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  1. Haven't posted in years, but speaking as a local, this scenery is VERY well done. Awesome job, glad to see Ottawa get some love.
  2. I'm not sure I'm completely understanding this then... I thought that the conveyor belt was like a treadmill, and that it would match the aircraft's speed precisely. If the plane was going at 150 knots at it's undercarriage, the belt would be going at 150 knots in the opposite direction, resulting in zero forward motion on the part of the plane overall. Zero forward motion wound result in no air over the wings, and no liftoff.
  3. I have trouble believing that the test holds sway over the debate. Why was the aircraft in the test moving forward (the camera had to pan) if the conveyor belt was "matching" the plane's speed? If it was matching the plane's speed, then the plane should not have moved, no matter how much it accelerated. Zero movement would have meant zero airflow over the wings, resulting in no takeoff.
  4. Use the Firefox web browser, keep Windows updated, and be intelligent in what you d/l and what files you open. If you do that, you don't really need a system-slowing antivirus. (this is, though, coming from a self-described computer geek...)
  5. Did you botch the installation of the FSX water tweak? That's what my water looked like when I misspelled the name of the new water file.
  6. Excellent work gentlemen, these shader hacks are doing some great things for the Flight Sim. I'll try out these new RGB values.
  7. I'm running the same card and drivers, and have the same problem. It's pretty annoying.Until it's fixed, I'm not flying in rain or snow.
  8. I see very little reason to believe that there would be any harmful effects for installing Acceleration over SP2. You can, after all, install Acceleration over SP1...
  9. Is it possible to "fix" the default FSX models to make them VC-raindrop ready? Clearly, the FSX engine can support the animated bitmaps that are necessary for the VC raindrops...
  10. >so its not so that they increase their sales for a relatively>sub-par addon - with those that don't want to wait for SP2>....>>Mark.For $20-$30, Acceleration cannot be considered a "sub-par" addon. The F-18 and the carrier ops by themselves make it worth it, let alone the missions, the P-51 and the EH-101.
  11. Didn't work for me, in fact my 8800GTS really didn't like these drivers, FSX wouldn't load with these drivers, had to revert to 169.01 beta.
  12. The Nvidia 8800GT, launched yesterday, is by far the best deal out right now. It has better performance than the 8800GTS 640mb, for half the price of the 8800GTX. It's based on the new 65nm processes, so it consumes less energy and runs cooler too. The performance difference does not justify the price difference between the 8800GT and GTX.
  13. >If you only play FS and have a low expectation you will be>happy. When you compare it to what other studios like Crytek,>Namco etc are doing, it makes FS look ancient. Things like HDR>lighting are a basic standard these days. Yet after a long>struggle with their own technology, MS couldn't even figure>that out. On their current path, its going to take 20-30 years>just to catch up to what games like Crysis can do TODAY.I don't think that Microsoft is behind in the times, find me another flight simulator that looks better that covers the entire globe. First person shooter are much easier to make as there is a much smaller area of land involved, and sight ranges are correspondingly lower at 6 feet agl than 6000 feet agl.
  14. wow, this is awesome, can't wait for a release!
  15. >Elephants were a priority so rain drops had to go Don't be hard on ACES, the better looking virtual cockpits more likely required the change to the system that doesn't support the animated raindrops. It's very likely that the raindrops effect will return in FS11.
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