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  1. SteveA300

    Ifly vs PMDG 737NG

    Hi Everyone, I don't normally post to these topics, but on this occasion I think it is appropriate that I do. Threads that compare one products against another usually don't go well and when one of the product I am involved with is mentioned all I ask is for things to be fair. I was disappointed that someone I have huge respect for decided to comment on an older version and not our current offering. Having myself posted in the past without thinking things through I hope s this was one of those. The staff here at AVSIM and other enthusiasts sites do an amazing job and one that is often taken for granted. I remember when I got my first modem and my simulation world came alive due to the great community here and available on the other great sites, getting up in the morning to see the files that had been downloading overnight. Many younger members won't have experienced that joy. When serious injury ended my career and real world flying, it was these communities that kept me sane. It is really important that the people behind the products are simmers and behind the scenes we all get on. My close friends know I am a PMDG fan and have been since their first aircraft. I own a boxed version of the PMDG NGX and Ryan at PMDG owns a copy of the iFly. It is the competition that is making sure simmers are getting the best possible products. We are seeing some amazing products at the moment, scenery, aircraft, GA, Airliners, Military, and helicopters. We all look at what is new and how other developers have raised that bar and then set about looking to see what we can do. It is great to be a fan of your favourite developer, but also you need to open your eyes to what is happening and how as a simmer things could not be better. As has been mentioned we are incorporating ASN weather radar and have launched an open beta for our owners who make a donation to ORBIS and help save the sight of a chid. How does this help you if your a PMDG fan? Well I am sure the team at PMDG will follow on and add support for the great work Damien and Kostas and the team at ASN have done. We, like PMDG always said no weather radar because it was not realistic, now it is and as I said earlier it is a great time for simmers. Innovation is improving our hobby. For those fearing the worst about FPS, no panel is added to the aircraft it just reads the data from ASN. Back to the crux of the topic and I am the first to say that if your a 3D cockpit fan the PMDG NGX is really nice and yes the way they modelled their failures is impressive. When the iFly was first released over 3 years ago it was never intended to compete with PMDG, the product now has little resemblance to that first released and our current version is also a lot different from the SP that was mentioned. So please if you want to compare please compare the current offering and not what has now passed it's sell by date. Our great hobby is in a good place despite what some people will say. You are seeing amazing quality products at the moment from the Dash 8 and PMDG 777 and when the bar is raised it is a challenge for others to do likewise. There maybe less new products, but in my view quality over quantity any day of the week. When you post comparing one against the other it's nice to be nice, as we are all trying to make sure when you choose to going flying in your precious free time it is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Happy holidays.
  2. Hi Everyone, As the person dealing with the support for the iFly product, I would just like to thank Bryan and Damien for really going that extra mile with the iFly 737. Once you have used FS2Crew with the aircraft it becomes second nature and reduces the workload while seriously enhancing the aircraft. I had a friend visting last night who had not seen FS2Crew in action until last night and he was blown away by how much it adds to the experience. as I am sure everyone is aware we are working hard to get the FSX version out, which means loads of test flights that now have FS2Crew running because without it my flights are not the same. I am now really looking forward to the voice edition.
  3. SteveA300

    iFLY vs. PMDG?

    Hello Everyone,Having read this post I don’t understand why people have got so hot under the collar about having choice. As Ryan has posted we are all simmers here and I for one have had many happy hours flying my PMDG aircraft. Now I am offering support for the iFly 737, what does that change? Mostly I have very little free time to fly other aircraft other than the 737NG testing and addressing users issues. Does it change my opinion of PMDG products no, does it mean I will never buy another PMDG product no. As a simmer you have different companies offering there version of an aircraft, I can’t see how that can’t be anything but good. I couldn’t believe someone said that PMDG won’t release there 737NG. Both PMDG and iFly will release their 737NG’s for FSX and as a consumer you will have a choice and like Ryan when he bought the iFly aircraft I will buy the PMDG aircraft as a simmer and to see how they have push the boundaries this time.Les has posted his opinions in the forum and those are his own regardless of his name tag and don’t necessarily reflect that of the iFly development team. I am well aware of the current weaknesses in the iFly model which was released 4 weeks ago. The time to judge will be when it is patched and the developer feels the product is complete. I think it is unfair to both companies for people to stir up trouble where none exists and I am extremely disappointed I had to post here like Ryan.
  4. Hi Pete, we are all waiting for a number of products to become FSX compatible, with work being done on SP2 for FSX, PSS and other developers are doing there best to convert programs to FSX and hopefully with the arrival of SP2 for FSX more products will be made compatible. I know Steven has been working on this with the beta team but like most of the other FS developers the changes that have occured with the development of FSX in the past 12 months that hasn't made things easy. Phil blog is worth reading and hopefully that will see the release of our favourite products FSX in the near future skies Steve
  5. Hi Bill, V1.3 was not a patch but a complete version. I would suggest uninstalling your current V1.3 + V1.2 then reinstall version 1.3 and that should solve your problems. Good luck Steve
  6. SteveA300

    757 fuel calculator problem

    Hi Anthony,Version 1.3 is a complete rebuild and not a patch. I would try uninstalling your current v1.3 and 1.2 and then reinstall a fresh version of !.3 hopefully that will cure your problems. Good luck Steve
  7. SteveA300

    757 Start Up Procedures?

    Hi, If you go to the flight tutorial PDF from page 9 onwards has all the information you need. Please remember to sigh your post's, it's nice to know who we are talking to :0) Have fun Steve
  8. Hi William, I have just finished try to reproduce the error without success. Could you give me more information regarding your set up. Do you have any terrain mesh packages etc. Thanks Steve
  9. SteveA300


    Thanks to John Rooum for pointing out my error here. To activate the "Go Around" right click on the EPR button and the approach will be discontinued. I hang my head in shame. The paint fumes from a week of decorating have pickled what was left of my brain, but I do have sufficient brownie points to get airborne again, as long as I don't have to "Go Around"Steve
  10. SteveA300


    Hi There is an area beside the auto throttle button on the PSS model that when you right click should are the auto throttle. It seems there is a fault at the moment and all that happenes is that it take the auto throttle out of speed mode. I will drop Steven a email regarding this. In the real aircraft there is a switch on each the throttle for pilot or FO activation of the GA mode both switches can be seen on the PSS mode but are not functional. Steve
  11. SteveA300


    Hi Darren, With the 757 the autoland feature is automatic, when all the aircraft systems are functional you will get a land 3 message between 1800ft and 1500ft on the approach when the APR mode is armed. This is accurate to the real 757. Cheers Steve
  12. SteveA300

    Autopilot&Autothrust problems

    Hi Pep, I have tried to reproduce the problems you are having, the only way I can get similar function failures are when I don't start the aircraft in the proper manner as described in the topic below. you have selected the default flight from flight sim ensure the avionics are turned on. From there then load the 757 at the airfield of your choice. There have been numerous posts in the forums with errors that are caused by this. I hope this helps if not please let me know and we will try and get this resolved for you ASAP. Take care Steve Masson
  13. SteveA300

    757 FDE?

    Hi Andreas, If you run the 757 version 1.2 installer there is an option to update the config files. If you do this you will get the new config files. This is not the Version 1.3 update you are looking for Ghiom but just a fix for the issue mentioned by Andreas. As soon as the update is available I am sure Steven will announce it here. Smooth landing Steve
  14. SteveA300

    load manager

    Hi Ramon, If you go Programs to the PSS files and it is in the 757 package with the manuals and Fuel planner, Cheers Steve
  15. SteveA300

    Question on 757 Generators

    Hi You should be able to turn on the L&R Generators after the engine start bt selecting the Left Gen Con & Right Gen Con just about the apu start up switch. If these don't work it could be you haven't saved the flight exactly as described in this help topic regards to the Autoland warning you will need to align the IRS by switching them individually to align, then they flash to Nav (the time for alignment can be set via the setup panel)After this you need to go to the cdu Index and position page and using line select right 5 take your current position and put it in line select 6 right, the Autoland warning will then clear as the aircraft position is now set. Good luck Steve