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  1. Hi. Long story short, I've been having some troubles lately that I'm pretty sure have to do with a video card that's starting to die. The MB posts just fine, and stress tests are fine as well, but I'm getting these freezes and re-boots that I can't otherwise explain. So... 1. Can anyone help with maybe troubleshooting my vid card (GTX 580)? or 2. Can anyone suggest a worthwhile upgrade of the card IF I need to replace it, keeping in mind that I'm still on the 1366 socket (i7-950) and can't really afford to upgrade that much at this time? Thanks for any help y'all can offer... Matt
  2. Thanks! I'll check them out... I should have clarified - being an airline pilot is almost last on my list. I'm too old (45), and I would hate that lifestyle up one side and down the other. I'm a lawyer, and that's what I've been doing for about ten years now. Lawyering itself was a career change. Anyway, I had several thoughts here. First and foremost, I was thinking of trying to get into aviation law in some respect, and (just my opinion) you really need some actual aviation experience of some kind to be at all credible. I'll also add that I think I would like being an instructor if I have any actual flying ability. That wouldn't put much bread on the table I'm guessing, so it would really be a part-time thing. And if I were to actually get paid flying full time, I'd really like to fly 208's for Fed Ex or DHL, or something like that. Not counting on that happening, but it sounds like fun But really this is more about a long term goal to get into aviation law. That's what I meant by career change, really. If I could make a living flying, I'd leave lawyering in a heartbeat. But I really think I'm too old for that at this point. Thanks for the input Matt
  3. Can anyone recommend a good flight school in the Bremerton/Seattle area? We're moving there in about a month, and I smell a career change on the way. Thanks! Matt
  4. PMDG 737 NGX. Wonderful, terrific product, but I don't have time to use it with (now) two small kids running around.
  5. And that's where parts of Airport were filmed in 1969.
  6. Well, I recently put together a machine that ought to run FSX fairly well, and I'm in the process of ramping it up as far as addons go. I can't recall seeing this much positive feedback apart from one or two other products. Guess I'll have to get this one. Thanks for this thread!Matt
  7. The big question for me is whether it's worth it to upgrade from version 8. From everything I've heard so far, it doesn't sound like it. Comments welcome...Matt
  8. FYI: FS Build is updated to 2.408 as of yesterday.
  9. Thank you sir. Looking forward to this!!!Matt
  10. Just wondering if this is FSX only?Thanx!Matt
  11. Thanks very much for checking on that. I just got the upgrade; it's nice to know I can make it work either way :)Matt
  12. Hi. Just so I understand, with both ASA and ASV6.5 installed, ASA will update BOTH snapshots? I have the problem mentioned earlier where FS Build truncates the snapshot directory for ASA. Far as I can tell, I'd have to create a new user account and essentially start from scratch with everything on my client machine. But if I can just have FS Build use the ASV6.5 snapshot, problem solved, right?I hope?Thanks,Matt
  13. Also, see the FAQ in that VATSIM link.Down toward the bottom of one of them is a small config file you can create and put in the root directories of your payware models (if any). FSInn will then ignore those models when rendering planes online. This was a huge performance saver for me. I could never figure out how to get FSInn to stop using my PMDGs, etc. This solved it.This should be it...FAQ #9
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