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  1. yes I did find the way to start over in RD4 but NOT to continue a flight from the middle of a flight. jerrycwo4

  2. send me an email with your request. jerrycwo4 galfred@comcasst.net

  3. Retired US Coast Guard CWO4

  4. When I first bought Radar Contact 4 I thought I had to have a flight planner (?), and I bought FS Build to "import" my flight plan into RD4. I bought an updated version of RD4 a few months ago and have learned to use it without using FS Build at all. Now I dont use FS Build for anything and I'm thinking of uninstalling it from my computer. Am I missing something? jerrycwo4PS Later down on this link a lot of uses were given. I probably still will not use it but it's there if I ever want to.
  5. David, you seem to have helpful advise on a LOTS and LOTS of subjects. Do you ever find the time to FLY? jerrycwo4
  6. Thanks to all of you who answered. I never did know the differance in cement and concrete, and still don't. I've never done anything with all of that AFCAD stuff, don't have the TTools etc.I tried to see that I only had one AFCAD file in this scenery, but I must have been wrong. And no, I don't have that other Spanish scenery that had the 500 mile errors. I guess Ill have to wait for the updated LEMD and then I can add it to my list of AES airportd also. Thanks for the help. jerrycwo4
  7. I'm sure someone else will "bite" on this but I'm 95% sure that they go into the TEXTURE folder of the scenery that you are installing. Every scenery has two files: SCENERY and TEXTURE. If a scenery is missing a texture file for a certain object, it will show up as blank/white in your flight sim. jerrycwo4
  8. After 10 years of Flight Simming, I had per chance to stop at Madrid- LEMD the other day. Most of the aircraft were parked on the dirt/grass. I spent parts of 3 days trying to use AVSIM files to correct it. No luck, so I got mad, shelled out $30.00 and bought the Simwings version from SimMarket. Still had aircraft on the ramps parked on the grass/dirt. Tried 2 more days trying to fix it with AVSIM files brought up under, "Madrid" / Scenery Fs2004. One guy had 6 pages of delete, copy, change,etc. Must have done something wrong because this time the COMPLETE, whole airport was on grass/ dirt. No cement anywhere? Has Simwings made an up date to their Madrid, after the real airport was updated a couple of years ago? It's still a mess for me on FS2004 and I'll bet my last two dollars that that's the reason that Aerosoft has NOT, repeat, NOT included it in their Airport Enhancement Services (AES) Series. Has anyone been able to fix this problem? If so, HOW?The ONLY redeeming factor in all of this mess is that BEFORE making all of these changes to my Fs2004 I used a new program, "ACRONIS TRUE IMAGE HOME II". Not only is it a great BACK-UP program, it has a feature called, "TRY and DECIDE" that you can start and all changes to your computer will be made in a "vertial state". Then you try the changes that you made and if you like them, they will be made permanant, or if you DON'T like the changes, check a box and ALL of the changes that you made will dissappear like you never made them !!!! If you do must sceney adding/changing etc, this program is worth it's "weight" in gold. I think www.acronis.com is their address and it costs about $50. It's really a 1st class back-up program with TOO many feathures to list here. jerrycwo4
  9. I contacted the maker of this aircraft and was told I had to reinstall the aircraft to get the manual. I did and obtained the manual again and fixed all the problems. jerrycwo4
  10. I dont understand just what you did. Did you:1. Install the new Madrid Arpt, by Fernando de la Portilla and the download AFCAD files underneath his file in the library? 2. Did you install the AFCAD files that was included in the download just below the new Madrid Airport in the file library? Please explain again just what you did.I installed the new airport and the new AFCAD files and the airport is a MESS. Thanks, jerrycwo4
  11. When you make a long flight with a lot of "waypoints/VOR's", on the GPS you can not see all of them because the "list" of them are too long. The "slider bar" on the right hand side will NOT move so that you can see the bottom of the list. Is there anyway to move the list DOWN so the last points on the list can be seen? I've tried about everything and I can not get the list to move down. Thanks, jerrycwo4
  12. How do you set the squawk code? I cannt get the lefthand, 1st digit to move or change? Have to "scroll" thru 3-5000 digits to set the code.When changing altitude, how do you set the VS (vertical feet per second.) I cannt find the "hotspot" to change it. Thanks, jerrycwo4 PS I'm flying to Paris right now. When I selected the Citation X for this flight "it" stated that this aircraft would fly around 500 knts but I get an overspeed whenI set the IAS to 340, with a ground speed of 401 knts and that's slower that a P-51 Mustang. Why want this plane go 500 knots WITHOUT an OVERSPEED alarm going off? Anyway to fix this?
  13. I flew into Madrid (LEMD) this morning and there were a lot of aircraft parked on the GRASS. This was the original, default FS2004 airport. I wanted a better airport so I downloaded and installed an AVSIM file, by Fernando de la Portilla and also a required AFCAD file underneath his file in the library. It appears to me that the new airport installed on top on the old one or ??????. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Thanks see screenprint jerrycwo4
  14. I do have Ultimate Terrain and FS Genesis( the full package). In FS Genesis, " Scandinavia" in which I think Norway is part of is 76.4m Terrain mesh and I believe that the default FS 2004 terrain mesh is also 76.4 m but you can see by my screenshot that the mesh(high ridges and valleys) seem to be a LOT better than default mesh. I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY? Thanks for the scenery tip. I'll check it out. jerrycwo4
  15. Does anyone know how "they" got this picture to rotate and move like it does? Is it a apecial photo program? I'd love to have it. jerrycwo4
  16. Would someone please explain what this DXTBitmap program is, what it does and where do you get it. Thanks jerrycwo4
  17. I been flying Flight Sims for over 10 years and this is the FIRST time I have ever made a flight in/over NORWAY. What a beautiful country. I took a short, couple hundred mile flight from Oslo (ENGM) to a small airport ENBM, NW from Oslo. The counry here reminded me of the foothills of the Rockies in the USA but with a lot more canyons and valleys. It was a real interesting flight. See screenshot. jerrycwo4
  18. What settings in the config of AES does anyone us with with Digital - Piper Cheyenne aircraft? It only has one door that opens and has it's own steps that lowers to the ground. jerrycwo4
  19. "where you get the stewardess announcing the serving of food,drinks and in flight movie."I have FDC ( the original version) and you can ADD voice calls of any and everything that you want. I have all of the safty calls, snack, dinner calls with choice of wines, pick up trays, start movie in 5 minutes in three languages, Stewardress please bring me some coffee, pretty scene outside and about 15 others. I love FDC and never fly without it on my largeer aircraft
  20. THanks for the info. I have tried this with a few other flights with a airport mixed in whith VOR's. I had just installed FSGenesis Mesh and I was trying to track over the MOST, highest mountains on a flightplan. In such cases I guess that I'll have to stick with the default air controler. jerrycwo4
  21. The other day after installing a scenery and checking the Scenery Library, I noticed that the entry, "My World Airports" was UNCHECKED. I do not remember un-checking it so I do not know how it happened. All of the airports I fly to, USA, Europe, South America seem to be OK with this scenery box unchecked. Does this scenery need to be checked in the Scenery Library and if so, what does it control or change? Where would I look for changes AFTER making it active by checking the box in the Scenery Library? Thanks jerrycwo4
  22. Meshman..... you hit a nerve here. Could this be the reason that the newly installed FS Genesis mesh of the Alps which is also 19.1 m, installed to "Addon-Scenery" and added to the Scenery Library, NOT show up in FS2004 until I ALSO installed it to its default location of "scenery/world/scenery" ? Could you explain how changing this numer works ? Most of the FS Genesis USA is 38.2m mesh. 19.1m would be twice as good. Does anyone know where to get this USA 19.1m mesh? jerrycwo4
  23. CORRECTION.... "as I can not make it fly the GPS Flight Plan" should have read, I can NOW, repeat, NOW ("now", not "not" )make the GPS flight plan work !!!!! jerrycwo4PS: I guess that I forgot to include that the Auto Pilot HAD to be on, but I would have included that "step", had I remembered. Yes of course, the "Auto Pilot" has to be engauged. Thanks for remindering me. As for the "Yaw Dampning" "YD" dont have a clue about it. I have been flying Flight Sims for 10 years and have NEVER used that switch in any aircraft ???????
  24. Thanks to all who tried to help but it was "Chris - KPHX" who had the correct answer as I can not make it fly the GPS Flight Plan. I've added a short version of Christ's instruction along with a screen shot of how to make the "set-up". jerrycwo4
  25. No one added FLIGHT DECK COMPANION (FDC). It is a MUST if you fly large pax jets. I also think the new Aerosoft Airport Enhancement services (AES) is also a MUST. I have just about everything else on everybody's list except FS Passengers and that is probably close to FDC. jerrycwo4
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