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  1. Because I love 2-way voice recognition communication using VoxATC while I fly along with local air traffic generation. Rod
  2. Being a loyal VoxATC user, and now a MSFS user beside P3Dv5, I find myself longing for VoxATC in MSFS. Any updates on any progress in creating VoxATC for MSFS? The above post is approaching 2 months old so I thought I would refresh this important topic. 😄 Rod
  3. Doesn't work for me. I get the same side-by-side configuration error message....
  4. Best I can tell, the zip container is named GFConfigSetup_2_28_0-2.exe but the file inside is GFConfigSetup_2_28_0.exe which is several years old and will not work for MSFS2020. This applies to the current download available from GoFlight's web site as well as the file emailed out to their users. I am thinking it is a mistake. So no joy for now. Stiletto2
  5. Hi Alex, See below for the complete contents of my UserCfg.opt. Rod Version 66 {Video Adapter "NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080" Monitor 0 Windowed 1 FullscreenBorderless 0 Resolution 1680 983 FullScreenResolution 5310 1050 PrimaryScaling 1.000000 SecondaryScaling 1.000000 VSync 1 HDR10 1 PosX 1 PosY 0 } {Graphics Version 1.1.0 Preset Custom {Texture MaxAnisotropy 8 Quality 1 } {SuperSampling SuperSampling 0 } {Terrain LoDFactor 0.900000 } {ObjectsLoD LoDFactor 0.900000 } {Shadows MaxSliceCount 4 Size 1024 MaxDist 10000.000000 DLightContributionCullingThresholdS0 0.100000 DLightContributionCullingThresholdS1 0.100000 DLightContributionCullingThresholdS2 0.100000 DLightContributionCullingThresholdS3 0.100000 OmniContributionCullingThreshold 0.020000 } {HeightFieldShadows Enabled 0 Size 128 } {SSRaytracedShadows Enabled 1 Quality 0 } {Water FFTSize 512 } {VolumetricClouds Enabled 1 Quality 2 } {VolumetricLights Enabled 1 Quality 2 } {LightShafts Enabled 1 Quality 2 } {SSR Enabled 1 HalfRes 0 Quality 0 } {WindShield Quality 2 } {SSAO Enabled 1 Quality 1 } {SSSSS Enabled 1 Quality 2 } {AA Enabled 1 Type 2 Quality 2 } {Bloom Enabled 1 Quality 2 } {DOF Enabled 1 Quality 2 } {Buildings Enabled 1 Quality 2 } {VegetationLarge Enabled 1 Quality 2 } {VegetationSmall Enabled 1 Quality 2 } {TextureSynthesis Quality 1 } {PostProcess Enabled 1 EyeAdaptation 1 ColorGrading 1 Sharpen 1 Fringe 1 LensDistortion 0 Dirt 1 LensFlare 1 FilmGrain 1 Vignette 1 LensBlurMultiplier 1.000000 FringeMultiplier 1.000000 } {VectorDataTessellation Enabled 1 Quality 2 } } InstalledPackagesPath "C:\Users\Rodney Jackson\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages"
  6. Now that P3Dv4.4 is out, does anyone know if VoxATC will run in P3Dv4.4? Stiletto2
  7. Has the contact destination problems seen with v7.3 been fixed in the release version (v7.4)? Stiletto2
  8. If you are using programmable stick/throttle...a button programmed like this (Thrustmaster code):Button XX /T SHF 5 a SHF a /T w w wmakes it a one button scenario...In other words:Go to Mini panel screen in normal way (cycle W key)....then one press of Button XX takes you to the Full Screen mode with no gauges and the ability to look all around with no cockpit parts in the way. At this point you can do virtual cockpit or any external viewing. Once back to full screen mode you can then just push Button XX again and it will take you back to the mini panel screen where you initially started. Stiletto2
  9. Tried this fix and discovered a problem I have which, apparently, no one else has. When I go to the mini panel view and then do a Shift 2 or any other panel view, the panel view flashes for a second and then both the mini panel and panel view are gone. This problem means that I can't bring up the radio panel, GPS or anyother panel view while in mini panel or while in the view with no instruments. Shift 2 or Shift 3 only works if I alreadyy have the full instrument panel displayed. This problem prohibits me from making this fix.Anyone else have this problem or any idea what is wrong?Thanks.Stiletto2Edit: I was running FSX SP1....changed to FSX SP2 and this problem was fixed. Now I can use the work around so.....cancel this question.
  10. Hifisim:While you are working on an update to 6.5, something to consider:If a user has FS9 and FSX installed, the installer (ASV, ASv6, ASv6.5) installs the Active Sky executable inside FS9. In fact, the instructions always talk about FS9. Unless I am missing something obvious, when your users (sometime in the future) decide to remove/delete the FS9 directory and just use FSX, they will lose access to the Active Sky executable which is still registered as being inside FS9. It does not help to copy the Active Sky folders out of the FS9Modules folder before you delete because the registry still points to the Active Sky executable in the FS9Modules folder. I am not sure Windows will let you Remove Active Sky once you have deleted the files....this could be a significant problem.If this is true, everyone should be installing ASv6 into a directory separate from FS9...which can be done if you overide the default of the installer. It still puts the files in a "Modules" folder but the folder is now separate from FS9.Another thread was just opened by someone who is experiencing this very issue now...http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho..._id=30250&page=Don't you think its time to have Active Sky install as a separate folder from the Flight Sim applications as part of the default installation...and also make sure your users know about the potential problem....?Again, I may be completely wrong...if so let me know what I missed.Thanks.Stiletto2
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