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  1. I've been having some bad performance problems with FS9 lately, most of which have been solved with a good defragging. But one thing remains. When climbing out of Chicago this morning, overcast and snow, I had some stutters. This was when I was up in the clouds - on the ground it was smooth as silk. Same again when descending into St. Louis, when I got to about 3 or 4 thousand AGL. I fired up Filemon and saw these:9:51:23 AM ASG.exe:3368 OPEN D:Flight Simulator 2004ModulesASGraphics SUCCESS Options: Open Directory Access: 00100001 And immediately following:9:51:23 AM ASG.exe:3368 DIRECTORY D:Flight Simulator 2004ModulesASGraphics NO SUCH FILE FileBothDirectoryInformation: trigger.datAnyone know what the heck this means? I looked in the modules folder and saw ASGraphics in there, so I don't understand the NO SUCH FILE entry.I think this is related to the stutter but I could be wrong. Any help is appreciated.Thanks for your time!Matt Hartley
  2. Could you send it this way as well?bullwinkle61801@yahoo.comSure appreciate it!Matt
  3. Easy enough, then. Thanks!Matt
  4. Hi. Have a problem with my 737's - they won't load. They just hang FS9 up. I have no idea why, but I'm thinking I'd better just re-install. So I have a couple of questions:1. Should I also uninstall my 747 (it's loading just fine) and just do everything over from scratch?2. Can I save all my config files and textures, and just stick them back in after the re-install?Thanks for any help!Matt
  5. Finally tracked it down and it doesn't seem to have anything to do with Active Sky. According to Filemon, the framerate dips are linked to Flight Simulator accessing all kinds of scenery files that have nothing to do with my current flight. For instance, right now I'm in between San Fran and Honolulu, but every so often FS is looking at addon and default scenery files wayyyy away from the Pacific. JFK, St. Louis, etc. I know this isn't Active Sky's problem, but does anyone know why this is happening? I don't see it every flight, that's for sure. All I can think of is that I installed some scenery yesterday but didn't fire up FS until this morning, so it just rebuilt the database and whatnot right before this flight. Other than that, I'm stumped.
  6. Both throttling options are already unchecked. Well, tomorrow is a day off, so I'll try to experiment a little. Thanks for getting back!Matt
  7. I searched the forum and didn't find anything that appeared to apply to this situation. Frankly, I'm not completely sure anything is actually wrong.Here's the situation. The last two weeks I've been doing some computer cleaning and general tweakerizing. All of this resulted in a pretty radical improvement in both framerates and more importantly fluidity. I also installed Flight Environment after finally learning how it's actually supposed to work. So last week we had some interesting weather around here and I decided to fire up FS9 with AS6 (Build 533) to see how it modeled this (heavy overcast, light snow mixed with sleet). Everything loaded up just fine, and it all ran very well - 30FPS (locked at 30) and no stutters.I took off in the 737 PIC (my worst plane performance-wise), flew around a bit, made a wretched ILS approach, followed by a nice missed approach. Everything was smooth as silk. As I climbed through the overcast, I could see the clouds getting a bit brighter every few seconds until I finally broke out on top. That was nice. hadn't seen it before.On top, things were still fine until AS6 went about updating the weather. The download was fine (didn't even notice it at first), but when it started writing station data my FPS dropped down to about 10 (still steady, though) for the duration of the station writes.I'm just confused because I hadn't seen that before. Updates have been so unobtrusive I haven't noticed them ever since I bought Active Sky. I know there are a lot of variables in play here, but I'm wondering first whether or not FE might be the culprit? But that doesn't make sense because there wasn't a massive change in the cloud cover that needed to be re-drawn or anything like that (and I'm using the DXT option). Also, I've set my AS options as suggested in the "real weather" sticky above.Like I said, maybe there isn't a problem here at all. I've just never seen a slow down when AS is writing station data. Any thoughts?Matt
  8. This might belong in a different forum. If so, sorry.When I originally installed the 9.1 update, I didn't see that it needs to be installed from the FS9 directory. Now I'm wondering if it would be worthwhile to re-install FS9 from the ground up. I haven't seen anything that appears to be a problem, but maybe I'm missing out on something important in the update.Anyone been down this road before? Any help appreciated.Matt
  9. I have the CH yoke, throttle quad, and pedals. I use registered FSUIPC to assign throttle, mixture, and when needed prop axes on the throttle. The pedals just work without any input from me. But for the spoilers, I assigned that axis through Flight Simulator to the mixture lever on the yoke, and it works perfectly for me. The only "problem" I have is when certain aircraft (like PMDG's) won't raise the spoilers prior to takeoff. I've heard this has something to do with the plane realizing it's not in a mode where spoilers would be called for. Once airborne, though, my setup works just fine right up until I'm parked again.
  10. NEVERMIND!It has to do with ANY weather, as I've just found out with a short test flight.Off to the Feelthere forum, then.Sorry!MH
  11. Has anyone else noticed a problem with ASV6 and the 737 PIC? When I have ASV6 running with this plane loaded, I get some strange activity on both the 2D panel and the VC. On the 2D, whenever I put the cursor over the "Simicons" to bring up a sub panel, and the MCP to adjust the autopilot, I get the entire panel shifting and a bleed through on the bottom of other parts of the panel. I know that makes little sense, so let me put it this way. It's as though something is snapping a screenshot of an earlier segment of the flight, and that screenshot - or a part of it depending on where I've placed the "Simicon" panel - comes through when I put the cursor over either of those areas on the panel. And when in the VC, I've seen several occasions where I get a full "screenshot" of an earlier portion of the flight. For instance, once I was an hour into a flight and while in the VC I got several seconds of a moment when I was holding short for takeoff.This doesn't happen with any other plane I have, just the 737 PIC. So I'm wondering if a) there's something wrong with the 737 (but it runs just fine without ASV6), or if there's something wrong in my setup of ASV6 (just installed build 500 hoping it would help, but it didn't).Thanks!Matt Hartley
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