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  1. Quite a good shot. I am pressing HS (so the green light is on) and then I am shutting down the sim. Everything seems to be normal, Prepard3D not connected, Simplecam is closed. Is this something which can be fixed or gives you a hint what the "problem" might be?
  2. Hello Bryan, thanks for your support. Thats what I googled as well. But I am not certain if these cases are transferable. I have tried some of the measures but non have helped so far. I have got one of the newer graphic card drivers installed but I'll check for the latest one. Could it be connected with any language settings? I don't have any other issues with my sim and it's freshly installed so ... .
  3. Dear Bryan, thanks. I logged two attempts and I have the evtx file for you. I hope that's what you need. If yes, where I can send it? Here's what I did: Attempt no. 1 (FS2Crew for the Airbus installed, A319 to A321-X not activated in the FS2Crew configurator). Run ActiveSky Start P3D v4.5 Select the A321-X and LPPT as airport. Start the flight and wait until the A321-X is fully loaded. Press ESC and exit the simulator Result: P3D closes (about 16 seconds black screen till I see the desktop), ActiveSky shows the simulator is not connected, Simplecam is closed. Everything as expected. Attempt no. 2 (FS2Crew for the Airbus installed, A321-X activated in the FS2Crew configurator). Run ActiveSky Start P3D v4.5 Select the A321-X and LPPT as airport. Start the flight and wait until the A321-X is fully loaded. Press ESC and exit the simulator Result: P3D closes (only 7 seconds black screen till I see the desktop), ActiveSky shows a Prepar3D connected!, Simplecam still active in the system tray. This is the error the event log shows (in German only, I am sorry):
  4. And what kind of information should I look up there? There are quite a few tabs...
  5. Hi, using the FSL A320-X and FS2Cew I am experiencing problems with the sim (P3D v4.5) closing properly. P3D itself shuts down and it's not showing in the task manager anymore. But ActiveSky shows the sim is still connected and Aivlasofts's Simplecam is still running. Normally this app should close automatically with P3D. I have uninstalled FS2Crew and things are back to normal. Closing P3D with the A320-X running takes a bit longer (black screen) but AcitiveSky shows the sim is disconnected and Simplecam closes normally. I am not experiencing these kind of issues with any of the default aircraft (no other add-on aircraft) installed. Can this be fixed somehow? Best regards, Christian
  6. Dear Bryan, thanks a lot for your answer. I wasn't asking to make the main panel smaller permanently. But rather an option for a smaller sized main panel in the setup. So the user can decide which version he wants to use (normal, small or even bigger). If I am not mistaken, this is just a process of writing certain values into the panel.cfg which already exists. I am not asking to please 1.000 users for sure. Rather I'd like a choice to setup something else. Why can't this be an application aided approach!? My fault. I am not using these pages to brief myself or my virtual co-pilot (I got another document for this). I just enter the required data on these pages. If this follows a design, there's not much I can do about it. Good to hear. Maybe something for the next cold season then? Thanks. This is what I thought. If you ever consider it, There's atleast on person supporting this. πŸ˜‰ Me neither. But maybe a brief message to Flight Sim Labs can solve this issue? Since you are just refering to the font and there's no distribution of it, I wonder which legal reasons could prevent you from doing so <not trying to encourage anyone to do something illegal, just asking>? Best regards.
  7. Hello Bryan, FS2Crew for the FSL A320 is my first FS2Crew product and I really do enjoy it. Though there are a few items which could be improved to make it more user-friendly in my eyes. SIZE AND POSITIONING OF THE MAIN PANEL For my taste this one is really too large. The first steps I always need to do – when in the sim – is to reposition it to the top left corner of the screen and resize it to almost half its size. I am aware this can be changed somewhere in the panel.cfg. But these values get reset whenever a new update of the FSL is released. And you have to make these changes for 6 different versions if you own the A319 to A321. Can an option for a smaller main panel size be included in the setup menu, so a user can decide which size to install? DEPARTURE AND ARRIVAL BRIEF PAGES These two pages contain a lot of options which can't be set or are not required. Is it too much asking to remove these unneccassy items from the menu? There are just a few items which need to be set for the FSL A320 but you have to skip through several pages each time. If you quickly need to change things – i.e. active runway has changed – a lot of clicks/steps are involved to make these changes in a quick way. In my opinion things could be eased up a bit just showing the items in yellow. Furthermore informations and data would be more handy. DEICING OPTION Can we have an option to include DEICING in the departue briefing? Since the FSL A320 allows you to simulate deicing on deicing areas the extension of the flaps is not recommended after starting the engines. How do the SOP handle the deicing flows? Is it possible to include these in FS2Crew – i.e. the co-pilot pushes the neccessary buttons (APU BLEED OFF, DITCHING PB ON etc.) when you call for it? Or are these steps done by the captain only? MORE VOICE SETS (nice to have) Can we have a few more voices for the co-pilot – i.e. femal European pilot and so on – in the futre. I am using the European voice set which is nice but it would be nice to hear something else from time to time. And I am not a fan of the American voice set though (sorry!). DIFFERENT FONT TPYE FOR THE MENU (even more nice to have πŸ˜€) Any chance to get a different a font type for the panels which is closer to a display unit? Arial is nice but it somehow spoils the look of the panels. Shouldn't it be possible to use the MCDU fonts form FSL since these come with the FSL installation? Thanks a lot for a great product! Best regards, Christian
  8. The Norwegian repaints for the PMDG 737NGX are still available. You can download the complete fleet right here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2ituvn9qrjuqzwb/AACsnrgI-0zcZBcDgQH9mcqta?dl=0 Ensure that you read the _README.pdf first before downloading or installing any liveries. It gives quite some handy information if you run into any problems and so on. I am still trying to update these repaints whenever a new aircraft arrives or another aircraft receives a different or new tail motive.
  9. Thanks John! Not as nice as your work is. :smile:
  10. I am still working on it. A few more: Custom Transavia yoke checklist. Lots of little details inclduing custom Transavia cabin textures. Do we have anyone in the forums who's got some inside info on Transavia Hollands specific aircraft settings? And another in the pipeline. Best regards, Christian
  11. Early preview of Transavia Airlines PH-XRV. If anyone has got some inside information regarding Transavia Airlines' specific settings (FCOM, System description), feel to let me know.
  12. The basic American Airlines repaint and the ONEWORLD variant are available in the AVSIM file library. DIRECT LINK Just make sure that you have the base variant installed if you want to use the ONEWORLD version too.
  13. John, fantastic work on that revised WestJet livery, QANTAS' Retro Roo II and the American TWA retrojet. Simply splendid! :smile: I have to say those retrojets fit the fuselage of 737 pretty good! Best regards, Christian
  14. David, thanks for your feedback. Not sure what happened with the settings for LN-NGH. I have uploaded a new ptp and ini file for LN-NGH/NAX53. The setting should be corrected now. Regarding the 2500 ft callout I was mistaken. All Norwegian Air Shuttle Boeing 737-800 should have it, except for LN-NIB which only has 500 ft to 10 ft. That's what the documents tell me. As far as I know Menzies also does the ground handling at EKCH. Best regards, Christian
  15. Thanks a lot for all the comments. It's good to see that those liveries still fond some recipients. I wasn't aware about the NOR SHUTTLE callsign. Since this change would require re-exporting all 92 liveries we have to do without it. But you can fix this on your own. Just open the aircraft.cfg with a text editor and replace NORSHUTTLE with NOR SHUTTLE. Some of Norwegian's aircraft do have the 3nm range ring, at least that is what the manuals state. I created specific aircraft settings for each registration as per the info in the manuals. The only limits/differences are options or combinations PMDG doesn't model. I haven't altered any of the GATE etc. settings and I doubt you can do this with the Operations Center. Prefered flaps setting by Norwegian is 5. But this might differ from airport, runway and other conditions. Menzies does the ground handling in Oslo for Norwegian, Aviator in London Gatwick. The equipment decals of the LN and EI registered do reflect this. So much on having a close look at details? All Norwegian aircraft should be set to the metric units. If you encouter an aircraft showing lbs, the aircraft specific settings haven't installed correctly (see my notes in my previous post in order to fix this) or the ptp-file doesn't include a setting (again: see notes). It would help me if you could be more precise which aircaft (registration) shows lbs. This way I can have a closer look at it. But I am not going to check 92 textures for this. Only LN-NIB has got an 2500ft callout, all others don't.
  16. Norwegian Air Shuttle v3 released for the 737NGX

  17. Hello fellow 737NGX pilots, I am glad to announce that I have just released version 3 of my Norwegian Air Shuttle repaints for the PMDG 737-800NGX WL. Don't expect a major visual change from version 3 but lots of tiny little details you'll probably spot at a second or third glance. Therefore you finally get the Irish registered aircraft, the latest additions (EI-FHL, EI-FHM) to the fleet and updated aircraft specific settings. As of today the package includes more than 90 different liveries. Unfortunately LN-NOC, LN-NOP and LN-NOQ are no longer part of Norwegian's fleet and I made the decision to reflect this change as well. All liveries have been created from scratch again, looking at the latest photos on the web in order to reflect little details, i. e. different stickers, outlines of replaced eyebrow windows (LN-NOM, LN-NON), updated markings on the wing and much more. Download and Installation: You can download the latest ptp-files for each livery from the following link: DOWNLOAD FROM HERE Make sure that you uninstall older versions of my Norwegian Air Shuttle repaints first before installing the newer versions. I have made major changes to the texture assignment of each aircraft which might result in conflicts, if you don't remove the older textures first. It's mandatory to install PMDG_737NGX_800WL_NAX.PTP – being the base texture – again. Else other Norwegian 737NGX repaints you plan to install won't show correctly in the sim. Again texture fallbacks were used to reduce the file size of the complete fleet package (at the moment it's about 4 GB uncompressed). Check the README PDF-document for further information. Troubleshooting: With Flight Simulator X:Steam Edition (and probably PREPAR3D) there's seem to be an issue with the proper installation of the aircraft specific settings. If you have got problems or you want to be on the safe side, you can download the settings separately here: AIRCRAFT SPECIFIC SETTINGS Simply copy/move these files to your <flight simulator>\PMDG\PMDG 737 NGX\Aircraft\ directory and overwrite any previous files when prompted. If you find any erroneous textures, problems or you got any other questions regarding this package, feel free to drop me a personal message, a post in this thread or contact me vial e-mail. Acknowledgements: Special thanks go to (in no particular order) Γ…dne S. and Mikael L. who took the time to export the repaints as ptp files, had a closer look at a few erroneous items and spent hours to track down some major troubles during the export process. Thanks for your kind help and hardworking guys! Also thank you Christian K., you offered your help but your hands were tied to a certain degree. Without you guys this project wouldn't have crossed the finishing line today. Enjoy your flights!
  18. Christian Urban, I just send you an e-mail regarding that matter, but I highly doubt these textures are yours only. Just for the comparison: Honi soit qui mal y pense. :unsure:
  19. You are welcome guys! I am already working on a updated version of the Normal Checklist.
  20. Hello fellow 737NGX simmers, this is a small project I had on my mind for a long time but I never really felt the need to do it. I always wanted to have a generic Normal Checklist I could print on a DIN A4 paper which doesn't reflect any airline specific items, phraseology or logos but still has got a clean and easy to read layout. As of today I have finally started and finished it and addtionally created a replacement texture for the yoke checklist shown in the virtual cockpit of the 737NGX. The items of the Normal Checklist are based on the information coming with Boeing's Quick Reference Handbook (QRH) document provided by PMDG. So these are not made up by myself or contain any airline specific data but should reflect the most common things you would see on a 737 Normal Checklist. You might ask why I did a replacment texture for the virtual cockpit of the NGX. I always felt that PMDG's default yoke checklist contained lots of items not mentioned in todays Normal Checklist for the 737NG. In 2005 Boeing actually revsied the Normal Checklist and simplified it by only retaining the critical items, primarily those related to aviation safety. I don't claim that PMDG's version is wrong but I just do prefer the simplified version of it. Here are two previews of the Normal Checklist and yoke checklist, so you can see what you are up to if you consider downloading it. You can download the files here. The rear page doesn't contain any information yet. I am still considering adding content here (i.e. wind component chart etc.). Feel free to give your input here. Also I have got a DIN A4 long version on my mind but I am not really convinced so far. I printed out the checklist on a DIN A4 HP flyer paper – which is a bit thicker than a normal A4 paper – and laminted it. I am quite satisfied with the result. Comments welcome. Best regards,
  21. Well the livery is rather basic but thank you anyway John. I saw your paints for the 737 and 777, very well done! :smile2: Craig, thanks for your feedback. It looks worse than it is due to the angle of the airplane on the screenshot but you are right and I resized the lettering the meantime. There are a few more things I have fixed as well.
  22. Sunwings' C-FEAK in the new colours, unfortunately the split scimitar winglets missing. Still work in progress and I need to make a few finishing changes. Anyone with some inside info on Sunwings' aircraft configuration, I would like to get your help!
  23. A brief update on my Air Berlin repaints for the NGX: I have updated all a/c configurations files to match their real counterparts – each registration has its own little differences now – as far as PMDG has modeled certain options. For example some aircraft do have the round fuel indicators and the newest reg #s the fuel totalizer, you will see those differences now. These settings are all in accordance with BERs FCOM. All BER repaints come in one download now. Make sure to download it if you want to fly BER with accurate configuration / airline option files now. The complete set of Germania 737NGs has been uploaded to AVSIM again including a few older 'operated by Germania' versions and D-AGEL and D-AGEY. These come with accurate airline options too and a few tiny details I am keen to see if you guys recognize them. Enjoy them!
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