off my computer to reboot. Tried it all again... This time I was able to access the options, but just as soon as I made my selections and exited, the entire screen went black in FSX! If I used the WINDOWS key to return to the desktop, things were fine, but if I returned to FSX, things were still black! HELP!!!I have FSX with all the SPs and SDK SPs installed. OS is XP Media Center Edition, most recent Nvidia 7800GTX drivers, 2GB ram, 3.0 Mhz dual core. Any ideas would be great as I bought this add-on to use with Globe Cargo VA, but now can't!Thanks,Don "VeeMaxx" Van Wormer
  3. The staff of MidCon wishes to say "thanks" to the AVSIM staff for their hospitality, support and friendship, once again expressed to us during the 2007 FanCon. To all the FanCon participants who allowed us to demonstrate how a simulated air carrier could enhance their FS experience, we appreciate our time with you. To everyone, we look forward to seeing you at the AVSIM FanCon 2008!MidContinent Airlines "On time, Every time!"Don Van WormerDirector of Human ResourcesMidContinent Airlines
  4. veemaxx

    FSX 2D Screen Issues

    Dell 19" Flat Panel in full screen mode.Doin
  5. veemaxx

    FSX 2D Screen Issues

    It seems that my 2D screens are acting up in all my add-on aircraft (Legacy, SR-22G2, F1 172R and XL2). The instrument panels are not showing up although they are selected. Sometimes, as I cycle views, it'll act normal, but upon the next change of view, it'll act up. I get a view that has no instruments or I get a black box on the lower part of the view where the instruments should be. All default aircraft work as advertised. Any help would be great!Dell XPS 6002GB ram2 x 7800GTX in SLIThanks,Don Van Wormer
  6. veemaxx

    Seeking a VA

    You are invited to stop by and check out the Meridian Group.www.flymeridian.comDon Van WormerDirector, Human ResourcesMeridian